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10 Secrets to Make Perfume Last Longer

You can make a perfume last longer by brushing petroleum jelly or vaseline on your skin before applying the fragrance. 

You can also apply it to pulse points, use it along with unscented body oil or unscented body lotion, and put it on after a bath or a shower to let it sink into damp skin. 

Knowing where, how, and when to apply your perfume can help preserve the scent for longer.

Perfume is made from a combination of fragrance oils and water or alcohol.

The amount of oils in it determines whether it’s an extrait de parfum, an eau de parfum, an eau de toilette, or an eau de cologne, and the categorization indicates how long a fragrance lasts. 

The first two types have the longest staying power, and they remain on skin longer, while the other two disappear faster.

Choosing the right type for your needs and being aware of some perfume hacks will make your perfume last longer.

How Long Do Perfumes Last?

Depending on the type of your favorite perfume and the level of natural oils in it, it will last on your skin for around four to six hours.

Some of them can last all day long, especially if you take advantage of some tips to make the notes of your favorite scent last as long as possible with one application.

When you apply perfume, the spritz of your signature scent will first carry the fragrance of the top notes.

These will fade within 15 minutes, giving way to the middle notes of your favorite fragrance. 

These are the body of fragrances, and they will last up to four hours.

The longest-lasting elements of perfume are the base notes, also known as the drydown, which can last up to six hours or even more.

If you have a low concentration fragrance, the duration of the smell will decrease.

Moreover, the scent of the perfume will quickly turn faint if you spray it on dry skin, if you avoid your pulse points, and if you rub it on while applying it. 

Not using matching products from the same fragrance families will also make perfume dissipate quicker.

Additionally, to preserve your new perfume longer, you should store it in a dark place away from the glare of direct sunlight.

Many perfumes will lose the strength of their scent if not stored correctly in a dry place. 

You should always avoid storing it in your bathroom, for example.

10 Tips How to Make Perfume Last Longer

To make sure you smell great for longer, follow these tips to benefit from how a perfume smells when you first apply it.

1. Apply It After a Bath

Grab your perfume bottle and spray fragrance on yourself after taking a long bath or shower.

This self-care routine will prime your body to let perfumes cling longer. 

2. Moisturize Before Application

Before you spray perfume on yourself, you should know that it lasts longer on oily skin.

If that isn’t your natural type, use an unscented lotion or vaseline as your allies to help the staying power of fragrances. 

3. Spray It on Bare Skin

Once you’ve bathed and dried yourself, and once you have finished moisturizing, apply the perfume on your body and let it dry before getting dressed.

This will help make your perfume last.

4. Use the Pulse Points

The pulse points are warm areas on your body where the pulse of your heart can be easily felt.

They’re also known as warm points, and this indicates why they’re the best areas to apply fragrances. 

Warmth carries perfume better, and your pulse will make the fragrances emanate through the day.

You’ll find your pulse points on the neck, the wrist, the groin, the foot, the ankle joint, and behind the knee.

Get your bottle and apply perfume carefully to all of these areas; doing this will create a more prominent emanation and will make your fragrance last longer.

5. Opt for Layers

Layering fragrances from the same fragrance families at the same time is one of the best ways to ensure the scent lasts as long as possible. 

You can use a scented lotion or a body spray with the same scent to complement the fragrances.

These harmonious connections with the same perfume will assist each other in carrying your scent.

6. Scent Your Hair

Hair can hold the smell of fragrances longer, so it’s always a great idea to apply your perfume to it.

It’s best to first spray the fragrance on your hairbrush and then run it through your hair. 

If you put your hair up in a bun at the beginning of the day after you’ve done this, you can then let it loose later to release an amazing cloud of scent.

7. Spritz from a Distance

When you’re applying perfume, try to keep the bottle at some distance from your body.

It’s best to use it from around five to seven inches to make sure it mists with more accuracy.

8. Don’t Overdo It

It might seem counter-intuitive, but subtlety helps to make the fragrance last.

Apply only a spritz or two of fragrance and let it cling to you. 

Overdoing it will just create a far too strong effect that will distract from the beauty of the perfume.

It will also affect its longevity. 

9. Choose the Right Scents

Green scents do not have the same lasting power as woody or oriental ones.

You may prefer lighter fragrances, especially for the daytime, but you should be aware that the fresher they are, the quicker they’ll dissipate.

10. Use Additional Boosters

Tissue paper and cotton balls are known to prolong the fragrance’s scent.

You can use these items to extend the reach of your scent by keeping them in your bag.

If you press a perfumed cotton ball against your skin, it will refresh the base note and top note layers of your fragrance. 

Tissue papers are great to use around your wardrobe to get the scent on your clothes. 

Does Perfume Last Longer on Skin or Clothes?

Perfume will last longer on your clothing.

Fabric doesn’t carry fragrance as strongly, but it does preserve it for longer. 

Your temperature keeps the fragrance more present around you, but if you want to make sure it lingers, use it on your coat or your shirt. 

You should take care to apply only a light mist, especially if you’re using EDP, as the oils might stain.

The Bottom Line

Being aware of how to preserve perfume for as long as possible can help you make the most of your fragrance. 

Follow these easy tips and reap the fine smells of your chosen perfume for the rest of your day.

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