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How to Apply Cologne without Spray (4 Secrets)

Most colognes come in bottles with vaporizers and because of this, everyone concentrates on how to spray perfumes. 

Some great colognes come without a vaporizer and users are faced with the challenge of doing it the right way. 

Just like every other thing, applying perfume is an art and a delicate one at that because doing it wrongly will have obvious effects. 

A lot of things can go wrong if you do not apply your perfume correctly

You could over-apply it, apply too little, or compromise the quality of your perfume. 

So, how then can you apply your cologne without spray?

Colognes are an important accessory to wear. 

A good-quality fragrance always has a way of keeping you sophisticated and placing you in the best light. 

The way you smell attracts or repels people around you and smelling great at all times also gives you the respect you deserve. 

Your outfit may go unnoticed but never your scent, and that is why you have to pay good attention to detail when applying cologne. 

Unlike your jewelry and wristwatch which needs no special skill, perfumes have hacks that allow you to get the most out of them. 

Read on to find out some tips and tricks on applying cologne without spray.

How to Apply Cologne without Spray

If you have a cologne with no vaporizer but just a spout in the bottle, it is not always a drawback and you can still enjoy your perfume perfectly. 

The first thing that comes to your mind with this type of cologne is to use your fingers to apply the perfume on your skin. 

This is wrong and will only result in waste and degradation. 

You waste more than you get when you put it on your finger and apply all of it on one spot. 

You also not only waste the perfume but you also risk over-applying it. 

Moreover, the quality of the cologne can be reduced because dirt from your hand can get into the perfume and mess it up. 

How then should you apply your cologne?

Ensure you take your bath before applying your cologne so your skin can be moist and free from dirt. 

Then, firmly cover the spout of the cologne bottle with your wrist and turn over twice. 

Your wrist is less likely to have dirt residue so the chances of contaminating the perfume are low.

Now, use your finger from the other hand and dab the area with cologne on it, and apply on your skin. 

This gives you more control over the amount you apply and keeps dirt away from the content of the bottle. 

You can repeat as much as you need to.

Some bottles come with rollers that let you easily get the perfume to your skin. 

As always, keep your skin clean and apply to pulse points. 

Do not roll too much–just a little forward and backward movement is enough. 

The aim is to smell good and not overpower people around you with your scent.

The Right Way to Apply Cologne

When talking about the right way of applying cologne, the watchwords are moderation in the scent and a long-lasting fragrance.

The reason for wearing a cologne is to smell alluring but doing it wrong can have the opposite effect on those around you.

1. Prepare Adequately

The performance of a cologne is greatly influenced by the kind of preparation you make. 

You will have good results even if you apply your cologne during the day long after you last had your shower but for the best results, apply right after you shower. 

After shower, your skin is free from dirt and your pores are open, which is the time your skin absorbs perfumes best. 

If you cannot take a shower before applying your perfume, apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin as moist skin works best with scent retention.

After taking your bath, it is also good to dry your skin and use a moisturizer before applying the perfume. 

Since you will be wearing a scent, it is better to use a lotion that is unscented to avoid an unpleasant mix of scents. 

Take note that perfumed lotions can also make your perfume smell too intense and that is not what you are looking for. 

To better appreciate the fragrance of your cologne, let it stay original.

2. Spray at the Right Points

For the best projection and longevity, do not spray randomly but target pulse points. 

These points emit more heat than the rest of your body and are the best spots to apply your perfume. 

Pulse points include the back of your ears, nape of your neck, inner elbows, and the back of the knees. 

Pulse points prevent the fading of your perfume, but areas that are most likely to sweat will do the opposite. 

Your armpit and lower back are two places that won’t hold your fragrance for long because of sweat.

3. Store Properly

The quality of your perfume depends to a large extent on its storage. 

Heat and humidity can break down perfume molecules and reduce a fragrance’s quality as you use it. 

So, always store in a cool dark place to get the best results at all times.

4. Dab, Not Rub

As tempting as it may be to rub the spots where you applied perfume, you should avoid it. 

Rubbing your perfume makes the top notes break down faster and can even alter the smell of the perfume. 

Always dab and allow it to dry down naturally.


Now you can use those lovely fragrances without fearing an absent vaporizer. 

Having different methods of applying cologne at your fingertips better equips you to enjoy a long-lasting scent whichever way you want. 

As you apply your cologne without the spray, remember that the key is to have a moderate scent and not an overwhelming one. 

Also, prepare adequately before applying your cologne to get the most out of it.

Just follow the tips in this article and there would be no reason why you cannot enjoy an alluring scent all day.

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