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Why is Creed Cologne So Expensive? (3 Reasons)

A 150ml bottle of Creed Royal Service carries a hefty price tag of $1760. That’s insane, right?

Well, maybe—but maybe not.

Creed fragrances are well-known for their popular brand, high-quality products, and perhaps most notably, their extravagant prices.

So, it’s quite common to see or hear questions asked about their worth and whether or not Creed perfumes should be sold at their current prices.

While this is, most of the time, a subjective matter, one can gain some value by looking at the more objective factors in this topic.

This will help you get better insight into whether or not you were right to have a particular stance. 

You’ll also be more educated on why a popular fragrance can be extremely expensive when a great alternative can be found at a cheaper price.

Why is Creed Cologne so Expensive?

Just like Lamborghini and Bugatti are two of the most prime luxury brands in the automotive industry, the likes of Creed and Christian Dior have built up a brand synonymous with luxury, royalty, and wealth in the perfume industry. 

The brand name alone can be listed as the sole reason for their expensive perfume.

In this case, though, we’ll delve deeper as there is much more to it than just the name.


Creed cologne boasts an illustrious history.

In fact, many of its early traditions and practices are still deeply ingrained in the Creed family and its corporate arsenal.  

In a way, the gentle notes of pink pepper or the sweet smell of Italian bergamot in a Creed Aventus ensure that you’re breathing in the history of Creed.

The House of Creed, founded by James Henry Creed, started off as a family business that provided tailoring services in 1760, London. 

While the current company, obviously, doesn’t provide tailoring services anymore, it’s still led by members of the Creed dynasty.

Olivier Creed (well known for Creed Silver Mountain Water, Creed Millesime Imperial, Creed Green Irish Tweed, and Creed Aventus) and son, Erwin Creed, are the personnel responsible for guiding the present ship.

King George III is said to be one of the first high-profile clients, skyrocketing the company into one that only served an exclusive coterie. 

A major detail that makes Creed stand out is the fact that no Creed perfume during this time was unleashed to the public—not until the late ’70s, in fact.

Production Process

Creed perfume is the only major perfume house that still believes in the importance of preserving their traditional method of production.

Until the 1970s, not much was known about their process. 

Understandably, rumors of in-house secrets and how the company went about making their unique perfume were rife.

Perhaps this is one of many reasons why perfume connoisseurs are known to praise the uniqueness of the Creed scent, with loyal Creed customers coming back for more.

Moreover, Creed perfumes carefully control distribution by using only authorized resellers.

A good or bad thing, some batches from the fragrances Creed makes are sometimes quite different from each other.

An example of this is how, a while back, one batch of Creed Aventus had more of a smoky scent while a follow‐up batch actually had more of a pineapple one. 

This can be a bad thing because it isn’t easily noticeable if one purchases only a single perfume.

High-Quality Ingredients

Before you roll your eyes, please set your prejudices aside for one second. 

Yes, most companies, regardless of industry, are fond of stating that their products are made of high-quality X, but there’s good reason to believe that our good friend Creed here can actually back up that claim.

This is because Creed is one of the only perfume brands that ensure fragrance production is carried out using mostly natural ingredients. 

This might not sound that great until you realize that most other perfume brands carry out production using synthetic ingredients.

Very high-quality synthetics, yes, but synthetics nonetheless.

This is one of the major reasons why Creed perfumes are known to be one of the most expensive fragrances.

The process of sourcing a rare and expensive Indian sandalwood, or a natural Moroccan jasmine and Bulgarian rose, for example, is very expensive, if not time-consuming. 

The production cost as a whole can take up more than what other brands set aside.

Is Creed Cologne Worth the Money?

Here’s an answer nobody loves: it depends.

Financial Position

If you’re no stranger to expensive perfumes or luxury fragrances, I’ll be stunned if you told me that you haven’t tried Creed Aventus, the most popular Creed fragrance. 

If, however, a 250ml bottle of Creed Viking is enough to pay your rent, I’d simply advise you to be a bit wiser with your money.

Fragrance Longevity

Because of the exceptional quality of ingredients, the fresh, spicy scent of Creed Spice and Wood, for example, lasts a long time — significantly longer than other perfumes.

If this is normally your sole priority, I’ll strongly advise you to purchase Creed fragrances.

If, however, fragrance longevity is not your top priority, you’ll be better off going for several good alternatives.


We all like to treat ourselves to nice things sometimes.

And, if you’d like to experience the beautiful bergamot top notes of a Creed Aventus, saving up for the occasion can be a good idea.

Just make sure not to use money set aside for your daily expenses.

It might be a special occasion, but you’re not Bill Gates.

Are Creed Perfumes from Walmart Fake?

No, they’re not.

You’re probably aware of how much Walmart prides itself on low-priced goods, and given that Creed perfume is already quite expensive, it’s hard to see them adhering to Walmart’s standards.

Because of this, Walmart sources perfumes from a gray market of unofficial sellers.

This doesn’t mean that it’s illegal (it’s not), but rather that the Creed Royal Oud you just passed has most likely been imported, or went through a supply chain not intended by the House of Creed. 

The legitimacy of the product here is not in question whatsoever.

Overall, customer reviews have praised the authenticity of perfumes sold at supermarkets like Walmart despite their discounted prices.

So the next time you feel like picking up that bottle of Creed Aventus, don’t be afraid to smell great.

The Bottom Line

Despite your stance on the price, Creed colognes are known to be one of the highest quality fragrances worldwide.

It’s now 260 years down the line, and this respected brand continues to enjoy mass appeal and a great market share, regardless of its price.

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