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7 Best Winter Colognes for Men in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Any expert would tell you that it is ill-advised for you to wear a summer cologne in the winter season.

If you do that, you will stick out like a sore thumb.

People around you won’t be able to comprehend why you remind them of a hot summer’s day in the blistering cold.

Excellent colognes not only smell fantastic but also evoke an emotion of comfort concocted through one’s cherished memories from the past related to a specific season.

For instance, in winter, people generally tend to prefer rich, spicier foods, nuts, herbs, and tangerines.

The season also encourages people to cuddle in comfortable leather sofas and sit in front of a fireplace while downing a hearty beverage.

Good winter colognes must contain notes that help us relive such fond winter memories from the past.

Hence, you will find most winter fragrances boasting of spicy, warm, woodsy, and musky scents.

As our sense of smell becomes less sensitive in the winters, winter fragrances are much heavier too in comparison to summer colognes.

To make life easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best winter colognes for men.

While some are ideal for casual use, other winter fragrances perform better for specific situations.

Regardless, the list consists of winter fragrances for every occasion.

Have a look!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Winter Colognes for Men

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the winter colognes for men that most people buy).

  • Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau De Toilette Spray
  • Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de Parfum
  • Giorgio Armani Code

Top 7 Best Winter Colognes for Men – Our Reviews:

1. Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb

If you are looking for a daytime winter fragrance, look no further than the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb.

Packed in a bottle that bears a resemblance to a hand grenade, this cologne will knock the socks off of people who are privileged enough to smell it.

After a couple of spritzes, you are introduced to a fresh and vibrant fragrance.

You will smell top notes of bergamot, elemi, and pepper.

Then, the scent of a bitter grapefruit kicks in for a brief period before giving way to the heart notes of cinnamon, paprika, and saffron.

As the fragrance rests on your skin, you will finally detect base notes of labdanum, agarwood, guaiac wood, and vetiver, leaving you with the smell of warm tobacco and a leather accord.

However, what makes this fragrance a winner is its powerful sillage and projection.

When you wear this cologne, you can expect to leave a distinctive trail behind, allowing people many meters away to detect your scent.

Unfortunately, its lasting performance is not exactly its strongest suit.

Best believe, the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is a must-have for your winter cologne collection.


  • Outstanding sillage range and projection
  • Pleasing fragrance
  • One of the best winter colognes for romantic settings


  • Average lasting performance

2. Dolce & Gabbana – The One

Since I’ve presented you with a daytime perfume, it is only fitting that I recommended a nighttime fragrance too.

Allow me to introduce to you the Dolce & Gabbana The One.

The uninitiated would tell you that this cologne is simply a spicy oriental perfume.

However, it offers plenty more.

When you apply The One eau de parfum for the first time, you will detect an oily, bitter grapefruit fragrance and hints of fresh coriander and basil.

The top notes of citrus will also kick in with their bitter fragrance, giving off a manly scent.

As we enter the heart note space, you will find neroli sweetening the bitterness.

It is followed closely by notes of cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger.

This influx of notes makes the fragrance a lot livelier.

The base notes of woodsy resin and musk then begin to overwhelm the fragrance, creating a seductive and enticing vibe.

Lastly, let’s not forget the tonka bean that gives a vanilla touch to the scent.

The tonka bean meshes well with the musk to provide the scent of a vanilla pipe tobacco.

Although The One eau de parfum has outstanding sillage range and projection, it lacks in the lasting-performance department.


  • Phenomenal sillage range and projection
  • Best winter perfume for romantic dates in the nighttime
  • Scintillating fragrance while it lasts


  • Below average lasting performance

3. Giorgio Armani Code

The Giorgio Armani Code consists of numerous spicy, oriental, and woodsy notes, making it one of the best winter colognes for a romantic date.

Upon application, you are introduced to a strong burst of citrus heavily influenced by tangy lemon and notes of bergamot.

The Giorgio Armani Code also contains a top note of black pepper that makes the fragrance more sophisticated.

The heart notes of the Giorgio Armani Code consist of vanilla, olive blossom, and star anise.

These middle notes blend in well with the top notes to provide a tangy floral balance, negating the effects of bitterness while incorporating a more spicy mix.

The vanilla then works its magic and gives the fragrance a delicious smell.

As we enter the realm of base notes, you are provided with notes of tonka bean, labdanum, amber, and guaiac wood.

These base notes will remind you of vintage pipe tobacco and a night of comfortable sleep on the leather sofas due to its leather accord.  

Since the fragrance of the Giorgio Armani Code is so good, I had hoped that it would have lasted a lot longer than it did.

The sillage range and projection are also not as good as some of the other fragrances on the list.


  • One of the best mens perfume for dates
  • Priced affordably
  • The woody notes will remind you of all the best things that happen in the winter season


  • Lacklustre lasting performance
  • Average sillage range and projection

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

The Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is an excellent choice as a casual fragrance for the colder winter months.

Boasting top notes of pear, mint, lavender, and bergamot, you are introduced to a brisk lively fruity opening.

Then as the scent settles down, you will detect middle notes of cumin, sage, and black Aztec flower providing a sharp contrast to the chilling air of the winters.

Finally, as the fragrance enters its final phase, you will smell base notes of amber, vanilla, cedar wood, and patchouli.

What makes the Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male fragrance truly special is its versatility. 

You can wear it everywhere you go including clubs, dates, or professional events.

This seductive fragrance is also equally impressive at crowded environments and close encounters, helping you garner attention for all the right reasons.

Lastly, since the Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male can be worn all year round, this best men perfume will be an extremely practical purchase.


  • Excellent lasting performance
  • Best choice for versatility
  • The scent can be worn all year round


  • The smell can be too sweet for some
  • Some have complained that the Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is too feminine for their preference

5. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Few would argue with the inclusion of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille on this list.

After all, it has everything you’d want in a winter perfume.

It has great projection, noteworthy sillage range, and admirable lasting power.

When you spray this on for the first time, you will smell a potent blast of sweetness.

Thankfully, the overwhelming sweet scent doesn’t last for long.

As the top notes of vanilla, cocoa, tobacco blossom, and tonka bean begin to fade away, you will be introduced to notes of spices and cinnamon.

Towards the end, you will detect base notes of wood and dried fruits. 

Blended with a concentration of 8 to 15% perfume oil, the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum has an exceptional lasting performance, capable of going strong for a full 24 hours.

I also like the fact that this cologne is pretty versatile and can be worn for both casual outings and formal events.

However, be careful not to go overboard with this Tom Ford fragrance.

A couple of spritzes should be enough to get you through the day.


  • Works best as a nighttime fragrance for autumn and winter
  • Can be worn at work or for a casual outing
  • Fantastic lasting performance


  • Strong initial sweet fragrance can put some people off
  • Must be used sparingly
  • Not for those who hate a strong tobacco scent in their perfumes

6. Dior Homme Intense

The Dior Homme Intense is arguably the classiest cologne around.

Like its female edition, the Dior Homme Intense is also quite floral, to say the least.

However, it has a more distinct and deep fragrance, giving it a more masculine bravado.

A lot more intense than the original Dior Homme, the Dior Homme Intense opens up to top notes of lavender and leather. 

The middle notes of the Dior Homme Intense include ambrette, pear, and iris.

As the middle notes begin to wear off, you can expect the emergence of base notes such as vetiver and Virginia cedar.

This cologne is a fantastic choice for night outs.

You can turn a lot of heads by wearing the Dior Homme Intense at a club or a bar.

Surprisingly enough, it also goes well at formal meetings.

While we are still on the subject of complimenting the Dior Homme Intense, I must also talk about its outstanding lasting power.

A couple of spritzes should be potent enough to last for 12 hours!


  • Perfect for every occasion
  • One of the best perfumes for men
  • Great lasting power


  • The floral, sweet top notes may not suit everyone
  • Can be too powdery to some
  • Lacks in the versatility department

7. Valentino Uomo

Want to reminisce about the previous good times you had in a cozy warm café? If so, go for the Valentino Uomo.  

With heart notes composed of chocolate, hazelnut, and coffee and a base note dominated by the smell of leather and various woody notes, the Valentino Uomo should evoke all the warm fuzzy feelings you have bottled up deep inside you because of the cold, harsh weather.

Expertly created by master perfumer, Olivier Polge, you could say that the Valentino Uomo is packed with rich gourmand aromas.

I have no complaints about the cologne’s lasting performance, sillage range, and projection.

The Valentino Uomo manages to punch above its weight in all categories.

Although the effectiveness of this fragrance may vary according to different types of skin, in most cases, it’ll sit close to the skin and can be smelt upon for a good 8 hours.

Packed in a visually pleasing bottle, the Valentino Uomo has all the makings of an exceptional winter perfume.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Above-average lasting performance, sillage range, and projection
  • Ideal for romantic occasions
  • This winter fragrance is best suited for close encounters


  • Can be too mellow to some
  • Not groundbreaking or unique
  • Many complain that this perfume doesn´t offer value for money

Why Go for Winter Fragrances?

When you fix up an outfit for winter wear, you need to think of your fragrance too. 

A perfect winter cologne can spice up your life, add layers to your personality, and give your aura a different dimension altogether.

Summer fragrances don’t work well with the winters.

As the temperature cools down, your body odor changes too.

Therefore, the light, airy, refreshing summer fragrances do little to make a mark.

For the colder weather, you’ll need top fragrances that are spicier, woodier, heavier, and have outstanding lasting performance.

To give off a Christmassy spirit or a winter vibe, most top winter fragrances for men are quite opulent and powdery.

In most cases, you will detect hints of woods, top notes of citrus, spices which can be both sweet and mellow, and leather accords that can remind you of your comfortable leather sofa.

In some of the best winter perfumes, you will even trace scents of tobacco.

In a nutshell, to find the best perfume for men in the winters, you must consider its notes.


Although all the aforementioned colognes are worth their salt as winter colognes, I have become rather fond of the Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male.  

Although this cologne excels as a casual fragrance, it can be worn for professional settings too.

It has excellent sillage, projection, and lasting power and is equally impressive at close encounters and crowded environments.

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