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7 Secrets How to Apply Perfume Correctly

Perfume can be applied on pulse points and brushed through hair.

You can also spray perfume on your clothes and dab it on your skin. 

Applying perfume correctly will make you smell amazing and it will also ensure the scent lasts as long as possible.

Spraying perfume can seem like a simple part of your beauty routine, but with a little know-how, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the natural oils in perfumes, especially if you have just purchased a new perfume from the perfume counter. 

There are many types of fragrance, from eau de parfum to eau de toilette, and knowing how to apply perfume will help you maximize the effect of any scent.

7 Tips on How to Apply Perfume

Applying perfume while following the correct steps will boost the effects of your fragrance and allow you to fully take advantage of its scent

There are various tips on how to apply your perfume.

Below are some of the most popular ones.

1. Remove Other Smells

To make sure that your perfume doesn’t mix with any unwanted smells, use alcohol wipes before you apply it to your skin.

The wipes will easily remove any traces of soap, creams, or other fragrances without leaving any scent behind. 

This will allow you to experience the pure scent of your fragrance without any contamination.

If you have sensitive skin, it’s not recommended to use these wipes, which can be irritants.

Try to carefully remove other traces of fragrance with mild soap instead. 

2. Avoid Rubbing

Traditionally, perfume was applied to one wrist then rubbed with the other wrist to supposedly get the fragrance to linger better on the pulse point.

Try to avoid the rub method. 

If you rub perfume after applying it, this action will immediately dissipate the top notes.

3. Spritz it on Hair

Applying a light mist of perfume on your hair can help your fragrance last longer.

Dry skin doesn’t hold perfume as well, so hair or clothing are great alternatives to spray with your perfumes. 

Just take care not to spray too much on your hair, as you want to avoid drying it.

4. Get Oily

If you want to apply perfumes to your body, prime your skin to make sure the spray will cling there.

The best thing to do is to use an unscented moisturizer or body lotion, or even a layer of petroleum jelly.

A spray from your bottle of perfume on oily skin will last longer than one on a fully dry body.

5. Create Layers

Layering fragrances can be a great way to boost the same scent.

If you have one fragrance that you love, you can find versions of the same perfume and use them at the same time.

For example, you can use a body wash and a body spray from the same collection as your perfume to enhance the scent. 

These layers will all work together to carry the fragrance. 

If you want to enhance the perfume even more, you can spray it on fragrance blotters and place them strategically in your bag, your wardrobe, or around your desk.

6. Capitalize on Location

Pulse points are the best places on your body to apply perfume.

Dab a few drops from your perfume bottle along with your inner elbows, neck area, wrist, and behind the knee.

As a bonus tip, you should consider applying scent to your belly button.

Like pulse points, the belly button is a warm point on the body that radiates heat.

This can help the perfume cling to your body and to the air. 

7. Experiment with Solids

There’s something else you can try if you’d rather not invest in another perfume bottle: solid perfumes.

These pack the full impact of perfume in a solid form, and they can last longer than the liquid option. 

Solid perfume can still be an investment because they contain plenty of quality perfume oils combined with various waxes, but they have lasting power on their side.

Should You Apply Perfume on Clothes or Skin?

Perfume doesn’t last as long on dry skin as it does on clothes.

Ideally, you should apply fragrance you absolutely love on both your skin and your clothes to get the best of all the perfume oils. 

Clothes lack the warmth of your pulse points, but your favorite scent will cling to them for longer.

Applying perfume to clothing is especially useful in warmer climates.

Body heat will make fragrances dissipate quicker, but fabric will hold scents and smell good despite higher temperatures. 

Clothing that is lightly scented with your favorite perfume will leave your signature scent in the air wherever you go.

How Much Perfume Should I Use?

To correctly apply perfume, you should also know how much of your favorite fragrance to use at once, either on your skin or on your clothing.

You should avoid using too much spray. 

Try to opt for gently dabbing a few drops of the perfume along your pulse points to make the scent linger on your skin longer. 

The most important tip is to avoid overdoing it.

A spritz or two will go a long way, regardless of whether you’re using an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette. 

You should be careful with fragrances that have a stronger scent as different perfumes will have a lighter or stronger fragrance. 

The best perfumes will have heavier scents of perfume oils, while the more affordable ones will have a stronger alcoholic smell. 

Is It OK to Wear Perfume Every Day?

You should feel free to wear perfume whenever you want.

If you apply it to your hair, you should take care to not spritz too much on it every day because the perfume oils and the alcohol in the perfume can dry it out.

Daily perfume use should only be avoided if you regularly experience scent sensitivity.

Though in most cases, scented products like perfume can be exactly what you need during your daily routine; proving that perfume matters. 

The scent of your preferred fragrances on your skin, hair, or clothing can give you a great confidence boost and set a positive precedent for the day ahead.

Is It Bad to Wear Perfume to Bed?

Not necessarily.

Applying a soothing little scent to your body can improve your sleep quality while reducing the time it typically takes you to fall asleep. 

Lavender scents are particularly helpful, but any scent that you find comforting is recommended when in bed.

Just make sure to avoid overpowering scents.

If your scent is too heavy you might be distracted by the intensity of it, which isn’t what you want as you attempt to doze off. 

Remember, wearing perfume to bed should act as a natural sleep aid, not the reverse.

Can Too Much Perfume Damage Your Skin?

Perfume can only damage your skin if applied incorrectly.

You should always avoid rubbing it into your skin, especially when you re-apply it. 

If you’re sensitive to fragrances and wish to prevent the appearance of rashes, opt for perfumes that won’t trigger said sensitivity. 

You should also avoid spraying it on sensitive areas.

However, if you have no derma sensitivities and you simply avoid rubbing it upon application, you should have no issues.

The Bottom Line

Applying scent correctly will help you make the most of your fragrance.

You should apply it on specific moisturized areas gently without rubbing it in.

Do this and you should begin to see a noticeable improvement in the scent’s emanation.

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