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How to Open & Refill Perfume Bottle? (Step-By-Step)

Have you found yourself in need of opening your perfume travel bottle and you are worried you may damage it?

Many times when you needed to refill your perfume, did you know the right way to open and close the bottle?

If you are not careful enough, you may end up damaging the bottle and the pump, which means that you will have to replace it instead. 

Here are some simple steps you can follow to safely open and refill a perfume travel bottle.

4 Steps Opening & Refilling a Plastic Travel Bottle

When you are handling a plastic travel bottle, everything may not be as difficult as you think.

All you have to do is to carefully follow these steps to make sure that you do it right.

1. Open the bottle

To be able to administer the spray, you need first to open the plastic travel bottle, then remove the cap and the sprayer.

If you have a plastic cap and atomizer, then the process will be easy. 

Start with removing the lid of the bottle then remove the plastic cap from the outside to gain access to the atomizer.

Use your hands to tightly hold the atomizer and unscrew it from the top of the bottle.

2. Get the two bottles in position

If you intend to refill your travel bottle from the main spray bottle, then you need to get them in position.

You should do that by holding the main bottle on top of the travel bottle you are about to refill.

Ensure that you have them as close to each other as possible.

Almost touching each other. It is a move that will allow easy administration of the perfume.

3. Refill the bottle

When refilling the bottle, you have to be careful to avoid any spillage.

Since you are getting the perfume from a main bigger bottle, ensure that you keep your hands in place until you are done refilling. 

With the main bottle on top of the travel bottle, push the sprayer to fill the plastic bottle.

To make sure that it is transferred effectively, keep on pushing it repeatedly. 

Do it until the content of the plastic bottle has reached your desired level.

4. Close the travel bottle

The last thing to do is to ensure that you have closed the travel bottle once you are done refilling.

Check that you have returned every part to its right place to keep it functioning effectively.

Start with the sprayer.

Return the sprayer and screw it clockwise until it is tight enough to avoid any spilling of the perfume. 

Once it is tight, you can test to make sure that it is still functioning effectively.

Then replace the cap of the travel bottle. 

Do not forget to return the cap on your main bottle.

6 Steps Opening & Refilling Metallic Travel Bottles

When opening and refilling metallic travel bottles, you have to be extra careful since they can be delicate and the process is a little demanding.

1. Prepare the bottles for refill

Preparing the bottles for a refill means working on each of the bottles, both the metallic travel and main perfume bottle, to make sure they are in the right order.

Start by removing the cap and sprayer from the main bottle.

Removing the cap is easy as you only need to lift it from the bottle. 

In most cases, you will find the cap to be made of plastic or glass and protects the sprayer.

Once done, locate and remove the sprayer.

It is a button that draws the perfume when pressed. 

To remove the sprayer, pull it gently with your fingers to avoid any damage.

Once you have removed the sprayer, you will be left with a vertical nozzle on the main bottle.

2. Remove the travel bottle metal casing

Metallic perfume bottles come with metallic casings to protect the inner parts.

Remove the metal case first to easily access the inner parts. 

To do this, hold the casing between your thumb and use the index finger to apply pressure to slowly slide it out.

Once you have removed the metal casing, you will see a plastic tank that houses the perfume.

3. Align the two bottles

The purpose of aligning the two bottles is to make sure that the perfume is transferred efficiently.

To do this, ensure that the bottom of the travel bottle is aligned on top of the main spray nozzle.

Ensure they are touching each other.

It is a perfect way to make sure that the perfume will be delivered most appropriately.

4. Refill the metallic bottle

It is a simple step as long as you do it right.

With the bottom of the travel bottle properly aligned with the main bottle nozzle, lift the travel bottle up and down gently pressing on the nozzle.

The action ensures that the perfume is released from the main bottle into the travel bottle.

You can do this repeatedly and slow until your travel bottle has been filled to your designed level.

5. Closing everything

Once you have refilled your metallic travel bottle to the right level, the last step is to close all the bottles.

Ensure that you replace the metal casing on your travel bottle.

Remember to replace the cap and make sure it is well fitted.

For the main bottle, replace the sprayer and the cap and check if they are tightly placed to avoid any leakage.

The Bottom Line

Opening and refilling a perfume travel bottle is not a difficult job as long as you follow the instructions and do it slowly.

Always make sure that you do the process in an open place to avoid forgetting, dropping, or misplacing any parts.

Lastly, always check your perfume bottles for functionality before finishing up everything.

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