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Body Mist vs Perfume: Which Best Suits You?

A lot can go into choosing a scent or fragrance, and sometimes that leaves you wondering if body mists—also known as body sprays—and perfumes are the same thing.

The differences are not at all subtle and can be quite easy to tell apart.

But while that might be the case, it’s also best not to confuse the individual properties of each.

What are Body Mists and Perfumes?

A body mist is a soft, subtle fragrance that is less concentrated and has a light aroma. It’s applied by both men and women.

Perfumes, on the other hand, are high in concentration and quite dense in terms of smell.

Getting into the actual compositions, a fragrance usually contains a mixture of alcohol or water and fragrance oils, extracted from plants, etc.

Perfumes, in this case, are made with a higher concentration of fragrance oils compared to water or alcohol.

To put this in numbers, the oil concentration in an eau de parfum falls between 15% and 20%, hence the strong scent.

In contrast, body mists have a lighter type of formulation due to the water addition, or splash of water (hence, sometimes, the term “body splash”).

The water percentage is basically higher than the fragrant oils; explaining why the oil concentration in an eau de toilette falls to around 5% to 15%.

This all gives us a strong basis to answer the next question.

What is the Difference Between Body Mists and Perfumes?

1. Scent

The formulation of a body mist is featured with a softer, lighter fragrance that is more refreshing than it’s overpowering.

One also rarely notices the alcohol scent.

In contrast, because of the high percentage of aromatic oils, perfumes are stronger.

This explains why it’s not a good idea to apply the same number of body mist spritz to a perfume.

2. Longevity

Body mists don’t last that long. A few hours (about 3) is normally the best they can go. 

This is because they’re relatively “weaker” and hence have a lighter scent.

For increased longevity, try layering up your scents by applying a similar-smelling body lotion before spritzing on the body mist.

Do remember that the more alcohol, the quicker the smell fades away.

Alternatively, the oil content in perfumes makes them longer-lasting, sometimes for up to 8 hours, making them a highly dependable fragrance for when you have a long day ahead.

3. Price

A noticeable difference is that body spray is cheaper compared to perfume.

That said, you can still find body sprays in your favorite scents.

Most brands are now producing body spray versions of their perfumes.

It’s a win-win either way.

4. Effect on Skin

The high percentage of water in a body mist makes it safe for use on the skin.

In fact, it helps hydrate it, making you feel fresh.

Some perfumes, on the other hand, are known to damage the skin when applied directly.

You should also never spray perfume on your hair.

For good body care, your perfume should mainly be used on the exterior i.e. clothes.

If you must, somehow, find a way to wear perfume on the skin, a light spritz on your wrists is enough to lift your mood

Are Perfumes Better than Body Mists?

Not necessarily.

The previously stated difference in how long each fragrance lasts directly affects the difference in usage between the fragrances.

The refreshing nature of body mists makes them suitable for use at home.

An example of this is how a quick mist after a shower or bath leaves you feeling fresh and smelling pleasant.

The long-lasting nature of perfumes makes them well-suited for busier days.

Body mists in this case are more suitable for short meetups and the like

A big factor here is to simply know what kind of day you’ve got planned.

If sleep and Netflix are the main agenda, it’s best not to risk choking the cat with your perfume.

Can I Use Both Body Mist and Perfume?

Yes, you can.

Just like layering up lotion with body spray, the same can be done with body mist and perfume.

An example of this can be spritzing a vanilla-scented body spray onto a different vanilla-scented perfume (a much easier blend compared to layering up a vanilla and citrus scent, for example).

An advantage of using both fragrances is that you can easily come up with your own unique, amazing, smell.

There’s really no perfect way to go about it.

The Bottom Line

At this point, you can, hopefully, differentiate perfume from body mist with ease. 

Next time you go shopping, remember that they both exist to do the same job, which is to make sure that you leave the house (or shower) smelling great!

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