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Victoria’s Secret – Vanilla Lace: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Released in the 2000s, this Vanilla Lace body spray by Victoria’s Secret is classified as a soft, creamy, and powdery fragrance mist that offers a refreshing feminine touch.

The absolutely fabulous body mist starts with a whiff of pure alcohol but later settles into a sickly sweet vanilla fragrance.

It also features some creamy musk notes, but according to reviews, the light yummy vanilla scent is the main accord.

Perfumers have described it as the best vanilla body mist and the perfect way to add a pop of fashion to your beauty collection.

Its pretty bottle only adds to the opulent nature of the perfume. 


  • Brand: Victoria’s Secret
  • Fragrance: Vanilla Lace
  • Release: 2000
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Unknown

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Aloe Vera
  • Heart Notes: Orchid
  • Base Notes: Chamomile, Musk, Vanilla

What Does Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Smell Like?

As mentioned, the VS Vanilla Lace perfume smells soft and creamy with a powdery aroma.

Most perfumers describe its scent as fresh, fruity, green, sweet, and woodsy.

Its rich, sensual blend of aloe vera, vanilla, and orchid, with hints of chamomile and musk, gives you a light, fresh yet sensual smell.

An avid Victoria’s Secret body mist fan who recently used the fragrance mist said it smells like vanilla ice cream and that she received so many compliments when wearing it.

Another said that she was more into the VS Coconut Passion perfumes.

However, when her mom bought her the Vanilla Lace for Christmas, she thought it smelled divine, like a slice of vanilla pudding cake!

How Long Does Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Last For?

While seasonal factors like temperature and humidity can affect its longevity, various reviews show that the body mist is mild and can last one to two hours on the skin.

Therefore, if you’re sensitive to strong smells, this is one of the best sprays to stock up on. 

The fragrance mist offers a fresh and clean yet sensual and woody scent that isn’t overpowering, regardless of the number of times you wear it.

When Should You Wear It?

This Victoria’s Secret perfume is best worn during the spring and fall seasons.

Its soft, powdery notes blend well with cool temperatures and beautiful sceneries, leaving you feeling refreshed and sexy.

The fragrance is perfect for women aged 26 to 55, and the most suitable time to put it on is during casual meet-ups with your friends, or after intense workout sessions or impromptu meetings with your clients. 

Where Should You Wear It?

There’s no set formula for when you should wear the Vanilla Lace fragrance mist.

However, various perfume reviews recommend wearing the fragrance in the morning, right after your shower or bath.

It’d be best if you also spritzed the scent on the pulse points of your neck, the creases of your elbows, and your wrists.

If you’re looking to receive numerous compliments, you can mix the fragrance mist with the alluring Vanilla Lace lotion.

It won’t only leave you smelling sexy and seductive, but it’ll last you longer than two hours! 

Presentation and Value For Money

The amazing scent comes in a beautiful bottle coated in tortilla-brown casing with “Vanilla Lace” written at the center.

It also features a gold-coated stopper that gives the fragrance a chic and classy look.

The perfume is a bit costly for a fragrance mist, but considering all its excellent reviews, Vanilla Lace does offer good value for money.

Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret has discontinued the perfume, but you might be lucky enough to find a bottle in your local department store or online.

The Bottom Line

The VS Vanilla Lace scent is one of the best fragrances to have in your perfume drawer.

Its sensual and seductive veil of warm vanilla and sultry musk not only delights your senses it also effortlessly keeps you refreshed on the go.

However, before you rush to make a purchase, ensure that you sample it to see if it blends seamlessly with your chemistry and personality.

This will help you find out how long it lasts and whether it’s the perfect scent for your taste. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace

Perfumes that feature similar notes to the Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace body mist include:

1. Bare Vanilla by Victoria’s Secret

This sweet-scented fragrance mist is the perfect everyday scent.

It features notes of apple blossom, chamomile, and musk to form a soothing aroma. 

2. Amber Romance by Victoria’s Secret

The feminine scent features top notes of black cherry and crème anglaise.

Its heart is peach blossom, while the base notes are warm vanilla and sandalwood.

The perfume also comes packaged in an elegant bottle with a golden stopper.

3. Tihota by Indult

If you’re looking for a compliment-friendly fragrance, then you need this Tihota perfume.

It features green apple, ozone top notes, smooth vanilla, and musk base notes. 

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