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Victoria’s Secret – Pear Glace: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Pear Glacé by Victoria’s Secret can be best described as a floral, fruity body mist for women who want to smell fresh on hot summer days.

This perfume is part of the Victoriaʼs Secret Garden Collection and is available as a body fragrance mist, body spray, a body-care product, and an EDT.   


Released in 2000, the Pear Glacé has done well to stand the test of time.

Over the years, consumers have continued to show strong love and support for Glacé.

Trust me, it’s only a matter of time before Glacé becomes a classic. 

Although heavily marketed as a perfume for women, metrosexuals can also wear it with supreme confidence.

Regrettably, not much is known about the nose behind this perfume. 

Fragrance Notes

Pear Glacé has top notes of sweet pear, cassis, casaba melon, and violet; heart notes of aloe vera and chamomile; and base notes of lily of the valley and sandalwood. 

What Does Pear Glacé Smell Like?

The Pear Glacé aroma smells more fruity and less floral.

Thankfully, the aroma of the melons and pears isnʼt too sweet at all as the fragrance gives off more of a ripened, juicy fruit scent.

With the Glacé, you can expect an aroma thatʼs light, fresh, clean, and delicious.

The sparkling blend of violet, cassis, and pear nectar soon come into play and eventually pave the way for hints of calming chamomile and moisturizing aloe vera.

Finally, before the end of its stint, the aroma offers notes of sandalwood and lily of the valley.

I also like the fact that the authentic pear scent has a rather boozy aroma to it – think champagne with pears.

And if you have extraordinary senses, you may even detect a tinge of lemon and melon, which lends a sweetness to the opening phase. 

How Long Does Pear Glacé Last For?

Unfortunately, the Pear Glacé perfumes and fragrance mists donʼt last for long.

If youʼre lucky, youʼll get a couple of hours of performance.

This means youʼll have to keep reapplying the mist throughout the day.

If you want the sugared pear fragrance to last a little longer, you may have to layer it with a body lotion and a shower gel from the same scent group. 

In my personal experience, six sprays of this very linear perfume smells for about four hours.

And as far as sillage and projection go, Glacé does a moderate to heavy job. 

When Should You Wear It?

The Pear Glacé, due to its fresh and clean smells, works best when worn on a summer morning.

Unfortunately, thatʼs about the only good time to wear this sweet scent.

Since it isnʼt strong, it doesnʼt perform too well when youʼre doing workouts or out and about at work.

Pear Glacé isnʼt suitable for evenings or the winter months either.

In essence, this perfume is best for younger women or those who want to reminisce about their teenage years. 

Presentation and Value For Money

I must admit that the Pear Glacé is pretty decent considering its affordable price.

This sweet scent comes packed in a gorgeous minty green, semi-transparent plastic bottle.

The golden-colored spray also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bottle.

Iʼm also a big fan of the huge red and yellow floral prints on it.

On the downside, youʼll be rather disappointed with the writing on the packaging; good luck trying to read whatʼs written on it.

But, then again, what more could you expect from a 250ml bottle priced at $14?

The Bottom Line

Pear Glacé, on its own, wonʼt be able to last through the day.

As a result, youʼll need to keep the mist in your bag for constant reapplication.

If doing so isnʼt inconvenient for you, go for the Pear Glacé.

Additionally, this great fragrance will relieve your stress and have you oozing confidence in no time.

It’s a great booster when you’re having a down day. 

Perfumes That Smell Like Pear Glacé

Some fragrances that can be compared to the Pear Glacé include Pear by Parfums de Coeur, Harajuku Lovers Music, and L by Gwen Stefani.

All of the aforementioned fragrances consist of sweet fruit and floral notes similar to the ones found in the Pear Glacé.  

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