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Victoria’s Secret – Rapture: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

As a 90’s classic, Rapture raised the eyebrows of almost every Victoria Secret consumer when it first came out. 

While the beauty and lingerie brand is well known for its girly, fruity fragrances, Rapture was then their only perfume famous for being the exact opposite. 

Still containing some of that signature sweetness in most Victoria’s Secret fragrances, almost everyone who’s worn Rapture knows it as a bolder, more mature perfume, something Victoria’s Secret might have broken their backs to pull off!

Rapture Perfume: Overview

  • Brand: Victoria’s Secret
  • Fragrance: Rapture Perfume
  • Release: 1992
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: N/A

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Citruses
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Freesia
  • Base Notes: Amber, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Musk

What Does Rapture Perfume Smell Like?

The top notes start with a fresh orange blossom that is paired with some sharp citrus notes. 

This sharpness doesn’t hit you like lightning.

In fact, it fades away instantaneously. 

It’s more complete and although it doesn’t last as long, one can still feel it lingering as the scent approaches its main notes.

The florals are where the complexities reside.

Although sweet jasmine tries to balance things out, the rose is the one thing that overshadows this youthfulness and brings out a mature feel to things.

From the freesia to the amber, the dry down starts to get powdery.

The likes of musk and vanilla then finish off with a wonderful, deep, warm feel.

How Long Does It Last For?

For a cologne spray, Rapture perfume is quite heavy.

Because of this, it’s not exactly what should be defined as a signature fragrance.

The sprays from this can last a whole day (about 8-10 hours plus).

The sillage also stretches out for a while considering the bold, syrupy nature of the fragrance.

When Should You Wear It?

Not during the summer.

Unless it’s nighttime, and the weather is weirdly chilly for some reason, the richness of this scent screams for it to be worn during the winter. 

You’ll also be smelling great in autumn. 

Although wearing it during the day is not a problem, evenings are when you can get the most out of its sprays. 

Where Should You Wear It?

This product ensures many compliments at special occasions like dinner parties. 

Though it’s definitely inappropriate office wear, (It’s also unsuitable as a travel option) for those who like it, the Victoria’s Secret perfume comes off as sexy, making it a perfect choice for an evening date or a night out with friends.

Despite the lasting power complementing a long trip, for example, the scent profile of this perfume is not one that directly suits that occasion.

Presentation and Value For Money

The rich scent is specifically tailored for the classy, sophisticated woman, embracing poise and sensuality.

It works well for younger ladies but is definitely one for the woman who’s experienced some form of success in her life.

The famous heart-shaped bottle is impossible to find in-store when shopping.

If you stumble upon an old bottle at a garage sale, thank the stars for being one of the lucky ones. 

Its discontinuation did leave its target audience sad and in the dark, but the scent itself has been brought back for some short-lived sales, albeit in a different, modern bottle.

This version is likely to have been slightly reformulated as they are known to be a tad weaker than the original Rapture. 

A 50 ml bottle can go for around $50 to $70, pleasing most fans.

Also available as a body lotion, the whole set is sure to be an amazing gift and a glad addition to many customer’s VS collection.

The Bottom Line

Because of its obscure, contrasting nature, the perfume does have haters as much as it does raging fans.

And while it’s sensible to try it out yourself, it’s fair to say that samples of a 30-year-old perfume are literally non-existent. 

That’s an exercise you’ll have to carry out when the next sale pops up.

If it does, you’ll, (hopefully) be able to get a clearer perception of what this classic brings to the table.

Fragrances that Smell Like Rapture Perfume

1. Opium Eau de Parfum (Yves Saint Laurent)

Another amber spicy perfume, the 2009 release contains scents like myrrh, opoponax, and amber, bringing about a similarly complex feel when smelled.

2. Shalimar Eau de Parfum (Guerlain)

A more citrusy version, this 1990 release is also woodier and has notes like sandalwood and leather.

That said, it does contain a similar spicy feel to it and, alongside a heart of florals, it’s also paired with a powdery, musk-dominant base.

3. Bijan (Bijan)

Released way back in 1989, this discontinued classic has a whole bunch of scents stashed in its arsenal (roses, neroli, benzoin etc.).

It;s also similarly woody, and though primarily floral, one can still notice a warm, spicy aroma that smells identical to Rapture.

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