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Victoria’s Secret – Dream Angels Heavenly: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Known as America’s #1 fragrance, there’s reason to believe that this time, Victoria’s Secret might actually be right in making that claim.

As basic as it may sound, this bottle of perfume, whether in the sale section or the most high-end storefront windows, is the epitome of the classic feminine scent.

Perfectly light and inoffensive, it’s a perfume that smells flawlessly elegant and one that is epitomized by glitzy photos pinned to billboards in the most glamorous of cities and major shopping districts. 

As one of the earliest releases in the Heavenly collection, we’ll dive deeper into how the simplicity of the scent preserves its status as a timeless classic in an otherwise saturated marketplace dominated by recently released, ephemeral products.

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly: Overview

  • Brand: Victoria’s Secret
  • Fragrance: Dream Angels Heavenly
  • Release: Late 90s/Early 2000s (most likely 1999)
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Ilias Ermenidis

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Cardamom, Ivy, Quince, Mandarin Orange
  • Heart Notes: Peony, Iris, Freesia, Lotus, Violet
  • Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Orchid

What Does Dream Angels Heavenly Smell Like?

A soft, amber floral scent, the perfume is certainly not over-powering.

It actually smells like a rich bucolic field of verdant fresh flowers. It has a slightly green and somewhat soapy opening where the top notes are followed by a cute, floral middle.

Although this part lasts the longest, most reviews point to the distinctive hints of sweet vanilla that emanate when the scent reaches its base notes.

Despite having a lot of depth to it, the perfume is not at all overwhelming.

From the powdery top notes to the musky base notes, one can be forgiven for mistaking this scent for a bouquet of flowers.

It smells so calming that you can even spray the stuff on your sheets and pillows without it being overbearing.

How Long Does It Last?

The scent can last a whole workday, provided it’s well-suited for your body chemistry.

Although it’s primarily soft, it lasts a surprisingly long time as attested by most customer reviews. 

Simply put, it’s one of those scents that you can never get tired of.

One major advantage is that even when you spray on an excess amount, the scent rarely comes off as overpowering.

This is one of the major features that can easily make it a woman’s favorite perfume.

When Should You Wear It?

The scent should be worn during the day, even though its light nature makes it seem suitable for the evening.

It works well in some cases, but with the mild scent also long-lasting, you might have the problem of going to sleep with your favorite scent still on your clothes.

Its soft floral heart makes it perfect for both summer and fall, enhancing compliments from your friends, husband, and even your mom if it so happens that she’s a fan.

Its light, calming tones also make it suitable for spring and winter, making sure you smell as fresh as a baby all year-round.

Where Should You Wear It?

If you do plan on wearing it in the evening, wearing it to a meal with a friend or on a night out with the girls is perfect.

Long events during the day also work well, ensuring you’ll still smell fresh.

Many workers in the past proudly wore their favorite scents to work daily, so there’s no reason why you can’t too.

Presentation and Value For Money

Suitable for all ages, the warm, comforting feel of the perfume is tailor-made for the graceful, sophisticated lady.

Despite being discontinued as per the reviews, there are other scents similar to it—like the 2014 release.

It’s not only close in how it smells (white peony, white musk, etc.) but also available at a good price considering the scent is newer.

Sprays from this classic are rare not only because of the discontinuation, but also because of the new Heavenly fragrances.

Most who are unfamiliar or unable to find this stuff will simply go for the latest versions instead of sitting around, scouring the internet for a 20-year-old scent.

Perfumes that Smell Like Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly

1. Heavenly Eau de Parfum

As mentioned above, the 2014 scent is an amber, powdery fragrance that is packaged in a bottle similar to the original Heavenly.

Tones like vanilla are present and its aroma is defined as clean, calm, and warm.

2. Emporio Armani Lei (Giorgio Armani)

Another amber floral scent, the 1998 release is powdery and has a noticeable sweet smell that is not overbearing.

Opening with a nice citrusy aroma, the heart of the perfume is more floral and has tones like jasmine and heliotrope. 

It finishes off with a woody and musky base that is complemented by tones like cedar and musk.

3. Cherished Flower (Drew Barrymore)

A bit farther away compared to the first two, the 2014 scent is still similar in that its features are also powdery, woody, and floral.

The top notes have a more aquatic feel when smelt—the most unique among these three. 

Everything else from there’s relatable if you happen to have a keen nose (e.g. tones like iris petals and a form of Tahitian vanilla).

The Bottom Line

A fragrance from one of the biggest brands in beauty, style, and personal care, it’s hard for it not to meet the set expectations.

No surprise too that it became one of the world’s favorite scents only after some time.

Though some reviews doubted it when it initially came out, its noteworthy simplicity is sure to keep it memorable for years to come.

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