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Michael Kors – Very Hollywood: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is a delicate, feminine, and glamorous white floral fragrance.

This perfume reminds me of Marc Jacobs for women, especially the ravishing gardenia note. 

I absolutely love the divine and smooth creamy amber bouquet that Very Hollywood conveys.

It smells great and evokes a strong sense of Hollywood glamour. 

Here’s all you need to know about Michael Kors Very Hollywood fragrance:


  • Brand: Michael Kors
  • Fragrance: Very Hollywood
  • Release: 2009
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumers: Laurent Le Guernec, Pascal Gaurin

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Raspberry, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot
  • Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Orris Root
  • Base Notes: Amber, Oakmoss, Vetiver

What Does Michael Kors Very Hollywood Smell Like?

It smells better than most fragrances, that’s for sure.

Very Hollywood has a sultry emanation that’s purely reminiscent of old-style Hollywood; picture paparazzi, red lipstick, and sparkling gowns. 

If you turned heads with the original Michael, you’ll definitely get more compliments with Very Hollywood.

Michael Kors has a unique floral scent with a strong note of raspberry gardenia.

It’s fair to say the scents on this really are to die for.

If you love gardenia, you’ll also love the notes of iced bergamot, mandarin, vetiver, and soft white moss in this bottle.

The middle notes and fruity top converge to form a warm savor that rests well on your skin.

Younger women will find the fruitiness appealing and the smells quite lush and not too overpowering.

If you smelled it today, you’d probably be more than satisfied.

How Long Does Michael Kors Very Hollywood Last For?

The light MK signature aroma lasts approximately 24hrs, depending on where you disperse it.

When you apply it directly on your skin, it’s likely to last only 6hrs. 

When Should You Wear It?

If you mostly rely on a white floral scent to smell good, Very Hollywood is just for you. 

There’s no perfect time to apply this incredible item; it all comes down to personal preference.

Some spray it daily after a shower, while others only use it when going out. 

While most people may choose it during spring and summer, you’re at liberty to use it whenever you want to feel like a celebrity on the red carpet. 

Like most fragrances, Very Hollywood has the power to relax your muscles, reduce stress, and positively impact your mood.

These features make it perfect for bedtime use. 

It’s fair to say this scent should help you achieve a good night’s rest!

Where Should You Wear It?

Very Hollywood lasts longer when sprayed on pulse points.

These are basically the warm parts of your body that project the wonderful scent. 

They’re also the areas of your body that are exposed to the air (the inner elbows, the wrists, and the neck). 

Once you let it settle on your skin, don’t rub it all around.

Doing so only causes you to destroy important perfume molecules and eventually thin out the perfume. 

If you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, consider spraying it at the back of your knees.

For the long-haired ladies, a single mist at the back of your neck should do the trick. 

Your hair helps to maintain the product and let it out in wafts as you walk. 

Presentation and Value For Money

Very Hollywood Eau De Parfum has a rather attractive and sophisticated exterior design. 

The opening is pink, sparkly, fruity, and bright and the body is reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden age aesthetic.

The bottle is covered in an attractive diamond pattern that’s symbolic of the old-style Hollywood cameras. 

The perfume’s soft pink color is the icing on the cake as far as outside appearances go.

The bottle comes in 30, 50, and 100 ml sizes.    

Some users, however, have an issue with the ease of use.

It’s somewhat difficult to apply and leaks within the top, thus making the bottle look dirty.   

Aside from that, the odour quality and sparkling pink presentation is definitely worth every penny.

Whether it’s a light bottle or a heavier one, you’re bound to be aesthetically satisfied.

The Bottom Line

There’s something instinctual and primal about having a natural scent.

If you’re still undecided, I strongly recommend this bouquet, for the wonderful scents alone (and a possible future Christmas gift!).

Once you start using Very Hollywood there’s no doubt that it will become your favorite scent. 

You’ll feel polished, poised, and excited to usher in the beauty of a brand new season. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Michael Kors Very Hollywood

1. White Diamonds Lustre by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds Lustre made its debut in 2014 as a women’s incense.

It combines woody, green, and fruity tones to bring a warm, calming, and sensual sensation. 

Before buying White Diamonds, sample it first to ensure it blends perfectly with your character.  

2. Super Gorgeous by Michael Kors 

Super Gorgeous is a women’s perfume launched in early 2021 in EDP concentration.

Its aroma comes via a bouquet of fruity, sweet, and fragrant balsamic tones that bring out a calming and sensual sensation. 

Upon closer examination, you’ll notice a wide range of bitter, powdery, and woody hints. 

3. Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely Sheer is a 2016 limited edition women’s bouquet.

Its aroma is accentuated by a charming ping of fruity, animal wildlife and fragrant citrus aromatic tones. 

Based on Lovely Sheer’s note combination, it qualifies as a floral woody musk product. 

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