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Michael Kors for Men Cologne: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

After the grand success of Michael in 2001, Michael Kors decided to take the perfume market by storm again with the introduction of Michael Kors For Men in 2014. 

Fast-forward to the present, and the second perfume in Michael Kors’ men’s line continues to be the go-to modern, amber, woody fragrance for men all over the world.


Harry Fremont, the nose behind this fragrance, came up with the original compositions of this perfume in a bid to produce a hybrid of citrus bomb and patchouli. 

He was tasked with producing a fragrance for men that combines urban sophistication with rugged style and, boy, did he deliver! 

Fragrance Notes

While the top notes of Michael Kors For Men perfume consist of thyme, black pepper, bergamot, star anise, elemi, and coriander, the middle notes consist of incense, sage, and suede. 

Last but not least, the base notes of sandalwood and patchouli, along with musky and woody accords, manage to keep the scent intact. 

What Does Michael Kors for Men Smell Like?

A couple of spritzes in and youʼll immediately detect notes of spicy pepper, bergamot, and coriander. 

After a brief while, the dominant and beautiful star anise takes center stage, inviting you to a world of dark glamor. 

During the mid-phase, the heart notes of incense and sage take over before finally revealing musk, patchouli, and woody notes during the dry-down period. 

You will catch a whiff of fine sueded leather and sleek woods complementing the prominent tobacco note.

In other words – expect to be entranced by the warm and spicy opening notes of Michael Kors for Men. 

The masculine fragrance transforms into something smoother, with a woodsy undercurrent to it – think a glass of exquisite whisky. 

And, to make things better, the aroma also has an overlooked layer of sweetness to it, courtesy of the dried fruit notes, including plum. 

How Long Does Michael Kors for Men Last For?

To be honest, Michael Kors For Men doesnʼt exactly excel in the long-lasting department; its performance is moderate at best. 

So, if you intend to get more mileage out of the perfume, you’ll have to be generous when you spray it on.

To be specific, the aroma starts on a good note and promises to fully deliver.

Unfortunately, it fades to a whimper around the three-hour mark. 

And, by the time the clock hits the five-hour mark, youʼll detect close to nothing of the rather promising aroma.

The projection of this scent is quite moderate too.

And, as for the sillage strength, it has enough to it to form a nice perimeter around you. 

When Should You Wear It?

I think the perfume works best on cool summer days as a work perfume.

Though the fragrance contains well-blended elements, I donʼt think it has enough depth to become a signature scent.

This modern, woody, oriental perfume is for those who wish to smell good during the day without offending anyone. 

Presentation and Value For Money

Available for purchase in either a 70ml or 120ml Eau de Toilette, the Michael Kors For Men offers decent value for money largely on account of its scent that smells much more expensive than its price tag.

This perfume will remind you of an old manaroma with a modern twist and, as such, it smells great for men 30 years old and above. 

If possible, I advise you to go for the older-bottle version of the perfume.

Not only does the older version last a bit longer, it also has better packaging.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Michael Kors For Men is one of the best masculine Michael Kors fragrances around.

It will make for a nice addition to your collection.

However, donʼt expect it to serve the role of a signature scent as it isnʼt unique enough. 

This perfume works best when you donʼt want to put a lot of thought into your scent, but yet you know that you want to smell good without offending anyone. 

In a nutshell, this perfume is a good all-rounder, without excelling in any specific department. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Michael Kors for Men

I think the dry down of Michael Kors For Men is quite identical to Burning Ice from Iceberg as both perfumes comprise notes of bergamot, patchouli, and musk.

While smelling this perfume, I was also reminded of Viktor and Rolf´s Antidote.

I found the perfume quite similar to Antidoteʼs incense top with a boozy undertone.

I also found that Michael Kors For Men opens similarly to Opium Pour Homme. 

If you check carefully, youʼll find that both perfumes have a warm and spicy opening.

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