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Vince Camuto – Amore Perfume: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

When Amore by Vince Camuto first appeared on the scene, it was intended to be a limited edition and accompanied by the statement: “Be the woman you want to be with this sweet and exciting fragrance.”

The perfume delivers feminine grace in the form of a light, sweet, and citrusy fragrance that settles down into a delectable scent for the day.

Vince Camuto Amore is a fresh, floral scent that you’ll find yourself reaching for time and again as it quickly becomes your favorite for just about any occasion.

The perfume gods smiled the day that the House of Camuto decided to put the perfume into regular production and keep it on the shelves. 

Here’s a look at the details of Vince Camuto Amore and what makes it a great perfume to wear as a daily driver.


Vince Camuto Amore was released in 2014 for women and was created by Laurent Le Guernec.

Fragrance Notes

When you apply Vince Camuto Amore for the first time, you’ll smell fruity top notes that include clementine, cassis, bergamot and passion fruit.

As the perfume settles, the florals begin to appear and notes of orchid, freesia, wild lily-of-the-valley, and lotus become noticeable.

All of these smells lie on top of a base of musk and sandalwood that promote the lighter aromas without being overpowering.

What Does Amore Smell Like?

The initial impression when Amore is first sprayed is a soft, sweet smell that is carried by the passion fruit.

It doesn’t come off as heavy, nor does it overpower the nose. 

Amore Vince Camuto smells fresh and floral, thanks to the orchid, freesia, and lotus comprising the heart tones.

As the aroma settles in throughout the day, the soft smells of crystal amber and cassis will linger on the skin.

Sandalwood and musk are some of the fragrances in the scent profile, but instead of making the perfume overly spicy they simply support the fruit and citrus notes with a warm touch.

How Long Does Amore Last?

Amore lasts for about eight hours, with many reviewers noting that warming up your skin where it was sprayed helps freshen the scent.

Amore is an eau de parfum instead of an eau de toilette, which means that there’s more perfume oils in each spray for dispersion.

Eau de parfum typically has a maximum ratio of 85% alcohol and 15% fragrance oils, but the exact ratio for Vince Camuto Amore hasn’t been released.

The aroma typically lasts anywhere from six to eight hours before any touch-ups are needed.

There’s an age-old argument about the ratio of alcohol to fragrance oil, with some feeling the higher the alcohol content, the cheaper the perfume.

Whatever the ratio is in the Amore eau de parfum, the perfumier got it right because the smell has impressive staying power.

When Should You Wear It?

Amore is perfect for wearing in the daytime.

It’s a light scent that’s very feminine, but it can get lost in some environments. 

If worn on an evening out, it may compete with the fragrances those around you are wearing.

We recommend saving Amore for those times when you want your perfume to stand out and be noticed by others.

Where Should You Wear It?

Amore is one of those perfumes some may call a “Café Society” type of scent.

It’s perfect for going out for coffee with friends, taking care of errands, and working in the office.

It smells light enough that it can also easily be worn for a casual meal with one or two friends.

As far as the seasons go, Amore is great for wearing year round because its notes evoke the feeling of late spring when flowers are in bloom.

Wear it on days when you need a pick-me-up, or when you want to carry the feeling of the sun’s warmth regardless of the season or weather conditions.

Reviewers comment that they received compliments on many occasions when wearing Amore.

With so many who absolutely love the floral aroma, you are likely to receive multiple compliments even if you only wear it for several hours. 

Presentation and Value For Money

Amore comes in a small, faceted bottle that feels great in the hand when spritzing the perfume.

The cap features a stylized floral design in a filigree pattern that will stand out from other perfumes on your dresser. 

The bottle is completed with a pink-red grosgrain ribbon that holds a charm with a design that matches the cap.

Try turning the pendant into a necklace charm for a fun little DIY that shows your love for Vince Camuto Amore.

The Bottom Line

Vince Camuto Amore is a perfume with a great price that’s worth the spend; a little goes a long way, and the 1 fluid ounce bottle lasts for quite some time — which is the perfect sample size to determine if you want to make this your new go-to smell.

In terms of value, it’s worth every penny for the delight it delivers.

Amore is known to make its wearers feel good, and that’s the main reason you’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again.

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