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MAC – Velvet Teddy Perfume: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Are you tired of perfumes that fade before the day has even ended? I am.

I have found it increasingly hard to find a decent perfume that’ll take me from day to night—until now! I tried MAC’s Velvet Teddy Perfume, and I love it.

And you might do too if you’re looking for a tobacco-vanilla signature scent fit for all occasions.


Velvet Teddy is part of MAC’s Shadescents line (i.e. Lady Danger, Candy Yum-Yum, plus more) that came out alongside their lipsticks in 2016. 

This particular bottle is paired with a pinkish, brown-beige lipstick, the perfect combination that screams glamor and laid-back fashionista.

Although, be aware, they’re sold separately.

The Shadescents Collection isn’t the first line of perfumes MAC has produced.

But, it’s certainly the first range inspired by a makeup product (that I know of, at least).

Fragrance Notes

Remember when I said it would take you from day to night?

Well, it’s not only because of the longevity but also the fragrance itself. 

Consider it office-friendly but with a hint of sexy spicy notes ideal for a night at the bar.

The top notes are tobacco, ginger, and a bright bergamot.

Then, at its heart, you’ll smell a wild honey essence, mimosa, and vanilla orchid. 

And finally, in the base notes you’ll smell exotic tonka bean, musk, and papyrus.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the tobacco note if you’re afraid of being overly musky.

In my opinion, the sweetness from the honey overpowers it alongside the floral scents from the vanilla orchid. 

What Does MAC Velvet Teddy Perfume Smell Like?

Have you ever tried Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford? What about ScentStory 24 Gold Elixir? If so, Velvet Teddy is a similar blend.

I would go as far as saying that it’s a direct duplicate of Tobacco Vanille, but with a touch more honey than tobacco. 

While Tom Ford emphasized the tobacco elements in the fragrance, MAC decided to go the sweeter route.

So, if you’re on a tighter budget or you simply don’t want to fork out for the Tom Ford bottle, Velvet Teddy might be your sweet-scented soulmate.

How Long Does MAC Velvet Teddy Perfume Last?

This addictive infusion lasts the whole day! Well, unless you shower a few times. 

Generally speaking, this perfume lasts for a full workday after three spritzes in the morning.

I’ve never felt reapplication necessary unless I fancy intensifying the scent for a night on the town.

Depending on your level of activity during the day, the fragrance is generally long-lasting. 

Where and When Should You Wear MAC Velvet Teddy Perfume?

I’m not about to tell you when to wear this fragrance—wear it whenever you feel like it.

But, if I were to share my thoughts on the perfect season for Velvet Teddy, I’d say it was fall and winter.

The hint of tobacco and the warm spices peppered throughout lends itself well to the colder, crisper months.

Plus, the corresponding nude lipstick is made for the fall and winter.

It’s a win-win you’ll absolutely love.

As for where you should wear this tobacco-honey scent, I’d say to the office, at parties, at a nightclub, in a bar, and anywhere else you can think of!

The bergamot, ginger, and smokey papyrus give it that something-something necessary for a night out.

The honey and mimosa kick in with the sweetness needed for a day running errands or at work.

The Aesthetic

Instagram made having an “aesthetic” important.

And TikTok is working wonders to keep it front and center.

So, will the MAC Velvet Teddy perfume bottle fit your aesthetic? Let’s find out.

If you’re a minimalist sort of person, you might find that the bottle slots in nicely with your “look.”

The cuboid bottle with the pink-nude top and body and the shiny black base is nondescript yet incredibly stylish. 

If you prefer a modern aesthetic, you may like how this bottle blends in with your monochrome countertops and clothing and adds a feminine touch to the space.

It’s in line with the rest of the MAC brand, so if you like their overall look, you’ll probably love the perfume.

If you’re more in tune with dark or light academia, or cottagecore, I don’t think you’ll find this bottle very “you.” You might love the scent, but the bottle itself won’t fit the theme.

Value For Money

This fragrance is great value, and it gets a big thumbs up from me in this category! 

Considering Tobacco Vanille tops the $200 mark, and Velvet Teddy barely moves above $50, I’d say you’re in for a real budget-friendly treat with this one. 

Plus, it lasts forever, which is a great bonus.

The Bottom Line

MAC Velvet Teddy gave me an ounce of hope—not all scents evaporate after a few hours!

If you’re looking for a sultry yet sweet scent to wear at all times during the day and night, this one might become your go-to. 

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