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Bvlgari BLV: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Bvlgari (sometimes misspelled Bulgari) BLV comes in two types: BLV and BLV Pour Homme for men.

These clean ginger fragrances by perfumer Alberto Morillas can be found in the moderate to expensive price range, depending on where you shop and which aroma you prefer.

Whether you are a first-time wearer or well into your cologne love affair, this early-2000s line complements any occasion.


  • Brand: Bvlgari
  • Fragrance: BLV
  • Release: 2000/2001
  • Gender: Women/Men
  • Perfumer: Alberto Morillas

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Ginger and Bergamot/Cardamom and Sandalwood
  • Heart Notes: Wisteria and Flax/Ginger, Juniper, and Galanga
  • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Black locust, and Vanilla/Tobacco blossom, Green leaves, and Teakwood

What Does Bvlgari BLV Smell Like?

BLV is considered a floral, woody, musk fragrance.

The scent is described as primarily creamy with sweet and floral hints.

This eau de toilette gives the wearer a sensual sensation with a scent defined as light and bright.

Fine and delicate, it gives off a very feminine ambiance.

The Pour Homme cologne embraces a mixture of woody and spicy to create a clean, masculine scent that smells of a hint of ginger and tobacco.

How Long Does Bvlgari BLV Last For?

BLV lasts at least one hour but can linger as long as 12.

In comparison, most colognes survive four-six hours after that first spritz.

The Pour Homme cologne can also last up to 12 hours, but the smell is more potent than its counterpart.

It should be noted that dryness will ruin a fragrance’s longevity.

Dry skin or weather can severely damage a perfume’s durability.

When Should You Wear It?

Most wearers say BLV is best worn in the summer, but its fresh, sweet scent also makes it perfect for spring.

Meanwhile, the cologne’s clean and spicy smell suits all seasons, but remember that a spicy fragrance will be stronger in warm weather.

Where Should You Wear It?

The fresh, casual scents of these products make them ideal for use wherever you go.

Floral colognes are very versatile, and their feminine qualities are ideal for any occasion from work to a dinner date.

The pour homme’s natural scent makes it great for all events as well, especially informal affairs.

Presentation and Value For Money

The perfume comes in a square glass bottle with its name written in white letters near the bottom.

The fragrance itself is a dark blue with a top of the same color.

The Pour Homme eau de toilette is sold in a similar bottle but with a silver neck.

A bottle of BLV perfume costs anywhere between $50 – $400 for a 1.3 oz. container, depending on the seller.

This price is fair considering the product has been discontinued and, thus, is in dwindling supply.

Also, the expense is reasonable considering it is a luxury brand that is a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton.

Yet, it is questionable to spend that amount of money on a fragrance that’s maximum strength doesn’t last much more than an hour.

The cologne is typically $40 – $65 for 1.7 – 3.4 ounces.

Unlike the female version, Pour Homme has not been discontinued, so the price is more like similar products.

This makes the male version a much better selection price-wise.

The Bottom Line

Both fragrances have clean, fresh smells, which are amazing selections for fragrance fans.

Those who love Bvlgari should give these ginger scents a try.

Overall, it will probably be the price that puts most buyers off.

No matter how much you love wearing a cologne, it’s impossible to purchase a luxury good if it doesn’t fit into your budget.

Maybe you’d like to add it to your gift wish list?

Otherwise, BLV is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a versatile fragrance.

Whether you’re on a romantic date or a trip with friends, this EDT will keep you fresh and gain you loads of compliments.

Perfumes that Smell Like Bvlgari BLV

1. BLV Absolute

Same brand, same package, different scent.

Absolute is another floral musk that adds mimosa into the mix and is more long-lasting.

The only problem is this is another expensive aroma with prices over $99 for 30ml.

2. Kriska Jeans by Natura

Verônika Kato’s clean spring and summer scent with ginger, bergamot, and musk is a more economical choice with prices between $30 – $45 for 100ml.

3. Uden Overdose by Xerjoff

This unisex cologne launched in 2018 is like the Bvlgari fragrances but with top notes of bergamot and lemon.

This is another expensive option with prices at about $200 – $300 per 50ml.

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