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5 Best Burberry Colognes for Men in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

You can ask any woman and she will say that the admiration for men massively depends on the fragrance of his perfume.

A charming, self-confident, and cheerful gentleman can grab an eye, but the way he smells will determine the course of further events of a new relationship.

Therefore, before going to a date or a party and hoping to delight a lady, make sure you wear a fragrance that smells extremely delicious. 

Just remember that a crazy cologne scent can scare away your prospects, so be sure to choose wisely.

If you want to buy a new perfume but you don’t know exactly what to buy, here’s a list of Burberry colognes for him so you won’t be left behind.

Check out these Men’s & Women’s Approved, Favorite, & Most Attractive Burberry Men’s Fragrances. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Burberry Colognes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the Burberry colognes that most people buy).

  • Burberry Touch for Men
  • Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men
  • Burberry Brit for Men

Top 5 Best Burberry Colognes For Men – Our Reviews:

1. Burberry Touch for Men

Burberry Touch for Him eau de parfum is the gold-middle perfume that you’re looking for.

It is not too strong and not too light—it’s just the right blend of delightful notes that will leave anyone asking for more.

Launched back in 2000, it’s often hailed as the best Burberry cologne for men.

Touch for Him is more on the softer side, unlike Burberry Touch for Her.

The main scent notes are nutmeg, cedarwood of Virginia, and white pepper, while the base notes are of mandarin tree and violet leaves. 

The fragrance of this Burberry cologne is most suitable for those who “like to be on the stage, but not in the middle.” 

Overall, Burberry Touch for Him is the best Burberry cologne for men.

It is a versatile fragrance too, so you can wear it during the day in the office, or when you are going out. The long-lasting scent will keep you smelling attractive. 


  • A nice and refreshing scent
  • Can be versatile
  • Long-lasting scent


  • Can be a little too strong for young boys

2. Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men

The best-selling Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him is a very attractive perfume for younger guys.

Released in 2013, it’s a very modern and masculine perfume for men with a versatile fragrance that is suitable for day and night.

It has some main woody notes combined with the base notes of the leather and a touch of patchouli, tonka bean.

This luxurious blend of fragrance notes makes the perfume most suitable for the colder season, as it gives a warm, masculine feeling. 

If you are looking for a modern woody perfume, this best Burberry cologne is most suitable for you.

It gives you an attractive fragrance that is wearable for daytime office work or late-night parties. 


  • Suitable for young men
  • Can be used for day or night
  • Long-lasting scent


  • You need just a little drop, don’t overspray too much

3. Burberry Brit for Men

Burberry Brit for Him is in the middle of the modern and classic ages.

It delivers a semi-sweet yet a bit strong scent which is very attractive and noticeable.

Released in 2004, this Brit perfume for Him delivers citrusy mandarin notes blended with spicy ginger, nutmeg, and wild rose scents.

As the after notes, you can smell a patchouli and tonka beans.

Plus, this Burberry cologne is versatile.

Not only can it be used during the day or night, but it can also be worn by both sexes as a unisex perfume. 

If you are looking for a fine mix of classic and modern scents, this Burberry eau de parfum is the best option.

It opens with top notes that can be a little strong, but the afternotes of freshness go along the way.

The fragrance is wearable be it day or night, and the fresh scent from its modern woody notes is perfect for younger and adventurous males. 


  • The modern yet classic scent
  • Long-lasting and lightweight perfume
  • Semi-sweet and masculine, which makes the perfume be suitable for younger men


  • It is not a strong perfume, so it is not suitable for strong scent lovers
  • Easy to overspray

4. Burberry London for Men

Burberry London eau de parfum for him is a classic cologne for men.

If you are looking for an erotic, sensual winter cologne, Burberry London is the most suitable in this case.

The fragrance delivers the charm on its own and spreads the scent during the day.

It is a spicy and oriental perfume, with base notes of bergamot, lavender, warm cinnamon blended with top notes of mimosa flower, leather, oakmoss.

This eau de parfum is suitable for males of all ages.

The fragrance would definitely remind you of Christmas, so it is most suitable for wintertime. 

Overall it’s a great cologne for men during cold winter days.

The blend of cinnamon and leather notes is a great choice for all-aged classic men who want to feel more confident.

No wonder it is said that this Burberry cologne is a magical fragrance. 


  • Spicy and fresh winter scent
  • Suitable for all-aged classic men
  • Delivers the scent as it settles on the body


  • Not suitable for strong smell lovers
  • Doesn’t last for a long time

5. Burberry for Men 

One of the oldest Burberry perfumes launched in 1995, the classic Burberry for Men is a fresh and delicate fragrance.

However, this cologne for men has some spice which puts it on the stronger perfume shelves.

Blended lavender, amber, sandalwood, and amber notes will give you a strong scent which might not be suitable for every man.

It is most suitable for autumn or spring and perfectly wearable during the day. 

This eau de parfum is definitely a picky fragrance for a lot of guys, as it is one of the stronger Burberry perfumes.

Burberry for Men is a classic choice if you are looking for a fragrance to use during spring or autumn seasons.

It will surely not leave you unnoticed. 


  • A fresh daytime scent for autumn and spring
  • One of the strongest Burberry perfumes for him
  • Lasts 6 or more hours


  • Can be too strong for some younger men

Final Thoughts 

To conclude this review, the Burberry brand delivers a lot of great perfume for all types of men.

Each of the Burberry cologne for men on this list has its own notes which will always find their owner, that’s for sure.

Hopefully, these best Burberry perfumes for him will guide you and help you find the best Burberry cologne for yourself.

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