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5 Best Bond No.9 Perfumes for Women in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Bond No. 9 reminds the scent of New York, that is for sure.

The brand has been founded in 2003 and already became popular for making impressive fragrances for women.

They have even 129 different scents, so every type of woman will find her own perfume. 

What is more surprising, that the bottles have a fantastic appearance.

They are star-shaped and reminds of the Hollywood star.

Each of the Bond No. 9 perfume bottle is specifically designed to the theme of the scent.

Even if you are going to run out of the fragrance, you can keep it’s a bottle for a stylish accessory on the shelf in your room.

The fragrance and the appearance both are unique details to this perfume. 

In this review, we will go through the best Bond No. 9 perfumes for her and show all the different kinds of scents that are created of this brand. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Bond No.9 Women Perfumes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).

  • Bond No. 9 The Scent Of Peace
  • Bond No. 9 Chinatown
  • Bond No. 9 Broadway Nite

Top 5 Best Bond No.9 Perfumes For Women – Our Reviews:

1. Bond No. 9 The Scent Of Peace – Top Pick

The Scent of Peace – released in 2001.

It is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind fragrance for women.

Refreshing grapefruit and black currant blend well with lily of the valley, cedarwood and musk base notes.

Perfume is classified as a niche fragrance.

The niche perfume is a high-end perfumery that uses only the highest quality ingredients: jasmine, roses, orphan, iris or mimosa.

The ingredients used to make such a perfume are carefully grown in the perfume capital of Graz, France.

Perfumers do not pay much attention to their packaging when making such perfumes.

In the production of niche perfumes, the smell is the key.

This fragrance for her is one of the best perfumes from the Bond No. 9 brand. 

Top notes: grapefruit, black currant

Middle notes: lily of the valley

Main notes: cedar, musk


  • The best Bond No. 9 perfume for her
  • The fresh and sweet smell that is suitable to be a summer fragrance 
  • Suitable for younger women because of the sweet notes


  • Might be too sweet for mature women 
  • There are feedbacks that it doesn’t last long

2. Bond No. 9 Chinatown

The perfume was released in 2005. They were created by Aurélien Guichard, a perfumer.

The top of the fragrance combines soft peach blossoms with bergamot.

The melody of gardenia, honey, tuberose, peony and orange blossoms in the heart.

The scent is based on patchouli, cedar, vanilla, sandalwood, passionate cardamom, and guava. 

This is a unique and oriental fragrance which is actually can be suitable for women and men.

The creators took inspiration for the romantic look of the bottle from the Ming Dynasty.

Chinatown is a true sensation of sweetness and spiciness.

Top notes: peach blossom, bergamot

Middle notes: gardenia, honey, tuberose, peony, orange blossom

Main notes: patchouli, cedar, vanilla, sandalwood, cardamom, guava


  • A unique and versatile fragrance which is unisex 
  • Can be worn as an everyday perfume 
  • Sweet and oriental fragrance suitable for summer 


  • Might be too sweet for older auditory
  • No specific notes that are suitable just for her or him

3. Bond No. 9 Broadway Nite

Bond No.9 Broadway Nite is a flower-like fragrance that came out on the market in 2003.

The scent is dedicated to Broadway, the iconic New York Avenue known for its theaters.

Broadway is a dynamic place full of events and events.

That’s why this unique fragrance was created to blend in with the Broadway spirit. Scent Creator – Maurice Roucel.

If you are looking for a fragrance that attracts attention then this perfume does the trick.

Bond No. 9 Broadway has a surprising and pleasant aroma of aldehydes and flowers.

Design House Bond No. 9 received the award for the perfume’s charismatic design.

Top notes: aldehydes, orphan leaves

Middle notes: roses, irises. heliotrope

Main notes: ambergris, vanilla, cedar


  • Attractive and seductive summer scent 
  • Suitable to be wearing in a daily-basis
  • Floral oriental scent 


  • Might be too strong for some younger girls

4. Bond No. 9 Union Square

The fragrance was released in 2013.

This scent is created by perfumer Stephen Nilsen.

This is a flower-like fragrance for the modern woman.

The scent is fresh, exciting and soothing. Best for spring and summer.

Top notes: grass, lily of the valley

Middle notes: white freesia, birch

Main notes: musk, amber


  • One of the best perfumes for spring and summer season 
  • A flower-like fragrance that is suitable for mature women 


  • Can be worn only in the daytime, too light for a night out

5. Bond No. 9 Madison Avenue

This luxurious fragrance is created in honor of New York’s Madison Avenue, an iconic street full of the most famous shops.

This is a zipper fragrance released in 2016.

The scent opens with refreshing notes of fruits and berries.

The heart is surrounded by fragrances of magnificent flowers, such as magnolia, rose, and jasmine.

The base smells of praline, ambroxan and patchouli.

Top notes: apple, blackberry bergamot

Middle notes: rose, jasmine, magnolia

Main notes: patchouli, praline, ambroxan


  • Sweet and fresh scent suitable to be worn every day in the summer
  • Younger women might like the freshness of this fragrance 
  • One of the newest releases from the Bond No.9 brand


  • Might be too sweet and light for a mature woman 
  • There are feedbacks that it doesn’t last longer than 4 hours


Considering that this brand has over 100 perfumes to choose from, this is only a very short list of them.

Each woman will definitely find the perfume that suits her the most. 

Also, the appearance of Bond No. 9 perfumes is very attractive.

The bottles are star-shaped, so it would be fun to have it on the shelf.

The brand’s fragrances for her are unique and versatile, most of them are suitable for summer on the beach or a romantic night out. 

I hope that this review of Best Brand No. 9 perfumes for her helped you to get to know the brand and find out some of the best fragrances for women. 

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