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Iso E Super: Ingredient Guide, Info, Smell & More!

Iso E Super is a synthetic chemical used in perfumery for its warm, woody perfume that’s uniquely soft and warm.

Almost undetectable on its own, it emits mesmerizing notes of sandalwood or patchouli for a sensation as smooth as velvet when used in perfumes.

Today, this rich substance is a key component in the high-end perfume (and cosmetics) industry, as well as skincare products and even tobacco formulas.

What is Iso E Super?

Iso E Super is a synthetic chemical found in most modern fragrances.

Produced by International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), this molecule perfume can enhance any perfume composition in terms of aroma, intensity, and longevity.

There’s a wide variety of different names for this perfume, including:

  • Patchouli Ethanone
  • Isocyclemone E
  • Ambralux
  • Anthamber

Although there are many manufacturing methods, only the IFF product is considered to be Iso E Super.

Because of its large molecule size, this aroma chemical has a very subtle odor on its own.

Once included in a perfume formula, though, it turns into an olfactory explosion with predominantly warm, woody notes.

The molecule Iso E Super entered the spotlight of modern perfumery when Christian Dior debuted it excessively in their Fahrenheit fragrance in 1988.

The remarkably pleasant smell skyrocketed the popularity of the chemical. 

It didn’t take long until the newer fine fragrances used it for a spellbinding and unforgettable finished product.

What Does Iso E Super Smell Like?

This molecule doesn’t make a great first impression due to its amazingly transparent, almost undetectable odor.

However, its rich perfume explodes when included in fragrances, emitting a woody, ambery perfume. 

It also features warm notes of sandalwood with a slight phenolic nuance, which are perfect for intense perfume formulas. 

Unlike other natural woody materials that have a heavy feeling (even described as annoying by some), this smell is very smooth.

In fact, this perfume is often associated with a soft velvet sensation. 

The multi-faceted nature of the perfume makes it a superb floralizer found along with other fragrances from the floral and oriental fragrance families.

What Scent Family is Iso E Super?

Often associated with musk, sandalwood, or patchouli, this molecule is a key member of the woody scent family.

This perfume group features warm, earthy aromas with subtle, occasionally sweet hints.

Perfumers often enjoy mixing this woodsy smell with fresh, fruity notes of citrus, or a floral mixture that lightens the resulting perfume.

The subtle strength of this versatile chemical sets it apart from other ingredients in the same family, with its unique aspects giving a much softer olfactory sensation.

What are the Benefits of Iso E Super?

Although it’s mainly known for its use in the perfumery world, Iso E Super is commonly used in other industries as well. 

These include:

  • Cosmetics such as skin care products, body lotions, or even make-up products;
  • Cleaning products including fabric detergents, soap, or antiperspirants;
  • Tobacco production, where it works as a plasticizer that protects antimicrobial ingredients.

However, this synthetic chemical can accumulate in the aquatic environment, thus affecting the surrounding aquatic organisms as well.

It could be bioaccumulative for humans too, which means it could cause long-term adverse effects. 

Even so, there’s no official record to confirm the theory.

Is Iso E Super a Feminine or Masculine Scent?

Many scents from the woody perfume family are associated with strength and even opulence.

Therefore, perfumers often include them to create high-quality, masculine aromas.

However, Iso E Super is so versatile that it’s equally used in male, female, and unisex scents at the same time.

Its warm, ambery notes make for a perfect base note that complements a sweeter, romantic perfume that ranges from vanilla to flowers.

Best Perfumes with Iso E Super Notes 

Ever since its 1988 breakthrough in the perfumery world, Iso E Super has been used to create iconic, unforgettable fragrance aromas, such as:

1. Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

A relatively new entry on the perfumery scene, this 2006 fragrance is a warm tribute to Iso E Super itself.

Those who wear this perfume describe it as a minimalist olfactory experience with predominant notes of cedarwood and warm musk.

It offers a velvet fragrance, which exudes both strength and sensuality—two qualities appreciated by both genders.

2. Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

This iconic perfume is among the most successful combinations between art and chemistry.

Pepper and coriander emphasize its opening notes of citrus for a bold, exotic aroma. 

This minty mix is toned down by base notes of olibanum and myrrh for an oriental sense of elegance.

The entire aroma is embraced by Iso E Super, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience.

3. Dior Homme by Dior

Perfumer Francois Demanchy designed this perfume as a redefinition of masculinity, and so it is.

Exotic notes of bergamot and pink pepper perfume take you on a spicy, warm journey as soon as you open the bottle and sense the notes inside. 

Its surprising middle notes of cashmere wood and patchouli add a smooth touch to the perfume, while the Haitian vetiver base notes imply a sensual atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

Iso E Super is an aromatic molecule used in almost every new perfume to impart fullness and enhance its final fragrance.

It smells pleasant, with warm hints of sandalwood and amber, often complementing top notes of exotic citrus and oriental flowers.

Over the past few decades, this chemical has become a trademark of many luxury perfumes, including Dior Homme and Bleu de Chanel.

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