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FragranceX Review: Is FragranceX Legit or Fake?

FragranceX is an online perfume store that sells products at good discounts.

These discounts are for top designer products in the male and female category and one can’t help but wonder if the products are genuine or fake. 

Imagine buying a well-known designer product for less than the retail price.

It calls for concern and begs the question “Is FragranceX legit or fake?”.

FragranceX gives you brand name perfumes and other fragrance-infused products like aftershaves and colognes from Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, Dolce & Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani among others.

All these products come to you at very low prices. 

They also have products from skincare brands like Academie, Acra, American Crew, Anna Sui, Biotherm, Chanel, Beverly Hills, and a lot more.

They pride themselves as a company that gives quality service and great discounts for fragrances.

They are indeed genuine and as hard as it may be for you to believe, understanding their operations will let you know how they can sell original fragrances at 80% below the retail price.

How Does FragranceX Provide Genuine Fragrances at a Very Low Price?

Below are some of the reasons why FragranceX is able to sell genuine perfumes that cost a lot at such huge discounts.

Sales of fragrances from different geographical areas

In the Middle East and Asia, the fragrance business is booming and the price of fragrances is set depending on the income of the population.

A perfume sold in the big cities of Europe or America won’t go for the same price as that sold in a smaller place in Asia for example. 

FragranceX utilizes this knowledge and purchases from those meant for areas where perfumes are sold cheap. 

If you look closely at the fragrance labels, you will see that they are made for a different location and carry writing in another language.

The difference here is just the language but it retains its quality and smell.

FragranceX sells discounted older perfume stock

Everybody wants to keep up with the trend and stay up to date with their products.

Most department stores try to maintain their sales of only newly released products with new packaging to stay fresh and boast of having only the latest. 

This is what most consumers want so perfume manufacturers tap into this psychology too.

They are constantly rebranding and changing the packaging of the products to appeal to customers but the content remains basically the same.

Retailers often sell off their stock at a giveaway price so they can purchase the newly designed products and keep their reputation.

The older stock is sold to discount retailers like FragranceX who then sell to their customers at a very cheap price. 

Unless you want to purchase the package along with the product, it shouldn’t make a difference.

The content stays the same; it is just the package that changes.

So, if you want a designer perfume at a great discount and you do not mind the packaging or region it was meant for, FragranceX has got you covered.

Benefits of Buying from FragranceX

Cheap Prices

FragranceX offers you quality perfumes from designers at a very cheap price. 

If you have an eye for the good stuff but have a tight budget, you can get the real thing from FragranceX.

There are no more excuses for using anything but the best perfumes.

Worldwide Shipping and Easy Tracking

FragranceX offers worldwide shipping of products.

They are one of the very few perfume retailers that offer this service and it is one of the benefits of shopping with them. 

You can also track your product and have updated information about the arrival of your order. 

Gift Wrapping

Your purchases must not be for yourself but could be for a loved one.

If you are purchasing a perfume as a gift, just let them know and they will wrap for you. 

If you can’t make up your mind on the exact gift to purchase, send a gift certificate and they will help you out.

You just select the name, amount, gift message, and email and they will reach out to the gift recipient and invite them to go shopping.

Top Sellers of Women’s Perfumes and Men’s Colognes

There are a lot of categories and designers to choose from as you shop at FragranceX.

Categories include New Arrivals, Samples, Testers, This Week’s Top Sellers, Celebrity Scents, and Today’s Top Sellers. 

You also have details on each product to help you with your choice like customer feedback and review, fragrance description, price, and availability.

Genuine Perfumes

FragranceX may sell designer perfumes at unbelievable prices, but it doesn’t mean what you get is fake.

They exist to help you save more while maintaining good quality and standards.

Pros of Shopping with FragranceX

  • They accept PayPal
  • They accept credit and debit cards
  • They offer sales and promotions for customers
  • They have a social media presence and can be easily contacted
  • They offer contact information
  • You have a money-back guarantee that protects you in case of a defective purchase
  • They offer loyalty programs
  • They offer website security and privacy so any personal information you provide is safe and secure
  • You benefit from their free shipping policy
  • They have a free return and exchange policy that allows you to return and exchange goods that are defective without you having to pay
  • International shipping


  • Their products as you know do not always carry the trending packaging and are produced for a location where the income is low. This is a turn-off for some.


FragranceX is yet another proof that quality products do not have to be very expensive.

Here is the perfect way to get designer perfumes without having to bore a hole in your pocket. 

Everything comes with a price and the only price you will have to pay for the discount is the packaging and location the product was meant for.

These are small prices to pay and insignificant even because what matters, in the end, is the quality of the product.

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