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Yves Saint Laurent – M7: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

M7, the seventh fragrance by YSL, is a rich, heavy, masculine fragrance that discharges dark, warm, and dry woody notes making it ideal for the man who is tired of the usual cheap perfumes and isn’t afraid to explore his sensuality. 


Formulated by the noses of expert perfumers, Jacques Cavallier and Alberto Morillas, under the guidance of the legendary Tom Ford (YSLʼs creative director at the time), the M7 has built up a cult following since its introduction in 2002.

And why wouldnʼt it be so revered? After all, it has all the makings of an exquisite menʼs perfume.  

Fragrance Notes

The M7 possesses top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, and rosemary; heart notes of agarwood (Oud) and vetiver; and base notes of musk and amber.

All in all, the M7 is best described as a woody amber fragrance for men. 

What Does M7 Smell Like?

Without beating about the bush, letʼs get to the million-dollar question: What does the M7 smell like?

As soon as you put it on, youʼre met with a strong and aggressive opening of pungent, spicy dried herbs and mandarin rosemary.

You can also expect a rush of perfectly balanced, fruity goodness. 

With the passage of time, the scents produced transition into something slightly sweet and dark, and as it lies gently on the skin, it gives off a powdery, deep, soft, and modern arrangement.

The middle notes of agarwood and Haitian vetiver finally tame the sweetness, paving the way for a masculine, Oriental-serving oud and a musky ending.

With the M7 fragrance, your senses are certain to go on overdrive as a result of being stimulated beyond belief.

Conclusively, Iʼd say that the amber and musk blend perfectly and steal the show.

How Long Does M7 Last For?

Thankfully, the M7, like many old perfumes, not only smells good but also has exceptional lasting powers.

Many experts claim that the perfume is capable of lasting at least 12 hours.

However, if you want the perfume to last longer, consider applying it to your clothes.

The M7, unlike other modern perfumes, also excels in the sillage and projection department. 

When Should You Wear It?

The M7 works best at night.

This perfume wouldnʼt be out of place on an autumn or winter night.

I can imagine wearing this perfume while listening to jazz or classical music as I map out a special plan to take over the world.

If thatʼs not your thing, consider donning it when you want to feel your most confident self!

Also, bear in mind that the M7 isnʼt the most suitable perfume for summer or casual events. 

Presentation and Value For Money

As far as presentation goes, there aren’t really any flaws in the design.

After all, who am I in the perfume world to criticize the designers,

Tom Ford and Doug Lloyd?

In all seriousness though, I really like that mysterious amber bottle and that it has warm nuances.

However, many may find the presentation underwhelming. 

Since the original M7 is either hard to come by or too expensive as a result of its discontinuation, consider the M7 Absolu version.

The Oud Absolu is simply the newer version of the M7. 

The Bottom Line

The M7 has a unique, mature, modern perfumery, cola vibe to it.

It smells of incense and woody oud and is sweet enough not to be repellent.

The oud blends perfectly with the rest of the elements and makes the perfume stand out from other Western mainstream fragrances. 

Additionally, it projects nicely, lasts all day, and has excellent overall performance.

It is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating perfumes around. 

Perfumes (Oud scents) That Smell Like M7

If you canʼt get your hands on the original YSL M7, you can try the newer M7 Oud Absolu or Tom Ford’s Oud Wood as they are similar to an extent.

However, be advised that the Absolu, though a nice oud fragrance in itself, doesnʼt compare to the M7 in performance. 

The M7 is also sometimes compared to the more inexpensive Avon product, Premiere Luxe Oud.

As far as Iʼm concerned, both of them do have similar openings.

However, where the M7 excels (drydown period), the Luxe Oud fails miserably.

While the M7 is able to keep the amber and musk notes potent, the Avon dries down to a pencil-shaving scent.

The Vetiver 2016 cologne for men by Zara also smells similar to the M7.

Like the M7, the Vetiver also has mandarin in its opening, vetiver as its heart note, and musk and woody elements as its base.  

Some also find similarities between the M7 and the wine-and-cola combination used in the beautiful bottle of Magnetism for Men. 

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