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Valentino – Valentina Pink Perfume: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Looking for a flirty scent that evokes feminine mystique?

Valentino Valentina Pink Perfume might be the perfect choice for you.

Feminine perfumes are like a soft kiss in the form of a fragrance.

This sweetly intriguing strawberry scent reminds one of the color pink bottled up into a delightful aroma. 

Here are more details about this deliciously sweet eau de parfum.


  • Brand: Valentino
  • Fragrance: Valentino Valentina Pink
  • Release: 2015
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumers: Daphne Buger, Fabrice Pellegrin

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Fruity – Blackberry, Strawberry
  • Heart Notes: Floral – Peony, Centifolia Rose
  • Base Notes: Fantasy, Musk – Amber

What Does Valentino Valentina Pink Perfume Smell Like?

This scent is in the fruity floral gourmand family of fragrance notes.

The top notes are full of fruity accords, including strawberry and blackberry.

The big strawberry scent in the top is lovely and lightly sweet.  

With floral, sweet heart notes, the peony and deep rose truly are the stars of this fragrance.

Roses are a classic favorite for women’s perfumes, and the hint of peony is a unique touch.

Base notes like cashmere, wood, and amber round out the rest of the fragrance.

The white musk notes are rich in a way that’s warm and comforting, but not overbearing.

How Long Does Valentino Valentina Pink Perfume Last?

The first impact of the strawberry and fruity notes in Valentina Pink only last for about 15 minutes.

As that settles down, the flowery heart notes emerge and stick around for about an hour. 

The enduring base notes of musk, cashmere, wood, and amber will linger for up to six hours.

Considering this, you will probably be ready for a touch-up spritz about seven to eight hours after the first application.

When Should You Wear It?

This isn’t a sledgehammer fragrance.

It smells good and it’s complex, but not over-complicated. 

You can wear this perfume at any time of any day.

But as it has dominant floral notes, it’s especially perfect for a fresh spring day when you break out the flowing maxi dress and sandals.

As previously mentioned, it’s not really an inappropriate choice for any season, just remember that it will always evoke the floral, sweet freshness of springtime.

Sometimes, that’s a nice reminder — especially during the dog days of summer, blustery days of autumn, and brutal cold of winter.

This perfume is made for day or night.

The bright scent of flowers and vanilla keep it bright, while the cashmere, wood, and musk provide a solid base that can easily transition to nighttime wear. 

It smells like a beautiful garden on a gorgeous, sunlit day.

Yet, if you’re going out for a night on the town, it’s an alluring scent that is refreshing in the midst of a crowded pool of people drenched in heavier fragrances.

Where Should You Wear It?

This is a very versatile fragrance.

It’s great for light social situations such as a breakfast gathering, a lunch or business meeting, or taking a day trip to a local art museum.

Alternatively, you can sport this for more formal engagements, like a fancy dinner or a gala event. 

It’s not the type of scent that knocks everyone to the ground, but it’s noticeable enough for others to wonder what the pretty, elegant smell is and who is wearing it.

In fact, you may receive so many compliments that you feel like the belle of the ball!

Presentation and Value For Money

The packaging is elegant and feminine.

The container is a deep pink-colored oval bottle. 

The bottom stem is delicately imprinted with the brand’s logo.

Above that is the circular spritzer with a flat-topped push button.

The outside of the bottle is adorned by a rose, with intricate pink petals forming the whole of the flower.

The perfume bottle is literally constructed like a rose, from the color to the flower replica.

 You almost know what you’re buying just by looking at it.

Simply stated, it’s a beautiful bottle.

As far as monetary value, keep in mind that this is a high-end brand.

So, while it may seem pricey to some, the fact that it is a genuine Valentino perfume means the price is moderately reasonable.

With many high-end perfumes, you’ll pay for the brand without a guarantee that the scent will be worth the price.

In this case, the gorgeous scent that lingers for hours proves that the perfume is well worth the cost.

The Bottom Line

When looking for an everyday, signature scent, most people prefer something that can span everything from day outings to nighttime adventures.

This perfume can travel through all parts of the day with ease.

It’s feminine and noticeable without being overpowering; it’s the perfect blend of flirty and elegant. 

As a designer perfume with an affordable price tag, it will last for a while.

While you may decide to make it your new signature scent, it’s beautiful enough to save for special occasions, too.

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