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5 Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Tom Ford is a name synonymous with class and luxury. 

Over the years, they have released some incredible fragrances that have been well received by users across the globe. 

While many perfumes from this brand are rather expensive, there’s no doubting the quality of their fragrances. 

The Tom Ford brand is one that is always included in any list of top-selling fragrances, and that’s not a surprise.

The perfume and lifestyle house keeps on churning products that are worthy of being included in any woman’s scent collection.

If you’re looking to own one Tom Ford fragrance as your signature scent for the foreseeable future, below are 5 of the best Tom Ford perfumes for women currently on the market. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the Tom Ford perfumes that most people buy).

  • Tom Ford Black Orchid
  • Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
  • Tom Ford Orchid Soleil

Top 5 Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women – Our Reviews:

1. Tom Ford Black Orchid For Women

Black Orchid is possibly the most iconic Tom Ford perfume of all time. 

Created by expert perfumers from Givaudan, the unique oriental chypre begins with top notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, bergamot, and jasmine before peeling off to heart notes of lotus and orchid. 

After a while, you should smell base notes of vanilla, chocolate, amber, and patchouli. 

Black Orchid should last between 6 to 8 hours on one spray.

Take note though that its sillage is strong—a bit too strong for the warm summer days.

Hence, this is predominantly a winter perfume that is best worn at night. 

If you’re headed out for a romantic date night or you have an evening event where you need to make a huge fashion statement, Black Orchid by Tom Ford is exactly the kind of scent you would want to smell like. 

The fragrance of Black Orchid is inspired by high-rolling women who own their game in the workplace and switch on their sexy to own their game outside of work as well. 

If you want to smell like luxury, then you’ve got a top perfume choice on your hands.

2. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Neroli Portofino eau de parfum is a floral aromatic scent that works just fine for men and women. 

That said, the fragrance leans a bit more towards the feminine side and would be a favorite for career women who enjoy smelling strong and powerful. 

It begins with top notes of bitter orange, lavender, bergamot, myrtle rosemary, lemon, and mandarin orange and unravels into middle notes of pittosporum, jasmine, African orange flower, and neroli. 

After a while, it settles down to base notes of angelica, ambrette, and amber. 

Its main accords are citrus, white floral, fresh spicy, aromatic, and sweet. 

Neroli Portofino eau de parfum is long-lasting and should give about 4 to 6 hours of powerful performance. 

Its sillage is moderate but should produce enough juice to make you the cynosure of all eyes. 

Released in 2011, this perfume was designed by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and is considered to be one of the finest perfumes on the Tom Ford catalog. 

3. Tom Ford Orchid Soleil

Orchid Soleil is basically the summer version of Black Orchid. 

Like its predecessor, this best-selling Tom Ford scent is intoxicating and is everything you need to define your style as you step out for a fun summer day. 

It’s radiant, vibrant, and sensual fragrance would totally work perfectly as your new signature perfume or a worthy addition to your closet. 

The scent begins with top notes of pink pepper, cypress, and butter orange before moving to heart notes of red spider lily and tuberose. 

After a while, you should be able to smell base notes of vanilla, chestnut cream, orchid, and patchouli.

For the ardent perfume aficionado, the main accords or notes of Orchid Soleil are white flowers, tuberose, sweet, vanilla, and animalic. 

Its performance is quite impressive and while it’s not a longevity beast, its fragrance should last between 4 to 6 hours on a single spray. 

Its sillage is decent enough to win you compliments from friends and coworkers while its scent is simply too good to resist. 

As mentioned earlier, this is a summer fragrance and as you would expect, it also works just fine during spring. 

4. Tom Ford White Patchouli

Another successful partnership between Tom Ford and Givaudan created another best-selling fragrance that many will find simply irresistible. 

Not only does the white patchouli scent smell incredible, but it also comes in a beautiful bottle that adds gloss to the overall package. 

This Tom Ford perfume begins with top notes of bergamot, white flowers, and peony before peeling off to sensual heart notes of rose, ambrette, and night-blooming jasmine. 

After some time, the fragrance settles to subtle base notes of incense and patchouli.

Its main accords are patchouli, white floral, balsamic, white spicy, floral, and rose. 

If you want a perfume that is versatile and can work for both summer and winter days, White Patchouli should be a serious option on your list. 

It should last for about 6 hours on one spray while its sillage is soft but delivers enough juice to get heads turning and tongues waggling as you work past. 

5. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

There are times when you feel you are in your elements and are totally down to charm your way through the day. 

On those days, your smile counts, your outfit counts, and your jewelry counts. 

Yet, the missing piece of the puzzle that accentuates your overall outfit is the scent of warmth and class from Velvet Orchid, a Tom Ford private blend of luxurious notes that is sure to turn heads around. 

This Tom Ford perfume was launched in 2006 and relaunched in 2014 with a few more tweaks on the notes that have given it a modish aroma you would absolutely love.

The fragrance Velvet Orchids begins with top notes of rum, honey, and mandarin orange before moving to sweet heart notes of orange blossom, rose oil, jasmine, and magnolia. 

After a short while, you should smell base notes of vanilla, suede, and sandalwood. 

These lingering notes are what stays on your skin for hours.

Its main accords are sweet, floral, balsamic, powdery, and honey.

Velvet Orchid is one performance beast and should get you smelling desirable all day long. 

One spray of this fragrance is enough to get you through a day at work or a romantic date at the park.

Its sillage is strong and maybe a little overwhelming for a warm summer day, making it a fragrance perfect for winter days and nights.


Tom Ford is one of the names that are trusted within fashion and lifestyle circles, and the respect it commands stems from the numerous quality products that have been released under its name. 

Those looking for a Tom Ford fragrance to add to their perfume arsenal are often women who embody luxury, class, and sophistication.

If you want a perfume that can make you smell like a million dollar, a Tom Ford fragrance won’t fail you.

The perfumes on this list are not only the best Tom Ford fragrances there are, but they are also some of the best fragrances on the market.

There’s no doubt you’d absolutely love making one of them your new signature fragrance.

Before buying a full bottle though, be sure to try the smaller tester ones first.

Take note that a perfume can smell differently based on your skin chemistry, so see first if the notes agree with you before splurging—these aren’t cheap products, after all.

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