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7 Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Tom Ford is a name that signifies instant success in fashion circles and a name associated with quality, sophistication, and matchless elegance.

The first Tom Ford cologne was launched in 2006, and ever since it has been a story of success after success. 

The man behind the famous American company, Tom Ford, once mentioned that he thought colognes were more important than clothes.

With that kind of view, you can understand why he puts in so much to create top-quality colognes. 

The Tom Ford brand presents its colognes under two collections, the “luxury private blend collection” and the “signature collection.”

The luxury blend features more expensive Tom Ford products while the signature collection is sold for a much cheaper price. 

If you’re wondering what the best Tom Ford fragrances for men are, below is a comprehensive list to answer your question and help you pick one (or two) for your signature scent.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the Tom Ford colognes that most people buy).

  • Tom Ford For Men
  • Tom Ford Noir Extreme
  • Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Top 7 Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men – Our Reviews

1. Tom Ford For Men

This was one of the earliest colognes created by the House of Tom Ford that gave them a spot on the market.

With this one cologne, Tom Ford started to become a household name in the fashion and lifestyle world.

Its woody scent and spicy profile produce a delightful fragrance that’s simply too good to resist. 

Tom Ford For Men begins with top notes of ginger, violet leaf, bergamot, basil, lemon leaf oil, mandarin orange, and ginger then moves to a beating heart of grapefruit blossom, tobacco leaf, pepper, and Tunisian orange blossom.

After a few minutes, the scent settles to a base of amber, nagarmotha, cypriol oil, leather, cedar, vetiver, oakmoss, and Virginian patchouli. 

Tom Ford for Men is a fine example of a perfume that features a mixed aroma of vintage and contemporary scents, one that is long-lasting, versatile, and a confidence boost for every man.

2. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a sweet-smelling cologne that gives you that incredible fragrance to make you the cynosure of all eyes.

As its name suggests, this cologne’s scent goes extreme with a strong projection to introduce your presence in the room in grand style. 

Noir Extreme opens with an exotic list of top notes featuring cinnamon bark, cardamom, cistus, Persian lemon, coriander, Thai basil, and chamomile.

Its strong top notes are complemented by middle notes of black plume, thyme, saffron, sandalwood, parma violet, and cedar wood atlas, then finally settle down to base notes of caramel, Vieux, Asian vetiver, truffle, fig, balsam, and amber. 

Noir Extreme is one romantic and ultra-masculine scent that will give you an extra bit of confidence at work or on a night out with friends or someone special.

3. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Released in 2009, Grey Vetiver is a classy vetiver-inspired cologne that’s perfect for career men who are looking to wear a distinctive scent every time they step out. 

This cologne’s top notes include aromatic sage and grapefruit, while the beating heart is of pimento, orris, and nutmeg.

After a few minutes, it settles into a more intoxicating base of oakmoss and golden amber woods. 

Grey Vetiver is one versatile scent that can take you through a challenging day or a cool, romantic night.

Its woody, sunny, and salty notes produce a sweet-smelling fragrance that should please even the most critical perfume aficionado. 

4. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Launched in 2007, Tuscan Leather is a smoky-leathery perfume by Tom Ford with a most unforgettable scent and one of the best unisex perfumes produced for Tom Ford’s famed private collections.

It’s the kind of perfume you would want to smell like when you really need to show off. 

Its sweet scent is produced from top notes of thyme, saffron, and raspberry before subtly moving to middle notes of frankincense and jasmine.

After some time, you’ll be able to notice its base made of black suede, leather, wood, and amber. 

Although It’s one of the more expensive fragrances in Tom Ford’s collections, you’ll find that its price is well justified by the quality you get.

If you wish to smell like a luxury, Tuscan Leather is the perfect fragrance for you.

5. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

One more unisex cologne makes it into the list with a fragrance that’s worthy of your money.

Released in 2011 with the expert nose of Rodrigo Flores-Roux behind the scene, Neroli Portofino is a classy, fresh fragrance with a citrus aroma that will surely captivate you.

This Tom Ford cologne opens with top notes of bitter orange, rosemary, myrtle, lavender, lemon, mandarin orange, and bergamot.

Its heart includes pittosporum, neroli, jasmine, and African orange flower while its base notes are angelica, ambrette, and amber. 

Neroli Portofino is not your everyday scent.

It’s a special fragrance made for special occasions when you need to shine brighter and soar higher. 

6. Tom Ford Noir de Noir

Noir de Noir is a best-selling floral-spicy fragrance and it’s another one from Tom Ford’s private collections.

Released in 2007 to widespread critical acclaim, perfume aficionados were pleased to see such a fine blend of spectacular notes in this one fragrance, so well blended that individual notes are hardly noticeable. 

This fragrance begins with saffron as the solitary top note which, after a while, is enveloped by black truffle, black rose, and floral heart notes.

Its base notes consist of vanilla, patchouli, oud, wood, and moss. 

If you liked the scent of Tom Ford Oud Wood or Black Orchid on women, you’d like this fragrance.

In fact, Tom Ford Black Orchid is often hailed as the best Tom Ford fragrance ever—and only Noir de Noir could compete.

This cologne is the right choice for the big events and those days when you need to win the hearts and admiration of everyone.

7. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille is the last entry on this list and it’s another Tom Ford cologne that every man would love to wear.

Released in 2007, the nose behind this fragrance is ace perfumer, Olivier Gillotin. 

The scent of this Tom Ford cologne begins with top notes of spice and tobacco leaves while its middle notes include cacao, vanilla, tobacco blossom, and tonka bean.

After a short while, the fragrance settles to a base of woody notes and dried fruits. 

Tobacco Vanille is one popular Tom Ford tobacco-smelling cologne that has found its way into the closet of many men around the world.

Its popularity is a true testament to the quality of the fragrance it delivers. 

Whether you’re going for an official engagement or a casual night out with friends, this best-selling fragrance is a great scent choice to keep you smelling delicious all day!


The above fragrances are the best Tom Ford perfumes among the bunch, but there are many other best-selling colognes from Tom Ford’s collections that are seriously good.

The brand also doesn’t lack great perfumes for women, and some Tom Ford fragrances that the ladies would want to consider are Tom Ford Oud Wood and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

Still, some users note that Oud Wood and Black Orchid could also work for men.

Tom Ford is a brand that takes time to make top-quality colognes that last long and smell great.

It is, therefore, not a surprise that their collection features some of the best colognes for men on the market.

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