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Sean John – 3 AM Cologne: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Sean John is the private fashion company of Grammy Award-winning rapper and entrepreneur, Sean Combs.

It was founded in 1998, and in 2015 the brand released its only unisex scent to date: 3 AM.

It got some positive reviews and was well-received by its target audience.

It’s not as popular as some celebrity perfumes, but it’s only right to shine the spotlight on this rare jewel once in a while.


  • Brand: Sean John
  • Fragrance: 3 AM
  • Release: 2015
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Perfumer: Ilias Ermenidis

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, and Cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Fig Leaf, Orange Blossom, and Geranium
  • Base Notes: Tonic Water and Leather

What Does Sean John 3 AM Smell Like?

An aromatic spicy fragrance, the opening is a simple blend of citrus and spice.

The latter is brought about by the peppery cardamom.

The aromatic fig leaves are one of the most pronounced accords.

When blended with the orange blossoms, a heart slightly similar to the opening emerges; though the spice here is more potent and the blossom adds a much-needed floral element.

The tonic water at the base revives the previously silenced freshness and it’s well complimented by the smoky, cold leather.

This brings the simple aromatic bouquet to a warm, comforting close.

A note to make here is that although it’s advertised to both men and women, some features lean it more to the masculine side.

That said, if you’re a lady who needs a break from the normal floral fragrances, 3 AM is one to consider.

How Long Does It Last?

It lasts for about 5 to 6 hours at most.

The projection starts to fade away after 2 hours, but that’s not bad in comparison to other EDTs.

The sillage is good as a skin scent.

It’s not too overwhelming but it’s prominent enough for you to still get compliments.

What’s the Right Season for It?

It’s great for your spring and summer perfume rotation.

The fresh citrus and tonic accords also work well in fall depending on the occasion, but winter is the least suitable weather.

Despite the name “3 AM,” it actually works best during the day.

Not that you can’t spray it on when the sun is out of sight, but make sure that the occasion is right and the weather is favorable.

Where Should You Wear It?

Speaking of the right occasions, it has a versatility level of 8 out of 10.

Meaning whether you have to dash to a date or a doctor’s appointment, this is something quick that’ll leave you smelling good.

It’s always best to have a collection of different products for sexy, romantic occasions, but in some cases you have to work with what you’ve got.

It’s also great for both formal and informal occasions, so it can easily be your new signature scent.

Presentation and Value For Money

As highlighted by the brand, “3 AM Sean John is the ultimate object of desire with both sensual and fresh notes reminiscent of that night you never want to end.”

The statement is not wrong, per se, but they might have added a bit too much pizzazz to the description.

In fact, the sensuality of it is almost non-existent.

Sean John (the black eau de toilette), out of all Sean John fragrances, is closer to fitting the quoted description. 

So, if you can, always test your scents before making the purchase.

3 AM smells like it was made for those with a vibrant personality and a knack for trying new experiences.

Not sensual experiences necessarily, but anything out of the ordinary.

The price is the one thing that swayed both the target audience and new customers to the brand’s side.

A 50 ml bottle sells for as low as $20 (and as high as $40), which is a good price considering the quality of the perfume.

The Bottom Line

Unless you’re a fragrance fanatic, 3 AM was probably not on your radar.

However, if you’re ever in need of a cheap, high-quality scent with decent projection and longevity, look no further than the perfect summer rotation item.

It’s not Chanel, but it’ll certainly do the job.

Perfumes that Smell Like 3 AM by Sean John

The following perfumes are similar in scent or make-up to 3 AM.

1. Xcel (Womo)

Xcel is a woody, spicy bouquet meant for the “enterprising and determined man.”

It has a lot of similar accords and the smell is also fresh and spicy, though the base is woodier.

2. VIP (Usher)

Released in 2009, a bottle of VIP has accords like kumquat and lotus. It’s an all-year-round, well-balanced fragrance for men.

3. L’Homme Absolu (Prada)

The newest on the list, L’Homme Absolu was released in 2018. It’s oriental woody and the spray has green, peppery smells.

The base here finishes things off on a warm, sweet note.

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