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Ralph Lauren – Polo Sport Woman: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

The Polo Sport Woman was created for women looking for a pleasant, spicy, and stimulating scent.

The fresh and floral aroma starts with a freshness of eucalyptus, lemon, mint, and aquatic notes of melon.

A delicate bouquet of cyclamen, ginger, freesia, musk, and violet rose comprise the middle notes, and the woody notes of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood are its base.  

Polo Sport Woman was released after great success with the Men Polo Sport, and some perfume reviews claim it might even be better than other Polo Sport perfume categories.

Unlike other perfumes, its floral and woodsy notes blend perfectly with citrus and aromatic scents to give a fresh and clean fragrance that compliments every derma type.

It’s this amalgamation of notes that classify it as a floral aquatic fragrance to the nose.

Polo Sport Woman Ralph Lauren is also considered to have eau de toilette concentrations. 

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Woman: Overview

  • Brand: Ralph Lauren
  • Fragrance: Polo Sport Woman
  • Release: 1996
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: James Krivda

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Aldehydes, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Melon, Orange Blossom, Water Mint
  • Heart Notes: Cyclamen, Freesia, Ginger, Lily, Musk, Nutmeg, Poppy, Rose, Violet, Ylang Ylang
  • Base Notes: Amber, Cedar, Ebony, Patchouli, Oak, Sandalwood, Styrax

What Does Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Woman Smell Like?

The Polo Sport Woman is classified under the floral aquatic fragrances collection.

Many reviewers describe it as smelling fresh, citrusy, green, leathery, and woodsy.

Its top notes feature citrus, eucalyptus, lemon, melon, orange blossom, and mint notes that give you a fresh yet alluring scent.

The middle notes are composed of freesia, ginger, lily, musk, rose, and violet scents.

The Polo Sport perfume base notes offer you a lingering scent of amber, cedar, oak, patchouli, and sandalwood tones that contain an essence of warm, exotic, and stimulating fragrances.  

How Long Does the Polo Sport Woman Last?

How long the Polo Sport Woman lasts depends on your skin chemistry and the time of the year.

Other seasonal factors like temperature and humidity also influence its lasting power.

Many reviews, however, reveal that the fragrance is moderate and can last around three to six hours.   

When Should You Wear It?

The best time for wearing the Polo Sport Woman is during the summer and springtime rather than autumn or winter.

The fragrance is also perfect for women aged 19 to 25, and the most suitable occasion to apply it is at casual gatherings.  

You can also spritz some on before your business meeting or when running errands. 

Where Should You Wear It?

This perfume offers you fresh, warm, and flowery notes that work well in harmony.

Its results boast a hint of sophistication without becoming too overpowering.

So, the best time to wear it would be during the day, just after your shower or bath.

It would be best if you also spritzed it on the neck’s pulse points rather than your clothes. 

Research shows that fragrance lingers more when applied to the body.

The only exception is if you have dry skin.

According to perfume experts, you shouldn’t put on the Ralph Lauren fragrance, or any perfume, without applying some unscented lotion first. 

Presentation and Value For Money

Unlike other Ralph Lauren scents that feature two bottle editions, the Polo Sport Woman comes in one artistic and chicly designed bottle.

It’s also relatively costly, but given the excellent reviews, this fragrance presents great value for money.

If you want to purchase it or perhaps find out more information about the fragrance, be sure to check the official site or the numerous ads run by the manufacturer. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Polo Sport Woman 

Some of the perfumes that have similar scents to the Polo Sport Woman include: 

1. Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfiger)

If you’re looking for a bottle of perfume that offers you a fresh, spicy, green, and powdery aroma, the Tommy girl should be at the top of your “purchase list.”

Its top notes feature apple tree blossom and black currant.

The mid-section gives you hints of lemon, rose, lily, mint, and violet, while the base notes feature cedar and sandalwood.

2. L’eau D’issey (Issey Miyake)

Describing how the L’eau D’issey scent smells can seem like rocket science.

The fragrance features an amalgamation of perfume notes that evoke a sense of freedom and serenity.

The top notes are lemon, bergamot, and sage; heart notes are blue lotus, lily of the valley, and mignonette; base notes are amber, cedar, musk, and sandalwood.

A perfect gift for your partner. 

3. Sunflowers Perfume (Elizabeth Arden)

If you’ve been searching for a bottle of perfume to stock up on, the Sunflowers Perfume Collection by Elizabeth Arden should be your go-to.

Since it was released in 1993, the household scent has been a favorite among women of all ages.

The scent features amber, cedar, jasmine, musk, citrus bergamia, melon, and rosewood notes. 

The Bottom Line

If the Polo Sport Woman seems like a pleasant scent for your taste, make sure that you add it to your fragrance collection.

Before making a purchase, though, ensure that you test it out to determine if it matches your body chemistry and personality.

You don’t want to buy a scent only to have it collect dust in your drawer. 

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