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Paris Hilton – Siren Perfume: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Do you want that summer feeling all day, every day? If so, the Paris Hilton Siren perfume might just be the bottle for you.

It’s a bouncy, fun-loving, sunny scent that will help you through your day — no matter how boring your morning meeting might be! While I’m not going to lie and say this is the best perfume, nor is it the best from Paris Hilton herself, I will say that it’s a fun and very refreshing fruity fragrance. 


Siren is the Eau de Parfum spray released by Paris Hilton back in the summer of 2009, five years after her fragrance adventures began.

It’s this formidable lady’s sixth perfume for women and her ninth fragrance ever (she made a few for men earlier in her Eau de Parfum career).

It’s certainly a scent that’ll get you noticed; however, if you are into more subtle fragrances, Siren may not be your next signature scent.

The intention behind the exuberant aroma was to help you feel beautiful, alive, and ready to tackle a workday (or a play date, of course).

 I wouldn’t really expect anything less from Paris Hilton’s perfume!

Fragrance Notes

What springs to mind when I say summer? Perhaps tart orange, sweet vanilla, or juicy apricot. 

Or are you thinking of frangipani and peach instead? If you thought of anything sweet and citrusy with a floral note, you’re on the right track to picturing this fruity floral type fragrance.

The top notes are peach, apricot, frangipani, and mandarin orange.

The heart notes are orchid, lotus, and honeysuckle, and the base notes are musk, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Yes, that’s right, musk.

Don’t get me wrong; if I read this before picking it up, I don’t know if I would — after all, it didn’t really fit with my idea of “summer fun.” 

However, it adds another layer that I don’t think I could do without.

It adds a twist that could almost make it great for night and day, but not quite.

What Does Paris Hilton Siren Perfume Smell Like?

Have you tried Seashell by Dorall Collection? Siren by Paris Hilton is a very similar lovely smell; in fact, they have the same floral notes!

However, I will say there aren’t many reviews for Seashell out there, and much of the information is unknown.

So, I’d advise sticking with Siren (even though it is a touch more expensive) if you’re looking for a honeysuckle-mandarin-frangipani summer scent.

How Long Does Paris Hilton Siren Perfume Last?

There’s no denying that Paris Hilton Siren perfume starts incredibly strong — from the bottle, you’ll be hit with a wave of sweet, fruity, powdery scent.

In fact, some say it’s one of the strongest Paris Hilton fragrances. 

As soon as you spray it onto your skin, the floral aromas join the party, giving it a playful aspect.

But don’t be surprised if you can’t identify the exact notes; it’s pretty loud at this point (some may say overwhelming, but I don’t think I’d go quite that far).

After a moment or two, the “loudness” will smooth out thanks to the coconut orchid note.

In its place, a calm, tropical, I’m-on-a-beach vibe is left.

However, the beachy atmosphere doesn’t last either.

As the perfume dries and has fully settled into the skin, the florals and tropical aspects die and are replaced by the musk, vanilla, and sandalwood, leaving you with a warmer, sexier candy scent.

All of this takes place over the best part of a 9-to-5 workday.

If you want to wear this light fragrance all day, you might feel obliged to respray it on your lunch break.

Where and When Should You Wear Paris Hilton Siren Perfume?

In my opinion, Siren doesn’t suit a late-night dance party — or any night-time activity for that matter.

It’s best left for daytime wear in the summer when you’ve got nothing but R&R or a fun beach day to have. 

Although, it does feel good to give yourself a spritz of it on select winter mornings.

It smells amazing and offers a laid back summer feeling even if the sun isn’t shining.

The Aesthetic

Okay, now for the all-important aesthetic.

Will this Paris Hilton perfume go with your look?

Both the bottle and color aren’t fit for modern or minimalist aesthetics — everything from the lid to the ridges on the bottle to the fragrance color screams “outdated.”

Not necessarily in a bad way; but it’s probably not a perfect fit for the sleek and stylish among us.

If you have a cottagecore or light academia aesthetic, it might be the perfect fit.

The fragrance color plays a significant role in this: it’s light, vintage hue works well in more old-fashioned setups.

The Bottom Line

Paris Hilton Siren sprinkled me with little rays of sunlight even on the darkest of days.

While it won’t take you from day to night, this Paris Hilton for Women Siren perfume may work wonders if you’re searching for a bouncy, summer-oriented fragrance. 

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