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Nautica Blue vs Nautica Voyage: Which One is Better?

If you’re a big fan of aquatic scents and on the lookout for one, chances are that have recently narrowed your options to two fragrances: Nautica Blue and Nautica Voyage.

Obviously, this is not an easy choice to make.

Blue and Voyage are two of the best-selling perfumes ever released by the House of Nautica.

They are also two of the finest works of the ace perfumer and multiple award winner, Maurice Roucel. 

Which is better?

To help you choose the better perfume, this article will take a close look at both perfumes, comparing and contrasting their features.

Nautica Blue

This fragrance presents an aromatic aquatic flavor that is simply irresistible.

Launched in 2005, it has since been heralded as one of the finest colognes released by Nautica. 

Blue begins with fresh top notes of bergamot, peach, and pineapple before subtly unraveling middle notes of water lily and jasmine.

It smoothens into sweet-smelling base notes of cedar, musk, and sandalwood. 

Nautica Blue is inspired by the career man who exudes confidence and intent.

Its fresh aquatic scent is the kind of soothing, sweet-smelling aroma to get you through a big presentation at work.

Nautica Voyage

Released in 2006 to widespread critical acclaim, Nautica Voyage is a romantic woody scent that carries an airy, unforgettable aroma.

This cologne features a breath-taking top note of apple and green leaf before moving to a warm heart note of dewy mimosa and lotus.

After a few minutes, it settles into the intoxicating smell of a woody base that features amber, musk, moss, and cedar. 

Considered a great scent that attracts women, Nautica Voyage was inspired by the confident, ultra-masculine male character who is everything a woman dreams of.

Its romantic woody scent will win you lots of compliments and admirers, and it is the kind of aroma you need to impress any woman on a dinner date.

Nautica Blue vs Nautica Voyage – Comparison


Voyage and Blue feature a noticeable difference in their opening notes.

Although an aquatic cologne, Voyage features a strong citrus scent in its opening notes, while Blue features a prominent aquatic scent. 

An interesting side note is that some users believe Blue also hints a faint juicy scent in its opening notes, but what can’t be disputed, is that Voyage features the prominent citrus scent.

There isn’t much of a competition on this ground as both perfumes feature opening notes that differ but not necessarily in quality. 

There are people who prefer Voyage’s fruity smell while others are more in tune with the smell of Blue’s cedar note. Basically, it’s all about preference.


If you’re big on perfumes with incredible projections, you may be a little disappointed with what Nautica Blue and Voyage have to offer.

These two perfumes both feature moderate projections. 

A closer observation shows that Nautica Voyage has a slightly heavier sillage than Blue.

Unless you’re hoping to make a show-stopping entrance, Blue and Voyage present decent projections, but if you want the cologne with the extra bit, you should go with Voyage.


There’s a clear winner here, and it’s Voyage.

The cologne with a fruity projection can give you over 7 hours of its refreshing smell while Blue can only give between 2 to 4 hrs. 

You won’t find both on the list of top-performing perfumes with incredible longevity, but you can appreciate that Voyage gives you enough juice to get through a day at work or a social event in style.

If you’re crazy about perfumes that can give you long hours of unadulterated performance, then perhaps you may want to consider choosing Voyage over Blue.


Nautica perfumes are famed for the rather casual vibes they exude and the same can be said for these two perfumes.

They are both perfect to wear to any social event but also decent options to wear to work. 

Blue smells more professional with its woodsy notes while Voyage is more of a confidence booster and could be described as projecting a sensual aroma.

If you’re diligent in your choice of colognes, then you would do well to choose Blue for official outfits while Voyage works better for social events. 

The more versatile choice between the two colognes would be Voyage and that’s mostly because its longevity means it could get you through a hot summer day without wearing off too quickly.

Fragrance Line

Voyage and Blue are both products from Nautica, an American fashion house founded in 1983 by David Chu

Nautica produces colognes for men and women.

Their first fragrance was released in 1992 and they have since launched over 20 perfumes. 

Final Verdict

If you’re a lover of woody aquatic scents, there’s no doubt that Nautica Blue is a great cologne.

Its projection is clean, fresh, and gives an enjoyable urban flavor. 

However, when compared with the Nautica Voyage, Blue simply does not give an overwhelming performance.

Voyage presents better longevity, a more versatile scent, and a slightly better projection. 

The only slight advantage Blue has over Voyage is a slightly cheaper price, but they are both so cheap that you won’t be too bothered to pay a few extra dollars to buy Voyage. 

Before you choose either colognes, it is important to state your priorities.

If you’re more interested in the woodsy aquatic smell, then you may go for Blue, but if you’re looking to buy the cologne with overall better performance, then you should go for Voyage. 

Most users simply buy both perfumes to add to their rotation and thanks to the cheap price they both go for, you too can do the same to get the best of both!

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