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6 Best Montblanc Perfumes for Women in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Women love to smell good, and men love women who smell good.

If you’re planning to gift a special perfume to a special woman in your life, Montblanc has a list of some of the best-smelling female perfumes on the market.

Starting out as a pen-producing company in 1908, the company expanded as the years rolled by and decided to add perfumes to their long line of products in 2001.

Although Montblanc has more male perfumes in their catalog, they have released some quality female perfumes since 2001 and below are the best of the bunch.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Montblanc Perfumes for Women

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).

  • Présence d’Une Femme by Mont blanc
  • Lady Emblem by Mont blanc
  • Legend Pour Femme By Mont blanc

Top 6 Montblanc Perfumes for Women – Our Reviews:

1. Présence d’Une Femme by Mont blanc

If your woman likes a bit of masculinity in her fragrance, then she is going to enjoy wearing Présence d’Une Femme.

Featuring a sweet oriental vanilla scent, this perfume was released in 2002 with the expert nose of Michel Almairac behind every drop of its sweet-smelling goodness.

It opens to sharp and ”in your face” top notes of pepper and mandarin orange and quickly peels off to warm heart notes of orchid and cyclamen.

After some time, it settles to woody base notes of sandalwood, mahogany, patchouli, Brazillian rosewood, and vanilla flower.

Its sillage is moderate, but the opening is strong enough to set tongues wagging.

Its longevity is also decent enough to give a strong performance for 6 to 8 hours, and its vanilla note is all your woman needs to smell sweet.

2. Lady Emblem by Mont blanc

Lady Emblem is a chypre fruity fragrance with rosy, fruity, and sweet main accords.

Users of this perfume have reported smelling peppery juice and sour rose with the mandarin notes almost non-existent.

Released in 2015, Lady Emblem opens to sharp and bold top notes of red currant, rose, marmalade, and pink pepper, then rapidly peels off to middle notes of pomegranate, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, and rosewood.

It finally settles to base notes of musk, raspberry, and sandalwood.

This cologne features moderate sillage and longevity, but its fruity and peppery notes give off a pleasant smell that would please the nose of the most critical perfumer.

Women can wear this for official engagements or casual events, but it is better suited for spring.

3. Legend Pour Femme By Mont blanc

Legend Pour Femme is an easily likable fragrance that gives women that extra bit to enhance whatever modish or vintage look they are trying to pull.

Launched in 2012 under the watchful eyes and observant nose of Nathalie Feisthauer and Bernard Ellena, this perfume is inspired by strong, powerful, and beautiful women who wear their beauty with pride and stay in style with or without makeup.

It opens to top notes of pear, bitter orange, and neroli before peeling off to flowery.

Heart notes of orange blossom, lily of the valley, and jasmine.

After a while, it settles to base notes of fine woods, vanilla, and musk.

This perfume is the attention grabber for women as many can hardly resist its fresh and delicious smell.

It features good sillage and longevity to keep her smelling incredible all day long.

4. Femme de Montblanc

Launched in 2006, the Femme de Montblanc by Montblanc is an excellent, modern Oriental scent that presents dark chocolate, spices, and a sweet-sour pineapple fragrance.

Soft without being weak, this perfume is not overwhelming but contains enough juice to power her modish vibe all day long.

It opens to top notes of bergamot, pineapple, cinnamon, and cardamom before moving to floral middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine, heliotrope, and Turkish rose.

After a short while, it peels off to subtle base notes of patchouli, musk, vetiver, amber, peach, chocolate, and raspberry.

Its soft and sweet fragrance warms up to a woman’s feminine nature.

Femme de Montblanc is perfect for casual events.

It features decent sillage and longevity to keep a woman smelling delicious for long hours.

5. Femme Individuelle By Montblanc

Individuelle is Montblanc’s third female perfume and one of the most popular female perfumes in their catalog.

It features an exciting sweet-smelling oriental scent with woody and fruity notes.

This unique cologne was launched in 2004 with the expert nose of House of Robertet’s Michel Almairac ensuring that every woman falls in love with its delicious combination of notes.

It opens up with sharp and sour top notes of black currant and pink pepper before moving to softer heart notes of lotus blossom, rose, and hawthorn.

Its base notes feature vanilla, amber, musk, and patchouli.

If you’re looking to gift that special woman in your life a perfume that spells sophistication and class with its modish and delicious smell, then you can’t do much better than Individuelle.

Its sillage is good enough to announce her presence in a room with a bang while its longevity allows her to enjoy the sweet-smelling confidence boost!

6. Femme Individuelle Soul & Senses By Mont Blanc

This perfume might be the last on this list, but it certainly can hold its own against other top fragrances created by Montblanc.

It features an opening that resembles a cleaner, less spicy version of Coco Chanel and its smell is so unique, women can wear it anywhere, be it a casual event or another day at work.

Launched in 2007, Femme Individuelle Soul & Senses is a limited edition of the Femme Individuelle cologne that many find a little more sophisticated than the original release.

It opens to clean top notes of garden dill, almond blossom, and mandarin orange before moving to heart notes of rose, frangipani, and peach.

Its sillage and longevity are good enough to get her through a long day with a lot of juice to keep her bursting with confidence amidst an irresistibly sweet smell.


Since it launched its first fragrance in 2001, Montblanc has established itself as one of the top perfume houses in the industry.

With over 27 colognes, there’s a wide range of fragrances to choose from.

If you’re hoping to impress your spouse, partner, or any other special woman in your life with a nice perfume she’d appreciate, any of the above options will do just fine.

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