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Jennifer Lopez – Still: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Jennifer Lopez Still is a sophisticated, evening fragrance.

It’s a pleasantly feminine, calming, gentle, and clean scent that will leave anyone in its wake enchanted. 

J.Lo’s Still has an interesting scent reminiscent of a woman seeking solace after a difficult day.

It’s a rejuvenating scent for the wearer, and at the same time, it’s enchanting and sensual for those around her. 

Jennifer Lopez – Still: Overview

  • Brand: Jennifer Lopez
  • Fragrance: Still
  • Release: 2003
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Michel Girard

Still eau de parfum is a masterfully crafted celebrity fragrance by perfumer Michel Girard, released in 2003 for her fragrance line.

Like many scents from J.Lo’s line, Still is summery and refreshing and its floral and citrus ingredients intertwine well.

The tea and floral combo make this beauty more invigorating than the overwhelming fruity-floral scents of many celebrity releases. 

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Earl Grey Tea, Mandarin Orange, White Pepper, Rice, Apple
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Freesia, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Orange Blossom
  • Base Notes: Musk, Pepper, Sandalwood, Iris, Amber

Still is a blend of sheer sophistication – it’s about a woman who knows her worth and has a quiet confidence. 

There’s no mistaking that Still is all floral notes, with a collection of aromatic flowers in the middle.

Plus, the addition of blossom and honeysuckle adds to its overpowering sweetness. 

Thankfully, the spiciness and juicy citrus at the top, plus the refreshing tea, cool everything down.

Ultimately, you get an energizing bottle of a sweet, fresh tea aroma that ends in a note of sandalwood, pepper, and musk for a more intriguing appeal. 

What Does Jennifer Lopez Still Smell Like?

The scent of J.Lo Still perfume is floral-fresh akin to the calmness and stillness of a woman ready for enticing possibilities.

It smells of pure sophistication but with a slight touch of playfulness. 

It’s not one of those showstopper fragrances, and there’s nothing groundbreaking about it, but it has never tried to be more than it is. 

Still’s aroma is the opposite of dramatic.

Instead, it leaves your skin with a subtle, mellow, and demure aroma. 

How Long Does Jennifer Lopez Still Last For?

In terms of longevity, it doesn’t last very long, especially for an eau de parfum.

It has a moderate projection, and the first spritz lasts for around three hours or so.

After that, there’s a faint sweet skin scent that can last around another three hours.

With a staying power of around six to eight hours, you might want to apply a second spray mid-day.

Although it’s not a very long-lasting fragrance, there are many ways to improve the longevity of perfumes like this one.

For instance, the aroma from a few sprays lasts longer when wearing it with moisturizer.

When Should You Wear It?

Still is a fresh evening perfume designed to get you more compliments.

It has a sensual combination of freshness and sweetness, perfect for cold nights. 

Still’s rejuvenating aroma also makes it ideal for when you want to give off a pleasant aroma while relaxing. 

The freshness in the ingredients also makes it a great option during the summer and spring seasons.

Thankfully, the tea note mellows out nicely making for a good blend, especially since a prominent green aroma can be irritating.

Where Should You Wear It?

As a soft and sensual perfume, Still is best worn during close, intimate settings.

If you want to go on a first date smelling confident, this bottle is fantastic. 

It also smells great for cocktail parties or evening events when you want to smell just that little bit better.

The scent isn’t too loud, so there shouldn’t be a problem with using it in close quarters. 

Presentation and Value For Money

It’s hard to believe that Still is a celebrity perfume when it costs much less than most celeb releases. 

Like the aroma, the bottle and packaging are also unassuming, yet unmistakably womanly.

The color is fitting as it matches its quiet and calming aroma. 

The Bottom Line

Still is refreshing and clean, the ideal pick-me-up aroma if you ever need one.

The ingredients are devoid of any flashiness or drama. 

Simplicity wins with Still’s perfect blend of freshness and sweetness. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Jennifer Lopez Still

If you’re looking for other fragrances that smell like JLo’s Still, here’s a review of a few choices you will absolutely love.

1. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

If you like J.Lo’s Still, Elizabeth Arden’s tea version in an EDP that will suit your taste.

It’s nice and refreshing to wear on a hot summer’s day and has a slightly sharper and spicier initial release than Still. 

2. Escape Eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein

Even if you’ve recently bought J.Lo’s Still, this option would still make an excellent addition to your collection.

They share some ingredients, such as citrus, sandalwood, and musk. 

3. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Even without the tea element, if you’ve smelled SJP’s Lovely EDP, you’ll notice it’s similar to J.Lo’s Still.

Both are soft and intimate, and heavy on floral accords, but while Still has more freshness, Lovely’s musk and wood are sharper than its citrus ingredients. 

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