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Hugo Boss – Boss The Scent for Her: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Stereotypical “romantic” fragrances tend to be either a cloying blend of fruity, sweet florals or an intense blast of musk.

That actually reflects most stereotypes of women in general: either you’re delicate and genteel, or you’re a vamp.

But finally, there’s a perfume that doesn’t pigeonhole the romantic woman into either being sweet or strong — because we can be both.


BOSS The Scent for Her is designed for a woman who makes her own rules — in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

Model Anna Ewers was the face of the ad campaign when the scent was released in 2016.

It was developed by Louise Turner of the prestigious Givaudan Center for Perfume.

In an interview, Turner explained that she wanted to “explore seduction in the modern age,” when gender roles have blurred and stereotypes have been thrown out the window.

Today, a woman can be both feminine and masculine.

During the perfume launch, Hugo Boss Artistic Director Jason Wu likened it to the image of a seductive woman dressed in a man’s suit: “It has the power and strength of a men’s perfume, and a feminine delicacy.”

Fragrance Notes

Turner intentionally avoided the typical floral and musk smells to create a fresh, flowery scent with a hint of sweetness — and not sickeningly candy sweet, but with hints of deep roasted cocoa and roasted tonka. 

Top Notes

At first spray, the eau de parfum has a strong peachy aroma that is balanced by the freshness of freesia.

It’s a very mood-lifting combination: warm, light, and creamy, but not so overly-sweet that it leaves you smelling like a dessert.

Heart Notes

The middle note is none other than the Osmanthus flower, which is known for its animalic and musky tones.

It is not strong — more of a hint that deepens the other sweet, flowery tones of freesia and peach.

This addition is what makes BOSS The Scent for Her a little more grown-up than peach colognes marketed for teens.

There is sweetness, but also a heady, sensual seductiveness that reveals there’s more to you than meets the eye (or nose).

Base Notes

As the perfume dries down, the base notes of cocoa absolute and roasted tonka emerge.

The gourmand notes are not strong or in your face. 

Rather, they make the other notes deeper and richer, like the journey from attraction to flirtation, then seduction, and finally, addiction.

It’s a modern love story told in layers of scent, in contrast with the “one note wonders” of other perfumes.

When and Where Can You Wear Boss The Scent for Her?

This eau de parfum may be inspired by a modern love story, but it’s not just a date night fragrance.

The light, pleasant peach scent is appropriate for the office, or even an important job interview; there are no strong smells that could potentially irritate co-workers.

But because of the musky notes and romantic inspiration, we would gladly wear this to a special occasion with a special someone.

Fun perfume trivia: men are more attracted to scents of food than musk, especially scents like vanilla and tonka bean.

With that very subtle base note, he won’t know why he likes it, but rest assured that he will be drawn in from the first moment.

What Does Boss The Scent for Her Smell Like?

It is a predominantly fruity scent with a hint of floral and gourmand.

You will need about two or three sprays from the bottle — any more than that, and the peach would be overpowering.

Sillage is average.

The sweet aroma will be smelled by the people right next to you, but won’t carry to the rest of the room.

We prefer it that way, since we’d rather not be announced by our perfume.

Others may find it disappointing; it’s simply a matter of preference.

How Long Does Boss The Scent for Her Last?

Some perfume reviews say the smell only lasted for two hours out of the bottle, while others said it lingered for up to four or five.

Either way, it’s not an all-day fragrance and you will want to have the bottle with you for touch ups.

Staying power is affected also by the weather and your environment. Any fragrance will last longer when you’re not sweating as much, like in an air-conditioned office or on a cold winter day.

Is this the right perfume for you?

Scent is very personal because the smell of the notes can change as they interact with your skin chemistry.

Your personal preferences, and even your memories and associations (was there a peach orchard behind your childhood home?), can affect whether you love the scent or hate it at first sniff.

BOSS The Scent for Her will work if you generally like fruity aromas, since peach is the most dominant note and, along with the freesia, it will linger for several hours.

The average sillage and staying power is more suited for people who want a very subtle scent.

The perfume sticks to safer, more popular notes (think floral peach and you’ve covered half the perfumes currently on the market).

But it makes a great gift for a friend, or an everyday perfume that works for almost any occasion.

However, BOSS The Scent for Her does not have that distinct and unique fragrance combination that would make it a signature scent.

There are many fruity florals, and while this is a lovely scent it is not a very distinctive one.

The Bottom Line

BOSS The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss gives pretty good value for money.

It is an elegant scent that can be worn anywhere, and the pretty pink and gold bottle looks nice on the vanity.

While its inspiration is unique and the notes are general crowd pleasers, it is not as distinct or as unique as the other Hugo Boss fragrances.

And while you may like it, it’s not likely that you’ll gush about it.

It’s a safe scent…perhaps too safe.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, it does fall short of its vision to represent the “modern woman who breaks the rules.”

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