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5 Best Hollister Perfumes for Women in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

There are definitely a ton of designer brands out there from which you can make your choice of perfumes.

It is always better to take a pick from one that has proven to make no compromise where it concerns quality and the perfection that its customers desire. 

Hollister is one of such designers and apart from fragrances, it has made a name for itself in other fashion lines like sportswear, jackets, sandals, jeans, and so many other products.

So if you have narrowed down your choice of perfumes to Hollister and you are wondering which is best for you, then you are at the right place as these Hollister perfumes for women that are reviewed here are surely going to please you.

What makes Hollister stand out is its choice of ingredients.

They are known to use only high-quality natural and refreshing ingredients, making products that are of high standards available for you. 

There are a lot of fragrance options from Hollister and we understand how difficult it can be to choose a favorite and that is where this list comes in.

You will find 5 of the best Hollister products here, so read on and discover which best suits you.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Hollister Women Perfumes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the perfumes that most people buy).

  • Hollister Wave
  • Hollister Sadie
  • Hollister Malaia

Top 5 Hollister Perfumes for Women – Our Reviews

1. Hollister Wave

Released in 2016, Hollister Wave for Her by Hollister has not failed to be a great finishing touch to a woman’s already exquisite looks, and because of its reviews, it is number one on this list of best Hollister fragrances for women. 

This perfume is a lovely blend of floral, sweet tropical, and fruity notes that are contained in a well-designed bottle.

It is elegant right from its packaging.

Its top notes are star fruit, black currant, and quince; the heart notes are orchid, hibiscus, and poppy; and the base notes are solar, sandalwood, and amber.

The notes used in the production of this scent are all refined and of the best quality, leaving no room for a result that does any other than blow your mind away. 

Hollister Wave for Her has a heavy but not intrusive scent that lasts quite a while on you, so you can use this during both spring and summer and still smell its scent for hours upon hours without the need to re-apply. 

If you are a fan of scents that provoke nostalgia, then Hollister Wave is the perfume for you.


  • Great scent of floral, tropical and fruity notes
  • Long-lasting scent
  • The scent is heavy but not overbearing
  • Best for summer and spring 


  • Best worn during summer and spring, so its performance might be reduced when used outside these two seasons

2. Hollister Sadie

The second best Hollister perfume for ladies is Sadie, a great blend of floral, fresh, sweet, herbal, and sandy tones all contained in a pretty bottle.

Thanks to this artistic combination, you get a scent that is very alluring right from the first spray. 

Sadie comes in a transparent, beautifully sculpted bottle featuring a flower on top and giving you a hint of what to expect from this product.

This fragrance is formed by the union of nectarine, wildflower and, surprisingly, sand which gives a resultant rare and unique scent.

Wearing Sadie means you’ll smell like nobody else, so you’ll get to own the scent and get good attention. 

Sadie is not one of those scents that project strongly or last really long.

It is moderate, but versatile enough to be worn all year round specially during spring and summer when its performance peaks.


  • Appealing floral fruity fragrance
  • Great bottle design
  • A subtle scent that doesn’t trigger allergies
  • Good for all year use


  • Too expensive for its performance

3. Hollister Malaia

Malaia has been in the market since 2014 and has enveloped many women with its unique, refreshing scent.

This special fragrance features a tantalizing combination of floral, green, vanilla, and herbal notes that are all contained in its beautifully designed bottle.

Malaia contains essences of vanilla, basil, and lavender.

It is made especially for a woman of good taste, as it leaves you smelling classy, luxurious, and at the top of it all. 

This Hollister perfume has a good projection but isn’t harsh on the senses so you can comfortably wear this without making those around you feel like running away.

The opposite is the case; you will smell so delicious people will love being around you. 

Lastly, Malaia has good enough longevity and is perfect for use during summer, spring, and autumn. 


  • Clean, crisp, and floral scent
  • Modern scent
  • Great price


  • Bottle sprayer easily gets faulty

4. Hollister Wave 2

This is one of the most recently released scents by Hollister.

Made to be elegant and show off your classy side, Wave 2 is a sweet fruity-floral scent packaged in a beautiful bottle that gives you a spoiler of what to expect.

With top notes of tangerine, peach and coconut nectar; heart notes of water lilies, roses, Tahitian gardenia, and freesia; and base notes of driftwood, sand, and orchid, what you have is a juvenile and radiant scent that gets heads turning your way and more compliments than you can count.

Ideal for use during the warm seasons, it has good enough longevity and projection

Wave 2 has a youthful scent that is best for young women who love being out in the sun and who embrace freedom.


  • Good longevity
  • Great scent
  • Worth the price
  • Good packaging


  • The smell can be a bit overwhelming

5. Hollister Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay is a very unique Hollister perfume that gives you an aquatic scent all day.

It comes in a beautiful bottle that has a way of captivating your heart on its own. 

With a breath of air contained in this fragrance, you get hints of woody, green, fruity, aquatic, and ozone tones that are sure to give you a refreshing feeling.

Crescent Bay is not a complex scent as it possesses few elements, but it gives you great value for your money with its perfect blend.

It is made up of notes of watermelon, sage, and poppy and has a way of making you fall in love almost immediately. 

With this perfume’s moderate trail, you can expect it to last on you for a good number of hours and so you still smell good all day without having to reuse.

Crescent Bay is also perfect for all women irrespective of age.


  • Simple yet elegant fragrance
  • Good for women of all age
  • Moderate projection


  • A bit overpriced


These selected best Hollister perfumes for women are going to make you fall in love and hurray, you might have just found your new scent. 

They are also versatile so you do not have to worry about getting multiple scents for different occasions unless you can afford that luxury.

Smelling good just got easier with these Hollister perfumes.

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