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Mitsouko By Guerlain: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

The creation of Mitsouko is an inspiring tale.

It was formulated to commemorate the love between Mitsouko, the wife of a Japanese admiral named Togo, and a British officer in Claude Farrèreʼs novel, “La Bataille.”

The story, as relayed in the novel, takes place in the year 1905 with Mitsouko eagerly awaiting the outcome of the battle between Japan and Russia in order to see which of the two men will come back to her. 


Launched in the year 1919, Mitsouko has done well to stand the test of time and accumulate admirers across different generations.

The nose behind this fragrance, Jacques Guerlain, primarily marketed it as a womenʼs perfume, but little did he know that itʼd grow to be widely popular as a unisex perfume too! 

Fragrance Notes

The vintage Mitsouko is known to have top notes of rose, jasmine, bergamot, and citrus.

As for the middle notes, youʼll find hints of peach, lilac, rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine.

Finally, a different variety of spices, such as cinnamon, as well as amber, oakmoss, and vetiver make up the base notes.  

What Does Mitsouko Smell Like?

The chypre, fruity fragrance of Mitsouko is best described as a mysterious scent.

In other words – it takes a while to grasp its true beauty.  

The very first spray of Mitsouko Eau De Parfum will immediately capture your attention; you’ll be taken aback by the loud, spicy, fresh, and strong opening.

Fortunately, the spicy fragrances soften just as quickly and transition into a more green, earthy, and musky scent.

If your sense of smell is above average, you may even notice a touch of incense.

As the drydown period approaches, around five hours after application, youʼll be greeted with mossy notes and a soft, lighter version of amber with an underlying hint of vetiver.

Overall, with Mitsouko, you have yourself an exuberant, unusual, elegant, and well-balanced signature scent.

The cool head notes mesh well with the oak moss base and amber notes.

It also helps that the juicy peach note offers a clear and quiet gourmand nuance. 

How Long Does Mitsouko Last For?

The Mitsouko Eau De Parfum also fares well in terms of longevity and sillage.

As mentioned earlier, the drydown period usually approaches the five-hour mark.

Some have reported that the scent lasts over nine hours!

As for its sillage, a couple of spritzes and youʼll have your entire hallway smelling of Mitsouko!

To be more precise, Mitsouko has a sillage of up to six feet at its peak and projects for two and a half hours.

When Should You Wear It?

Mitsouko Eau De Parfum is extremely versatile.

As a result, it’s excellent for both the summer and winter (both indoors and outdoors) as it projects both fruity and earthy notes.

This perfume can be used on romantic dates (day and night) to entice your lover.

Just donʼt wear it on extremely hot summer days.

Also, be advised not to go overboard when spritzing as the smell can overwhelm others – just a touch to your pressure points will do.

Women over 25 years old will flourish the most with this scent. 

Presentation and Value For Money

Mitsouko has a very nice presentation for a vintage chypre.

As a result, this beautiful perfume gets a superior rating.

As for its price value, it has been moderately priced with a 75ml EDP bottle of Mitsouko costing only 45 Euros, plus shipping. 

The Bottom Line

The opening of Mitsouko smells wonderful, pleasant, and comforting with the jasmine notes, among the other fresh citruses, standing out.

After a while, the heart notes of amber and cinnamon add warmth and depth to the scent.

During this time, the scent smells like a cozy evening spent by the fire.

And as the floral and spicy peach citrus notes die down, they give way to woodsy and earthy oakmoss.

You must have deduced by now that Mitsouko has many different layers to it and, as a result, it is such an interesting scent.

Although it isnʼt ideal for everyday use at the workplace, this vintage powdery smell is enticing enough to capture the imagination of your lover during dates.

Mitsouko, like other Guerlain fragrances and Guerlain classics, is truly for the romantics. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Mitsouko

If you’ve worn Mitsouko, you’ll know that the scent reminds one of Chanel No 5 — the openings are uncannily similar — and Gucci Rush, with both fragrances having unique combinations of accords in chypre.

Rochas Femme is also similar and boasts sensual compositions that smell of womenʼs skin and ripe summer plums akin to Mitsouko.

So, if you like the aforementioned perfumes, you’ll love Mitsouko. 

Bear in mind that the Mitsouko EDP and Mitsouko Eau De Toilette have differing selling points.

While the EDT version is woodier and spicier, the EDP spray has more pronounced floral elements.

Plus, the current formulation of Mitsouko is different from the one manufactured in 1919.  

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