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Estée Lauder – Tuscany Per Donna: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Tuscany for women, as translated from Italian, is a calming perfume made to be “as sensuous and luminous as the Italian countryside.”

A floral, oriental scent, the first perfume bottle was released to the everyday customer under Aramis in 1992.

Still, the original Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna had the same accords and was in the same packaging when released.

Fast forward 20 years, and the perfume has been notably tweaked to suit the modern age.

Although the original perfume will be the main focus here, there’ll certainly be an overlap with the 2015 Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna. 


  • Brand: Estée Lauder
  • Fragrance: Tuscany Per Donna (eau de parfum)
  • Release: 1992
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Kenneth Ruocco

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Peach, Plum, Hyacinth, Mandarin Orange, Green Grass, Bergamot, and Grapefruit
  • Middle Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Carnation, Honeysuckle, Violet, Orange Blossom, Peony, and Lily of the Valley
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Cedar, Styrax, and Musk

What Does Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna Smell Like?

Short answer – like Tuscany. 

Long answer – the top notes contain fruit and citrus, with peach being the most pronounced. 

The fragrance isn’t necessarily fruity, but the fruits do meet many a customer’s desires by bringing about a warm sweetness covered by tart citruses and fresh herbs. 

This is then followed by a massive floral heart. 

Rather than getting muddled up, the scents blend smoothly together.

Carnation is the most noticeable with powdery violet and sensuous rose making brief cameos.

The base then comes in with a warm, creamy aroma from amber and vanilla.

Cedar brings about an expected woodiness, while sandalwood is one of the most accentuated accords throughout the fragrance (sometimes more than the flowers).

To go back to the 2015 perfume, a good number of these aromas are absent with a couple shifting from the middle to the top (i.e. rose and lily of the valley). 

Carnation was retained, but peach is probably the most noticeable missing element.

Cedar, styrax, and musk were also removed. 

Despite this, the two perfumes are strikingly similar – a big win for perfume reformulation!

To summarize, the company defines this perfume as one that “reflects the lush blend of blooming flowers and Mediterranean herbs, softened with rich sandalwood and sweet vanilla.”

How Long Does Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna Last For?

Comparing the two perfumes side by side, the older one (like most reformulated perfumes) is noticeably stronger.

It can easily last the whole day. 

The reformulated one lasts for about five – six hours.

An eau de parfum spray, the perfume is strong.

Its sillage is also potent, guaranteeing you many compliments.

When Should You Wear It?

It might be wrong to say that this is one of those perfumes you can wear all year round, but if your body chemistry is on point, it can easily adapt to every season.

It was, however, created with a specific period in mind, that being fall and winter.

The time of day isn’t something you should worry about as it can work well both during the day and at night.

If you do wear it in the colder seasons, nighttime might give you a slight advantage due to the longevity of the perfume.

Where Should You Wear It?

The perfume works well for specific types of formal occasions, but not for work.

You’ll love it for a night out on the town, as well as when on a romantic date.

A rule of thumb here is that although sweet, a bottle of this beauty is also sensual.

So, some casual events might suit it while others might not. 

The same goes for formal/serious occasions.

Presentation and Value For Money

Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna is a fragrance for the mature woman (25+). 

It’s sensual and exotic, representing beautiful, confident women.

Even though the older release was discontinued, the recent bottle is not that different, but it’s a bit more modernized.

The recognizable element that most wish for, the iconic slant, is still present.

Country-dependent, a 1.7 fl oz (50ml) bottle goes for around $50-$60 at most department stores.

This is good value for money considering the history of the name, Tuscany Per Donna, and other similar perfumes’ prices.

The Bottom Line

An Italian perfume by an American manufacturer is not the best marketing out there.

But still, few would say that Estee Lauder went off the rails with this one.

Tuscany per Donna is exotic enough to be both your signature fragrance and a fun addition to your perfume collection.

It’s a true, timeless classic.

Perfumes that Smell Like Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna

Perfumes that feature similar notes include:

1. SpellBound (Estée Lauder)

From the same company, Spellbound perfume is something of a spicy oriental substitute.

The fragrance was first released in 1991 and contains unique accords like civet and Brazilian rosewood.

2. IKKS For A Kiss Bohemian Love (IKKS)

A recent release (2020), the IKKS perfume is a floral fruity fragrance.

The top is fruity while the middle scent contains flowers like peony. 

It also finishes off with a creamy, woody base (vanilla, amber, sandalwood).

3. CH Beauties (Carolina Herrera)

Another 2020 perfume, CH Beauties is a summer scent with a unique opening of pear and green mandarin.

It’s a bit fruitier, and the citrus here is more pronounced than in the Estée Lauder Tuscany Per Donna.

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