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Ermenegildo Zegna – Uomo: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna is a woody, spicy cologne for men, which was released in the spring of 2019.

The scent of Uomo (the Italian word for “man”) is based on the Italian lifestyle. In fact, Zegna’s inspiration for the fragrance’s accords came from Calabria, Italy.

The nose behind this cologne is Alberto Morillas.

It is one of the best-selling fragrances for men primarily because of its main selling point: the fresh and clean scent.

Citrus is one of its main accords.


  • Brand: Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Fragrance: Uomo
  • Release: 2013
  • Gender: Men
  • Perfumer: Alberto Morillas

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: ambroxan, bergamot cédrat, galbanum, Violettyne® 
  • Heart Notes: cedar wood, Hedione HC, Sambac jasmine, grapefruit 
  • Base Notes: vetiver (Haiti), musk, patchouli 

What Does Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo Smell Like?

It opens strong—with the smell of the air right after a storm mixed with a sea breeze.

There’s almost an aquatic feel to it. 

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of an isolated beach right after a violent storm, and there’s still an electric, ozonic tinge to the air. 

Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo smells as if the earth has just been cleaned—combined with an aroma of iris and mild acidity.

It’s like sweet, freshly cut grass with citruses. It has a very distinct green scent, but not so much musk.

The fragrance then takes you into the deep, dense forest, where the soil is damp after a downpour, and the earth is releasing a mixture of woodsy, cedar, and spicy aromas, with a certain tartness—and this is essentially the violet leaf (Violettyne®).

Then, as it dries on your skin, it’s simply fresh.

There’s no soapy or powdery hint to it and no floral notes. 

It’s pure masculine freshness, which you can credit to its Sambac jasmine note.

How Long Does Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo Last For?

It has great projection and sillage, which lasts about four hours, and its longevity is excellent. 

After the seventh or eighth hour, the fragrance slowly fades.

But you can still detect the scent up until the 10th hour. 

Overall, it has a fairly decent performance.

I recommended that you only spray it three times.

That’s enough to get you through the day.

Otherwise, it can give you a bit of a headache.

When Should You Wear It?

This is an all-year-round perfume.

But if you wish to maximize the fragrances, the best time to wear it is in the warmer months.

During spring and summer, when the air is warm and humid, it brings out the signature fresh and clean scent of the perfume.

It will smell even better on a super hot day.

Where Should You Wear It?

This is a daily-wear masculine fragrance.

It’s definitely not something you’d wear to lure in the ladies—but you will impress them with your fresh and clean fragrance.

This is the type of eau de toilette ideal for the office.

Basically, it’s an all-round casual cologne.

Its aim is to give a man a nice, pleasant, after-shower scent. 

You can easily wear this on a date night, sure, but not at a black-tie event.

It’s not a sexy scent, so you’d want to wear this at social events that are laid-back and chill.

Presentation and Value For Money

Elegant and striking, the simple and square glass flacon bottle is see-through, with ridges on it. 

The cap is made of plastic, but the body is made of glass. 

It’s one of the heaviest containers around, but it’s very sturdy.

You can pick it up by its cap yet it won’t detach from the bottle.

With its minimalist and contemporary design, Uomo’s presentation is top-notch.

It costs between $19 and $50, and as a refreshing fragrance that is far from a cheap eau de toilette, it’s great value for money.

The Bottom Line

This citrus-based fragrance is one that you can blind-buy.

It’s a safe scent that’s almost generic but utterly pleasant.

It will easily become your favorite because of its clean scent and good sillage.

The Italian house of Ermenegildo Zegna is pure class, and what makes this offering truly special is its sophistication.

While it’s not something unique, Uomo is the kind of cologne that is hard to dislike.

Perfumes that Smell Like Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo

1. L’Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent 

They both have that same woody-spicy scent for men with similar sillage.

The top notes are violet leaves (distinct in Uomo), laced with bergamot and vetiver. 

Some of its main accords are ozonic and green—which strike the same sensation as Uomo.

2. Gucci Pour Homme II Gucci 

This has the same oriental woody fragrance for men. 

Its top notes are violet leaf and bergamot.

The main accords are aquatic, fresh, and ozonic.

3. Fahrenheit Cologne Dior 

Also marketed as a woody-spicy fragrance for men, what makes it similar to Uomo is the Calabrian bergamot as one of its top notes.

It has a French violet note, too.

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