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Elizabeth Taylor – Diamonds and Sapphires: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamonds and Sapphires Perfume is a captivating fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor’s Fragrant Jewel collection, launched in 1993.

The collection consists of three fragrances: Diamonds and Sapphires, Diamonds and Rubies, and Diamonds and Emeralds by Elizabeth Arden.


Diamond and Sapphires is a fruity and floral fragrance made for women.

The perfumer is not listed, but Elizabeth Taylor worked closely with perfumer Sophia Grojsman to create Diamond and Rubies, and it is possible that they created its sister scent Diamond and Sapphires too.

Fragrance Notes

The top notes are melon, lily-of-the-valley, galbanum, freesia, and peach.

The heart notes are rhubarb, spices, jasmine, and rose. The base notes are musk, amber, vetiver, and sandalwood.

What Does Diamonds and Sapphires Smell Like?

Diamonds and Sapphires has a fruity, aquatic, floral, and fresh smell.

The opening of the fragrance is bold, with the note of melon being very strong initially. 

The fruity hint of peach is subtle; not sickeningly sweet, but very mature.

All the while, it maintains freshness from the galbanum and lily-of-the-valley.

Ylang-ylang, jasmine, and rose are just the right mix of smells to deliver floral goodness in the middle notes, giving the aroma a feminine and sensual edge.

The beautiful rhubarb smell gives the fragrance an edge of tanginess, while the hints of vetiver and amber support the blend well without overpowering the other notes.

When Should You Wear It?

Diamond and Sapphires’ light and unobtrusive nature, plus its fruity and floral aspect that leads with strong notes of melon, makes it perfectly wearable during the day.

On the other hand, its woody trail and the spice from the amber note gives it a luxurious base that makes it great for nighttime wearing too.

The floral, fruity composition of lily and melon makes this one of those smells that’s perfect for spring and summertime. 

Where Should You Wear It?

Diamonds and Sapphires is classy, and its sophistication makes it great for the office.

If you want to sport it at night, rest assured that it also works well for special dinners or other occasions.

This fragrance can stain clothes so it’s best to apply it directly to your skin.

Like all perfumes, wearing it on pulse points will keep the aroma fresh and noticeable throughout the day. 

If you apply it right out of the shower on wet skin, you will be left with beautifully scented skin as it dries.

Or try spraying a little bit of the perfume on your hairbrush; it will be transferred onto your hair as you brush it and leave you smelling great all day long.

How Long Does It Last?

The sillage of Diamonds and Sapphires by Elizabeth Taylor Eau De Toilette is considered moderate and is known to last for about 6 hours.

The Eau de Parfum, however, has an amazing lasting power and stays strong throughout the whole day.

Because it stays so long, you only need a few sprays and you’re ready to go.

Presentation and Value for money

Elizabeth Taylor fragrances were largely influenced by the jewelry she had and adored.

Among the various jewelry she had was a diamond and Bulgari sapphire sautoir necklace that was gifted to her by her fifth husband.

This necklace had a huge cabochon in the middle that was a sapphire with diamonds that went around it.

This necklace is what inspired the container.

Maintaining a classic design, it is a long glass bottle with a golden cap and comes with inlaid crystals on the rim that give the illusion of diamonds.

The crystals are not only pretty, but they also give the bottle an air of sophistication and classic luxury. 

This is a generous, good price that is hard to beat.

It smells a lot more expensive than it truly is — this scent provides real value for money.

Bottom Line

Diamond and Sapphires is a beautiful scent that has found a way to be sharp (thanks to the distinct hints of melon) without being overwhelming. 

The pleasing fruity notes combine with the green floral tone, making the perfume very feminine.

This 90s scent can be appreciated and worn by women of all ages. 

If you like the other fragrances in this collection, Diamonds and Rubies and Diamonds and Emerald, chances are you will like this one too.

You might even like this one better because it has the longest sillage among the three.

Because the packaging is so beautiful, this also makes for a great present.

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