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Elizabeth Arden – Blue Grass: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Blue Grass is an aromatic floral fragrance by cosmetic giant Elizabeth Arden

. Launched in 1936 (in the early days of the brand), Blue Grass proves a welcome change from the ubiquitous sweet, sugary scents that so often line department store shelves.

It relies on the busy but complimentary blend of green floral notes, subtle citrus, and woody spice.

This is the type of perfume your mother wore or that even your grandmother might have enjoyed wearing.

Although it might be a shock to the senses for younger generations, there’s no doubt that this beloved classic remains as wearable as ever.


  • Brand: Elizabeth Arden
  • Fragrance: Blue Grass
  • Release: 1936
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Unknown

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Aldehydes, Geranium, Lily, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Neroli
  • Heart Notes: Carnation, Spices, Clove, Narcissus, Bay leaf, Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose
  • Base Notes: Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk, Tonka Bean, Cedar

What Does Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Smell Like?

Wearing Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden is like standing in a wildflower meadow in the height of summer, as a fresh green aroma is carried on the breeze.

Key notes of lavender, lily, rose, and geranium come together with bright citrus and warm spices for an inviting and timeless perfume.

This perfume is like a warm summer’s day in a bottle; a day of undisturbed bliss spent rolling in grass meadows, wading through crystal waters, and dancing under light summer rain, flowers in your hair all the while. 

Middle notes of bay leaf, clove, and spices totally elevate what might otherwise be another safe and unremarkable flowery perfume.

The warm, spicy note imparted by sandalwood and musk makes for a soft and powdery dry down that elegantly contrasts with the initially bright scent. 

How Long Does Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Last?

As with most eau de parfum fragrances, this one is quite long-lasting.

The initial spray is rather overpowering, but those bright, startling notes soon develop and dissipate to accommodate the aromatic and spiced essences in the heart and base.

In terms of sillage, it depends on the wearer.

Most find that this scent has moderate sillage but others report the opposite.

Luckily, it can be bought quite cheaply so you can buy more if you find you need to use a lot to get the desired effect.

When Should You Wear It?

There’s no denying that this scent is highly suggestive of spring and summer, especially with its prevailing tones of blooming flowers and bright citrus. 

However, the intriguing additions of warm spices, clove, and bay leaf, as well as woody musk and earthy vetiver, make this an interesting option for the cooler seasons.

It’s truly versatile and makes an excellent transitional scent to take you from spring and summer into fall.

Where Should You Wear It?

This light and intriguing perfume is perfect for daily wear and doesn’t need to be saved for special occasions.

In fact, it is versatile enough to wear for leisure activities and casual, daily use. 

Furthermore, its fresh notes and delicate spice are a suitable complement to pretty much any event. 

That doesn’t mean that it won’t make a perfect date-night accessory, though.

This scent will add a delightfully subtle and feminine touch wherever and whenever you decide to wear it!

Presentation and Value For Money

Like many perfumes of this time, the presentation is simple yet elegant.

It comes in a clear vintage bottle with gently rounded edges and is topped off with a tall silver cap. 

On the front, fitting blue text in a classic font depicts the fragrance’s name as well as a distinctive image of a horse — a clear nod to the sense of rustic freedom the smell evokes.

Even after all these years, you can still pick up a bottle of Blue Grass for as little as $20.

If that’s not a sign that it’s truly timeless, I don’t know what is.

Needless to say, that’s great value for money for a classic product from a cosmetic powerhouse.

The Bottom Line

Elizabeth Arden’s Blue Grass is like a blast from the past, and yet, it’s still perfectly wearable today.

That classic combo of green florals, earthy herbs, and warm spices makes for a gorgeous blend that just gets better and better as you wear it.

It is still sought after today, and fortunately, you can buy some for yourself without facing the hefty price tag usually found on vintage classics like this one.

Perfumes that Smell Like Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass

Here are some equally beautiful and versatile alternatives to Blue Grass.

1. Red Door, Elizabeth Arden

This busy blend of white florals and woody spice is named after Arden’s famous beauty salon of the same name on Fifth Avenue, New York.

It evokes all the stylish elegance of an upmarket beauty salon, as well as the clean, soapy smells associated with such an establishment.

2. Je Reviens, Worth

Bright florals, aldehydes, and sharp citrus are at the heart of this feminine blend.

The base is composed of warm amber, incense, and tonka bean.

Hyacinth, violet, and lilac also emerge from the dry down, imparting the distinctive essence of purple flowers in full bloom.

3. L’Air du Temps, Nina Ricci

Almost as old as Blue Grass, L’Air du Temps emphasizes warm spice from the outset and not just in the dry down as many other perfumes do. 

An intriguing blend of florals, citrus, and earthy botanicals make this an excellent vintage alternative.

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