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Elizabeth and James – Nirvana Bourbon: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth and James brings together boozy vanilla, floral tuberose, and just a hint of delicate spice for an intoxicating oriental blend.

Celebrity sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the masterminds behind the Nirvana perfumes range, which include the dark and woody Nirvana Black and the fresh and floral Nirvana White.

The Nirvana line receives a bold and sensual update with this delicious vanilla fragrance.

Keep reading to discover its main accords, when and where to use it, and whether it’s worth the investment.


  • Brand: Elizabeth and James
  • Fragrance: Nirvana Bourbon
  • Release: 2016
  • Gender: Women

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Tuberose
  • Heart Notes: Oak wood
  • Base Notes: Bourbon vanilla

What Does Nirvana Bourbon Smell Like?

Imagine striding into a stylish and lavishly furnished lounge.

You sit back in a plush leather chair while a crackling wood fire heats the room. 

Taking a sip of bourbon whiskey, you can’t help but notice the rich and fragrant cigar smoke that swirls around the room, mingling with the gently spiced and inviting aroma of firewood.

That’s what Nirvana Bourbon smells like.

This inviting and sensual oriental perfume blends sweet florals, delicate citrus, and dark woody notes in a way that just makes sense.

It brings top notes of aromatic tuberose, heart notes of rich and woody oak, and a smoky yet sweet vanilla base.

Fans of oriental fragrances will absolutely love this sexy and sophisticated twist on traditional blends.

How Long Does Nirvana Bourbon Last?

This is available as an eau de parfum, meaning that it’s generally longer lasting than lighter eau de toilette fragrances.

It’ll last for a couple of hours, but won’t be overbearing or obtrusive due to its moderate sillage.

The initial spray showcases a paradoxical but welcome mix of botanical florals and sharp citrus.

After the top notes evaporate, the scent develops to reveal smoky oak and oriental heart notes.

It’s after a couple hours, during the drydown, that the true essence and longevity of the fragrance are revealed.

The sweet and inviting warmth of vanilla emerges from the base notes, complemented by a hint of delicate spice.

When Should You Wear It?

As the images of wood fires and cozy lounges probably suggest, this fragrance is the perfect fall and winter accessory.

Its intoxicating blend of rich vanilla, sultry oak, and bright florals beautifully complement the darkening autumn leaves and is sure to warm you up on the chilliest of winter evenings.

The Elizabeth and James brand produces scents for any time of year, and this is definitely one for the colder seasons.

That said, some might find it to be reminiscent of late summer nights by the campfire.

Whatever time of year you break out this enigmatic scent, you can be sure that you’ll smell amazing.

Where Should You Wear It?

This is a truly wearable scent that you can take anywhere; however, there’s no denying the sense of indulgence and luxury it imparts.

This makes it a perfect accessory for formal events, dinner dates, or drinks with your friends followed by nighttime walks in the winter snow.

Wherever you decide to wear it, you can expect to get plenty of compliments.

Presentation and Value For Money

Nirvana Bourbon is presented in a sleek and stylish bottle that exudes simplicity and modernity.

Its dark amber hue perfectly encapsulates the perfume’s woody notes and rich autumnal essence.

A subtle nod to the perfume’s bold and boozy undertones, the packaging almost resembles a bottle of bourbon.

You can get a decent-sized 3.4 oz bottle for around $130.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to that kind of investment, you can get yourself the rollerball option for less than $20.

For the quality of ingredients, overall luxury, and truly unique blend, you’re really getting value for your money.

The Bottom Line

This bold addition to the Olsen twins’ perfume line is simply a great scent at a reasonable price.

Long-lasting and delightfully subtle, a big bottle of this perfume will last you years. 

So what are you waiting for? Make Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon your signature scent this fall.

Perfumes that Smell Like Nirvana Bourbon

If you’re on the lookout for similar oriental fragrances and woody scents such as this one by Elizabeth and James, try one of these beautiful alternative fragrances.

1. Spiritueuse Double Vanille – Guerlain

This perfume brings the same dominant notes of vanilla and woody amber but with a more assertive floral twist.

Ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine scents add a delicate feminine touch to this bold, woody blend.

2. Black Vanilla Absolute – Perry Ellis

If you’re drawn to more boozy and smoky scents, this unisex fragrance from Perry Ellis is an excellent choice.

Potent accords of rum and vanilla are paired with white tobacco and black amber for a deliciously sensual blend.

3. Midnight Shimmer – Michael Kors

Another woody, balsamic blend, Midnight Shimmer from Michael Kors brings a botanical burst of quince, pink freesia, and jasmine.

Middle notes of white woods and amber dissipate to reveal Peru balsam, musk, and mossy undertones.

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