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Creed – Original Santal: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

The Original Santal perfume by Creed is an oriental, woody fragrance for both men and women.

Its opening features notes of bergamot, coriander, cinnamon, lemon, and velvety undertones of sandalwood.

The heart features floral and green notes of geranium, Jamaican ginger, petitgrain, lavender, and sweet orange, while the base brings ambergris, benzoin slam, oakmoss, vanilla, and tonka bean fragrances.

Upon its release in 2005, many fragrance lovers described it as the perfect date scent and one of the best Creed fragrances to stash in your scent wardrobe.

The classy and clean scent is available in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml EDP (eau de parfum). 

Creed Original Santal: Overview

  • Brand: Creed
  • Scent: Original Santal
  • Release: 2005
  • Gender: Unisex Scent
  • Perfumer: Olivier Creed, Erwin Creed

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Coriander, Fiery Cinnamon, Juniper Berries, Lemon, Mysore Sandalwood
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, Jamaican Ginger, Lavender, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Pink Pepper, Rosemary, Sweet Orange
  • Base Notes: Ambergris, Benzoin Slam, Tonkin Musk, Virginian Cedar, Warm Vanilla

What Does Creed Original Santal Smell Like?

This luxurious scent by Creed is a men’s oriental fragrance inspired by India’s royal and spiritual splendor. 

The elixir of precious sandalwood trees from Asia effortlessly blends with other natural ingredients known to offer a beautiful scent, spiritual strength, and calming power.

The opening notes include bergamot, coriander, cinnamon, fragrant juniper berry, and Indian sandalwood.

The middle notes consist of geranium, ginger, lavender, absolute orange tree leaves, and rosemary.

Near the dry down, tonka bean becomes more prominent, thus giving you a fragrant, woody-spicy scent.

A perfumer who recently used it said it smells good, like the creamy, delectable, and slightly sweet perfumed air of June. 

Another said it’s a very pleasant scent to wear. 

How Long Does Creed Original Santal Last For?

The longevity of this skin scent primarily depends on your body chemistry, the time of the year, and where you wear it.

Seasonal factors, such as temperature and humidity, can also influence how long it can last on your skin and clothes.

However, many Creed reviews show that the fragrance is moderate and can last about two to five hours. 

So, if you’re not giddy about strong scents, this relatively versatile scent makes for a safe blind buy. 

When Should You Wear It?

Combining woody and oriental notes of fiery cinnamon, oriental vanilla, deep sandalwood, and warming ginger, this luxurious scent makes for an ideal all-year-round fragrance.

Its olfactory structure and scent DNA seamlessly blend with both scorching hot and cold temperatures resulting in it being a compliment monster.

The great scent is also an ideal option for men and women aged 26 to 55.

The most suitable time to put it on is during formal evening events. 

You can also spritz it on when going out on a romantic date night or clubbing with friends. 

Where Should You Wear It?

Even though you can spritz the nighttime temptation on your clothes, spraying the scent on your skin allows for a more lasting impression.

Perfume experts recommend spritzing it behind your ears, in the creases of your elbows, and on the pulse points of your neck.

The only exception is if it’s a sweltering day.

In such cases, it’s best not to apply the perfume directly to your body.

This is because as you sweat, the natural oils of your skin destroy the scent faster, leaving you feeling sticky and sluggish.

Instead, lightly mist the sweet-smelling scent on your sarong, scarf, or hair.

Several news articles show that hair carries fragrances well and forms a lasting refuge. 

Presentation and Value For Money

The woody fragrance comes in a luxurious, rusty-warm orange (flame-like) bottle with the Creed logo at the center. 

It’s relatively costly compared to other oriental fragrances, but considering it offers you a premium, quality edge feel, it’s definitely worth the extra bucks.

You can get it from your local department store or through various online retailers.  

Creed prices might also vary from one site to another, so be sure to look for the best deal on some of its best sellers. 

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Friday night pick-me-up, this Original Santal scent should be your go-to.

It features aromatic notes of bergamot, lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Before purchasing a full bottle of the perfume, though, ensure it blends well with your skin chemistry and personality.

You don’t want to buy a luxurious scent only to throw it into the dusty corners of your drawer. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Creed Original Santal

Some of the perfumes that have the same scent as the Santal Original perfume include:

1. Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Many perfumers claim this fragrance is a better quality scent compared to Original Santal.

It features lemon verbena, peppermint opening notes, violet leaf heart notes, ambergris, and sandalwood end notes. 

2. L’Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Eau Extreme by Guerlain

This sweet-smelling scent features more interesting notes than Original Santal.

It opens with notes of crystal citruses, elemi, and star anise.

Its heart consists of a perfect blend of Indian jasmine, lapsang tea, and neroli, while the base features cedar and sandalwood. 

3. Joop Homme Eau de Parfum by Joop!

The Joop Homme perfume features opening hints of bergamot and cinnamon, heart notes of cardamom and heliotrope, and end notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, and vanilla. 

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