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Calvin Klein – Eternity Moment: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

With the perfect mix of rich scents that help women feel more feminine, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment perfume is a subtle but noticeable fragrance that is certain to result in compliments from other women – and maybe even a few men!

It is the perfect fragrance for going out on a date, whether it’s your first date or your 20th.

In fact, if this perfume does nothing else, it emphasizes your romantic side, making it easy to enjoy the perfect date every time.

It is also a great perfume for bringing out your inner confidence, mostly because the pleasant scent just makes you feel better about yourself.


  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Fragrance: Eternity Moment
  • Release: 2004
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Harry Fremont and Jacques Cavallier

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Litchi, raspberry, melon, guava
  • Heart Notes: Chinese pink peony, jasmine, water lily, passion flower
  • Base Notes: Musk, Brazilian rosewood, cashmere wood, sandalwood

What Does Eternity Moment Perfume Smell Like?

This Calvin Klein perfume has the perfect mix of Asian fruits and florals, complemented by a touch of raspberry and woodsy notes like musk. 

With its inclusion of middle notes such as pomegranate blossom and jasmine, it is indeed an interesting combination that smells great on anyone, whether you’re a busy student, a stay-at-home mom, or a corporate professional.

This is definitely a feminine perfume with its great blend of sweet and tropical aromas, woody notes, and even aquatic scents that work together to give you a lovely smell that is certain to become one of your favorite perfumes.

How Long Does Eternity Moment Perfume Last?

Even though it is a fresh, light fragrance, according to most customers, it lasts around 6 to 12 hours.

It may last for a shorter or longer period for some women, depending on their body chemistry and how much they are wearing.

When Should You Wear it?

This is a fairly casual perfume that is best worn in the daytime and not to fancy nighttime functions.

Nevertheless, it does have a lot of different notes to enjoy and therefore, it’s quite adaptable.

You can essentially wear Eternity Moment anywhere, anytime.

Where Should You Wear it?

Like most perfumes, you should wear it on your wrists, and if you put a little too much on, it’s alright because the beautiful scent is never overpowering.

Presentation and Value for Money

Eternity Moment comes in a tall, slender bottle which is light pink in color.

It is indeed very regal and elegant-looking.

In addition, you can buy the perfume at numerous places online, and the price ranges from around $19 to $35.

This is a good price, especially for people who love high-quality name-brand fragrances but who are on a budget.

The Bottom Line

If you love a floral fragrance with fresh, fruity notes and you enjoy Calvin Klein fragrances, this is for you.

It is made for women of all ages and occupations and is very reasonably priced.

This beautiful fragrance makes an ideal gift because it has a feminine scent most women will love.

It is subtle yet noticeable, which is yet another reason why so many women like it.

Perfumes That Smell Like Eternity Moment Perfume

If you enjoy Calvin Klein’s Eternity Moment, you’ll also love the following:

1. Spark Seduction by Liz Claiborne

This one has many of the scents that Eternity Moment has, along with added aromas, such as freesia, plumeria, and many others. 

Made specifically for the young crowd (ages 19 to 25), it is described as tropical and exotic, along with floral, fruity, fresh, and sensual. 

The price is also very affordable and ranges from around $2 to $8, depending on the size you purchase.

2. Songe Precieux by Givenchy

This one is a bit pricey at around $110. 

This is an eau de toilette, limited edition perfume that is described as sensual, calming, uplifting, and romantic.

It has a floral and fruity scent and comes in a beautiful light pink bottle.

3. Dianoche Love Day by Daisy Fuentes

With a fruity and floral scent, this light and elegant perfume hasn’t been around that long but is gaining in popularity. 

It comes with a lot of the same scents found in Eternity Moment but also contains Mandarin orange, plumeria, peony, and peach.

It is not a heavy perfume but instead has a delightful, subtle fragrance.

What Do Customers Say About it?

Most customers rated this perfume 4/5 stars out of 5, so it is quite popular.

Some of the comments left in reviews claim the perfume is distinctive while still being soft and delicate, long-lasting, affordable, and, most importantly, unique because it smells a little different on every woman.

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