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Calvin Klein – CK IN2U for Him: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Calvin Klein CK IN2U for Him is an aromatic fougère fragrance for men.

It is an inexpensive eau de toilette targeted at high school to college-aged males. 

It has Calvin Klein’s signature fragrance, which is citrusy, fresh, and earthy.

It’s an unremarkable, mild generic scent, which is ideal if you want something low-key and not too masculine. 

Its main accords are aromatic, woody, cacao, citrus, warm spice, fresh spice, green, musk, and powder. 


  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Fragrance: CK IN2U for Him
  • Release: 2007
  • Gender: Men
  • Perfumer: Carlos Benaim, Bruno Jovanovic, Loc Dong, and Jean-Marc Chaillan

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Lemon, Tomato Leaf
  • Heart Notes: Cacao Pod
  • Base Notes: White Cedar, White Musk, Vetiver

What Does CK IN2U for Him Smell Like?

This eau de toilette smells like a bottle of teen’s aftershave.

The first spray smells like its top notes, which gives you a whiff of an airy and invigorating lime juice.

Then it transitions to a fizzy kind of citrus and vetiver combined with baby powder. It’s also got a hint of cocoa.

The cocoa fragrance is not overpowering; it’s nothing like a gourmand.

The fragrance is distinctly chocolate, but not too strong and sweet that you smell like a Hershey bar. 

Then the aroma finally settles into green notes.

It becomes a mix of wood, oriental, white cedar, and chypre. 

You then catch the strong woody-musk base notes, like pine trees.

If you’ve smelled leaves after a rainfall, this is similar – it’s a clean smell that is vibrant and fern-like.

While it is an eau de toilette for men, women can also appreciate this as the scent borders on unisex.

And the bottle is unisex too. 

It’s a subtle essence, not an overtly manly fragrance.  

This perfume can be off-putting to those who prefer unique and attention-grabbing scents.

You can’t buy it blind because of the polarizing reviews. 

So, it’s better to try it out first before purchasing. 

How Long Does CK IN2U for Him Last For?

It can last between four to six hours.

The fragrance is rather full and intense in the first 30 minutes. 

The fragrance remains at its peak for two hours, then the clean lemon scent vanishes. 

The sillage is moderate.

Essentially, people can smell it on you at a close distance.

You need to take this with you for reapplication throughout the day to ensure it lasts longer.

When Should You Wear It?

You can wear this any time of the day.

However, CK IN2U for Him by Calvin Klein is a daytime fragrance. 

It’s also a morning fragrance, something that suggests that you just got out of the shower.

It’s a fairly pleasant scent that can be worn any season, but it smells better on hot summer days.

Heat brings out its woody base notes as well as its oriental and aromatic fougère aroma. 

Where Should You Wear It?

This is an everyday clean perfume.

It is a casual scent for young men that is perfect to wear to the office or at school. 

It is so subtle that you can wear it to the gym, the supermarket, or when you’re hanging out with your buddies.

This is not a date perfume.

There’s nothing seductive about it at all.

Presentation and Value For Money

The soda pop-like bottle of this cologne is cute.

The base of the bottle is made of glass, and the body of the bottle is made of plastic.

The design is minimalist and youthful and the blue-and-white color palette suggests freshness.

It’s a budget eau de toilette. 

For a generic bright scent from a well-known brand, this is one of those Calvin Klein fragrances that is good value for money. 

The Bottom Line

CK IN2U for Him is one of those understated perfumes that does not attempt to break barriers in the fragrance industry.

It’s a good enough option for teenagers, and still okay for university students – it’s not a sophisticated, seductive scent for men. 

It cost between $20 – $30 for a 100ml bottle.

For this affordable price, you can only expect a safe scent. 

It’s good for those who want to smell airy and clean but don’t want people coming up to them to comment on their perfume.

Perfumes that Smell Like CK IN2U for Him

1. CK IN2U Him Collectables Calvin Klein

Like CK IN2U for Him by Calvin Klein, this has been designed as one of those aromatic fougère perfumes for men.

The perfumers are the same, and basically, all its notes are retained. 

2. Emporio Armani Diamonds Club for Him Giorgio Armani

This is an aromatic aquatic fragrance for men which shares CK IN2U’s aromatic, warm spice, and fresh spice notes. 

3. Oud Granado

This is a unisex fragrance that is woody, fruity, and light.

Some of the main accords in this bottle that are identical to CK IN2U are fresh spice, wood, and warm spice.

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