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Balenciaga Paris Perfume: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Paris by Balenciaga is an interesting fragrance that mixes the floral scent of violet with the spiciness of pepper and the woodiness of cedarwood, patchouli, and vetiver. 

The initial sniff delivers a mildly sweet odor while earthy and violet smells top off this signature fragrance. 


  • Brand: Balenciaga
  • Fragrance: Balenciaga Paris
  • Release: 2010
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Olivier Polge

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Violet Leaf
  • Heart Notes: Pepper
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver

What Does Balenciaga Paris Smell Like?

Balenciaga Paris is a floral chypre eau de parfum.

Its main accords are violet, powdery, and woody. 

The violet leaves give Paris a distinct smell that differentiates it from perfumes that use violet flowers.

The leaves smell green, like freshly mowed grass. 

The earthy essence, which is similar to cucumber, is what allows the beautiful scent of flowers to come through in this EDP.  

Chypre smells like patchouli create woody and mossy undertones that exist in nice contrast with the peppery and violet notes. 

All of the different tones come together to give Paris an exciting mixture that those looking for a unique essence will absolutely love. 

How Long Does Balenciaga Paris Last For?

This Balenciaga perfume is moderate to long-lasting.

Eau de parfums are the most powerful and last the longest. Typically, their scent will stick around for four to five hours. 

The drydown aroma will last the longest, meaning the woody base notes will take over after an hour or two. 

Therefore, the cedarwood, patchouli, and vetiver will be the most pungent odors for most of its longevity. 

You can expect your bottle to last at least one to three years before it expires, but be aware that smells like Paris will start to lose their signature scent quicker than other EDPs. 

When Should You Wear It?

The floral aspect of this elegant fragrance makes it perfect for spring.

It contains a peppery note and a slightly musky scent which also make it a good choice for fall. 

Since Paris has many contrasting aromas, it is more versatile than most perfumes.

For instance, the spicy notes make it excellent for autumn, florals work best for springtime, and woody and green scents complement all seasons. 

Furthermore, its great lasting power and the mixture of light and heavy fragrances make it a possibility for both day or night. 

Where Should You Wear It?

The woody, spicy, and musky notes in Paris give off a confident vibe.

The courage that these notes conjure makes Paris perfect for date nights or important days at the office. 

If you’ve smelled Paris, you’ll know that it’s relatively intense, so remember not to wear too much at work as others could see it as unprofessional, and it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Presentation and Value For Money

Paris comes in an attractive bottle with a spherical top that resembles cracked white marble. 

The neck is light yellow with a pink hue and bears the brand and name.

The liquid is a similar color. 

The container is inside a black drawstring bag with the name of this elegant scent in gold capital letters. 

The outside box is light pink and rectangular, with a black trim running along the edges.

A pale yellow band runs near the top with the EDP’s name and “10, Avenue George V” beneath it. 

A 2.5-ounce container of this lovely perfume sells for between $65 and $90.

This price makes it a tad expensive for such a small bottle. 

The Bottom Line

The reason so many people prefer Balenciaga Paris is because it’s an interesting scent that makes you feel grown up and confident.

And you get so many compliments when you wear it.

With so many contrasting odors, it may be difficult to imagine the aroma unless you’ve smelled it, but this fragrance has a versatility and elegance that is hard to beat. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Balenciaga Paris

1. Violetta di Parma by Borsari

This is a vintage EDP that the Duchess of Parma distilled at the end of the 19th century.

Ludovico Borsari relaunched this violet essence in 1970.

If you like Paris, then this combination of rose, jasmine, and lily mixed with musky and woody notes will capture your attention too.

2. Violet Musc by Ajmal

Abdulla Ajmal’s Violet Musc blends the floral aspects of rose, lily of the valley, and ylang-ylang. 

Launched in 2015, it contains heart notes of musky violet. 

3. Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso

Another woody, musky, and floral aroma that utilizes oakmoss, patchouli, and vetiver, this beautiful fragrance for women costs about $50 – $60 for 3.4 fluid ounces. 

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