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Aubusson – Histoire D’Amour: Overview, Smell, Notes & More!

Histoire D’Amour by Aubusson is a woody and floral chypre perfume for women.

First released in 1984, this eau de toilette has become a classic well-known for its enduring, full-bodied emanation.

The nose behind this scent is perfumer Daniel Hoffman, who expertly blended fruity botanics with sharp citrus and a potent woody finish.

Despite its status as a much-loved favorite, it’s far more than just your classic “old lady perfume.”

Keep reading to discover the aromatic delights wrapped up in this mesmerizing blend, as well as some tips on how and when to wear it.


  • Brand: Aubusson
  • Fragrance: Histoire D’Amour
  • Release: 1984
  • Gender: Women
  • Perfumer: Daniel Hoffman

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Basil, Bergamot, Tangerine, Osmanthus
  • Heart Notes: Narcissus, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Honey, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Amber

What Does Aubusson Histoire D’amour Smell Like?

If you take a look at the breakdown of the top, middle, and base notes above, you might be taken aback at all the scents and essences fighting for dominance.

This so-called ‘old lady’ perfume definitely packs a punch, and is the very essence of maturity, class, and a full-bodied scent.

This is a truly sophisticated woody chypre fragrance, characterized by dominant woody and mossy notes as well as a hint of green botanicals. 

Your typical fruity, candy, sweety girl fragrance has nothing on old lady perfumes like this one.


Well, once you take a whiff of this delectable bouquet of scents — with top notes of green botanics like basil and osmanthus and sweet, powdery middle notes of rose and ylang-ylang — you’ll realize how much you miss smelling perfumes of this caliber. 

The old lady whispers imparted by this classic scent are reminiscent of a vintage theater dressing room from a bygone era.

Even if the initial spray hits you like pungent incense and reminds you of an old lady bag, the heavy mixture of earthy and floral notes will gradually melt away to reveal the delicate sweetness of honey and spiced amber. 

This is undoubtedly one of the most riveting perfumes you’re likely to ever come across.

How Long Does Aubusson Histoire D’amour Last?

This fulfilling, potent blend has very impressive longevity and sillage, especially for an eau de toilette.

Not only does it last all day, it develops and unfolds as the top and heart notes blend together.

The initial spray brings a burst of woody and yellow florals, along with tangy citrus notes.

Once these initial aromas dissipate, the sweetness of orange blossom and jasmine heart notes take over before giving way to the earthy and mossy overtones imparted by oakmoss and sandalwood.

When Should You Wear It?

The warm and woody scents typical of old lady perfumes are best suited to the cool weather of fall and winter.

Thus, the woody spice of oakmoss, amber, and sandalwood make this a perfect winter fragrance.

With just a hint of delicate florals entwined in earthy, spiced aromas, this perfume also acts as a perfect transitional scent to take you from late summer to fall and winter.

Where Should You Wear It?

Like all classy old lady perfumes, this is a fragrance that demands respect and exudes a sense of refined maturity.

The power and confidence it imparts is enough to silence any arrogant and pompous brat who dares to cross you! 

The most ambiguous perfumes often have a bevy of contrarian doubters, and this is indeed no exception.

But don’t let the haters detract from the fact that this splendid creation is worth every cent.

Wear this perfume on chilly winter nights out on the town with your gallant and fine gentleman.

Of course, you don’t need a man to feel confident and classy with this perfume. 

You can wear it to elevate your style next time you jump on your lady motorcycle and drive through the biting winter night.

Presentation and Value For Money

It’s not just the divine fragrance and sophisticated French name that give this perfume its undeniable class; even the bottle exudes feminine elegance.

Yes, with honey-gold contents and white floral cap, it truly is a gorgeous bottle.

Despite being released as far back as 1984, this perfume is still available to buy today — a testament to its timeless quality. 

You can purchase a 3.4 oz bottle for as little as $20, which is excellent value for money by any standard.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a bonafide lover of heavy, classic fragrances or you’re simply intrigued by busy blends of citrus, green florals, and woody notes, this perfume is worth a try.

Not only has it stood the test of time since its release in 1984, but it continues to delight and intrigue fragrance fans both young and old alike. 

Perfumes that Smell Like Aubusson Histoire D’amour

If you’re looking to add more woody chypres to your perfume collection, then look no further than these similar alternatives.

1. Chypre D’Orient, Molinard

This floral chypre takes similar notes of bergamot, jasmine, and osmanthus but omits sandalwood for a slightly less woody aspect.

The dominant accords in this fragrance lean more towards fresh and tangy citrus, with the addition of mandarin orange and neroli.

2. Gianni Versace, Versace

Another chypre floral fragrance with a unique twist, Gianni Versace by the luxury fashion house namesake focuses on warm and spicy accords imparted by rich amber, leather, and myrrh. 

Delicate top notes of fruit and citrus give way to a floral and earthy heart, before maturing into an intoxicatingly warm and woody base.

3. Dioressence, Dior

Dior comes through with another charming chypre full of warm, spicy, and earthy accords.

Green and fruity notes make up the initial burst, before a colorful cocktail of warm spice, white florals, and powdery moss break through. 

Oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, and a host of other aromatic earthy scents round out the base of this delectable fragrance.

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