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How to Get Free Cologne Samples? (7 Ways)

Depending on your taste, cologne can be quite expensive.

It can be even harder to trust the internet if you wanted to buy online.

Perfume shopping on Amazon is quite different from trying to buy a set of mugs, for example.

You need to find a way to first try out the perfume and figure out whether or not it suits you.

We all like free stuff, so hunting down places that offer free samples can be a great place to start.

Where Can I Find Free Cologne Samples?

High-End Department Stores

It’s rare to not get perfume samples at local department stores.

However, if you live near a Nordstrom or a Macy’s, both can be pretty good places for you to receive free samples.

Simply go to the fragrance counters and feel free to ask for free samples.

The attendants at your favorite department store will mostly be happy to sort out your fragrance needs.

Samplers from Retailers

Places like Wal-Mart and Kohl’s normally set aside bottles of fragrance solely for testing.

Since they don’t usually offer them as take-home fragrance samples, this can sometimes get a bit intense.

You can spend most of the day trying out a bunch of fragrances and forgetting entirely what the previous one smelled like.

Sniffing your sweater or wafting some coffee beans from the bakery can help.

However, to avoid this altogether, try buying your own sample vials for you to decant some of the perfume in the store.

Just be sure to explain this to the nearest attendant; no one likes the crippling death stare.

Beauty Specialty Stores

You’ll hear this a lot, but Sephora is probably the best beauty store to find free fragrance samples (and sample beauty products too!).

They have a great reward program and one can receive samples through both the online and offline store.

Ulta is another great alternative where a purchase can see you get some free perfume samples delivered straight to your door.

The likes of L’Oréal and The Body Shop are other noteworthy mentions.

7 Ways to Get Free Fragrance Samples

1. Social Media Platforms

Never underestimate the power of social media.

Simply typing in #freefragrance or #freesample might be all you need to get your hands on some free stuff. 

You can also follow fragrance experts if you’re a fanatic.

Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are used by your favorite perfume brands to announce discounts, special sales, and all that good stuff.

So, keeping tabs on things like a new fragrance release can be a quick way for you to find free perfume samples.

2. Write Some Product Reviews

This is not exactly “free,” per se, but it’s a fairly easy process.

Sites like PinchMe are great for you to sign up to give product reviews. 

They’ll send you free perfume samples at the expense of your opinion on the product.

3. Sign Up for Newsletters

Many brands, like Calvin Klein, for example, offer samples for when you sign up to their newsletters.

This will be in exchange for information on new perfumes and things like exclusive deals on different fragrances.

4. Check the Websites

Scouring newsletters and social media is cool and all, but the official websites can prove to be just as convenient.

From Victoria Secret to Dolce & Gabbana, one can easily find new fragrances, beauty samples, and even free products by simply checking them out.

Gisada recently offered a free sample set where the only prerequisite was to fill out a form on the official website—an easy way to land some fragrance-freebies.

5. Check Out Pretty Thrifty

If looking into the individual websites of your favorite brands can be time-consuming, Pretty Thrifty is sure to lend a helping hand. 

The site provides regular updates on current samples and companies with free sample offers, ensuring that you never miss out.

6. Send Out a Request

Maybe the FAQs on the site don’t have a “free sample” section.

Or maybe your friend got a fragrance sample a while back and you, unfortunately, missed the train.

Sending a request through email can be a quick way for you to check whether or not they still have them in-store.

If they do, they’ll most likely deliver the perfume samples by mail. 

It can be super convenient if the response is positive as you might save a few bucks from buying a fragrance you might not have liked.

7. Scour Some Magazines

From newsstands to free magazines, scooping them up to find samples in the perfume ads can be a really good idea.

The scent on the page is normally not as strong as you might have hoped, but sometimes opting for the free route means a slight (or heavy) depreciation in quality.

Can You Get Free Perfume Samples Online?

You can, but it’s probably the most difficult route.

Most places online that offer free fragrances are scams.

If you won’t be asked to fill out some personal information, be sure to pay a shipping fee for something that is supposedly free.

While you can get a few free cologne samples online, you should be aware of how laborious the process can be to get these cologne samplers.

Pretty Thrifty (mentioned above) is probably the only legit website you’ll see mentioned by most fragrance enthusiasts.

Do Free Samples Last as Long?

One free sample is normally around 0.1 fl oz.

That gives you about 15 sprays in total and can last you about one or two days.

It definitely doesn’t last as long as the full-sized products, but it does last long enough for you to figure out your new signature scent.

The Bottom Line

You want to smell good, but don’t have the extra money in case your new scent backfires.

Therefore, trying out a free perfume sample, among a few different things, is normally the best way to go.

Whether you decide to shop online, or take a trip to the store, take notes on any new ways you seem to be getting free samples.

They might not be out in the open, but there’s certainly more than one way to get your hands on some free perfume.

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