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How to Apply Rollerball Perfume? (5 Pulse Points)

Rollerball perfumes are fragrant products used for applying perfumes with great precision by rubbing them directly to the skin. 

Their formula allows people with sensitive skin types to rub the perfumes in delicate places as well with minimal effort.

5 Pulse Points to Apply Rollerball Perfume

Rollerball perfume is a perfume oil bottled in a vessel with a rolling ball on one end.

This unique perfume delivery system lacks harmful substances usually found in body spray perfume bottles. 

It also makes applying perfume with extreme precision easier, which has increased its popularity over time.

Experts recommend roll-ons for the following pulse points:

Ears and Neck

The area behind your ear is a great pulse point for your favorite perfume.

Rubbing perfume in these areas has a notable impact especially if you’re constantly moving, as the aroma dissipates slowly.


Many specialists recommend applying natural scents with stress-relieving properties in this area.

From lavender oil to mint, these fragrance top notes can help the stress melt while emitting a pleasant scent. 


If you want to create a small wake with your favorite signature scent, simply rub perfume on your wrists.

Your perfume oils will have a long-lasting scent as the aromas gradually evaporate.

Collar Bones

This is the ideal spot to apply perfume for a romantic experience.

The subtlety of the rollerball method makes it easier to apply scents in such circumstances. 

This way, you can layer scents like single-note woody aromas unnoticeably, for a sensual olfactory experience.


If you wash your hands or face constantly, applying rollerball fragrances on your wrists or neck might not be in your best interest.

Instead, you can dab the small ball of your favorite scent on your elbows for a surprisingly pleasant effect.

Is Rollerball Perfume Better than Sprays?

Although many people choose sprays over their rollerball alternative, the latter actually provides multiple benefits:

Increased Precision

Spraying dissipates aromas into the air chaotically.

Meanwhile, a rollerball bottle allows you to apply your favorite designer fragrance on key pulse points.

Subtle Application

Creating a fragrance cloud every time you’re spraying might not be ideal for an office atmosphere, for instance.

A rollerball bottle perfectly seals the fragrance liquid inside while being easy to transport in a subtle, elegant manner.

Hair and Skin-Friendly Formula

Spraying perfume on your locks is a bad idea as the alcohol contained can damage hair strands.

However, most perfumes featuring roller balls feature a non-alcohol-based scent, which means you can safely use them for an amplified smell as well.

As a result, perfume oils are a better option for sensitive skin too. 

Overall, rollerball perfume oil has an understated application method.

However, it comes with a downside too: its concentrated formula makes your clothes stain easily if you apply it directly to the material. 

Interestingly enough, you can only apply roll-ons safely while wearing silk since this material is resistant to such perfume stains. 

Can You Refill a Rollerball Perfume?

Luckily, most bottles of this type are refillable, which only increases their value over time.

To remove the ball cap, simply push it upwards, then gently wiggle it until it comes out.

Once you refill the bottle, make sure to push the cap back thoroughly to avoid unwanted leaks.

The Bottom Line

Rollerball perfume oils are an innovative, convenient alternative to the popular perfume spray.

Their mechanism allows you to apply your favorite aromas directly on key pulse areas with maximum precision.

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