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What Perfume Does Taylor Swift Wear?

Taylor Swift is a famous American songwriter, singer, and actress.

She has a large number of fans across the world.

She has been in the music industry for quite a long time and has undoubtedly made her name.

The achievements of Taylor Swift has gained her many things.

The best of all is fame and wealth.

When you have what it takes, you can live a life that you want. And for Taylor, she can get anything she wants. 

Since she is also a gorgeous woman, you may be wondering what type of lifestyle does she live?

What kind of clothes does she wear?

What is her perfume?

Is it as normal as any other perfume in the market?

At A Glance: Taylor Swift’s Favorite Perfumes

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into her top picks.

  • Escada Moon Sparkle
  • Taylor by Taylor Swift
  • Wonderstruck By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and her favorite perfume

Taylor Swift happens to be a successful woman and as a result, a woman of taste.

Due to that, her taste for perfumes is exceptional.

One thing to know first is that Taylor has a perfume line of her own.

This means that fragrances are a big deal to her.

However, we will get back to her perfume line later. 

As much as she has her perfumes, her favorite one is Escada Moon Sparkle.

Now, if you know more about this type of perfume, you will understand one of the most expensive ones in the market. 

Escada Moon Sparkle is even more expensive than her perfumes.

You may be wondering why would she have a favorite perfume outside her line.

The truth is that she does use her perfumes as well.

But, it is not possible to use them all the time.

She has a taste for other perfumes.

It is the same case as you wouldn’t expect her to listen to her music all the time. 

What perfume Taylor Swift no longer uses?

When it comes to Swift and perfumes, there is so much to talk about and cover.

In case you are her fan and would like to know more about her and smell the same, then this information is essential.

Taylor Swift no longer uses the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue although she used to use it sometimes back.

The main reason why she does not use the perfume anymore is that she feels there is something about the perfume that reminds her of her ex-boyfriend.

They are things that she would not want to keep having or remembering all the time.

Taylor Swift and Her Perfume Line

If you are a true fan of Taylor Swift and you like everything about her, or you would like to know about her perfumes and follow the same trend then you need to know more about her perfume line.

It is easy to say that her perfume line defines her more.

It talks more about her, her feelings, her taste, and her lifestyle.

Her perfume range is a manifestation of her in person and what she thinks about many things.

This is because she inspires the taste and style of these perfumes.

The Taylor Swift Perfume range was launched in September 2011.

At this time, her first perfume was Wonderstruck.

After this, the perfume was well received and created a new avenue for her.

It was a path well opened. In the year 2012, she came up with another perfume called Wonderstruck Enchanted.

As time continued, her perfumes were able to reach so many people.

Her perfumes were unique, and every range had a special meaning or representation.

It was meant to bring something unique to the user and carry it through your lifestyle.

Here are some of the ranges and their representation.

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor, by Taylor Swift, is one of the perfumes you will get from her perfume line.

It is a fragrance designed to carry a very classic feel yet blended with a contemporary touch.

With this perfume, you will find many things put together to bring out the true meaning.

It comes with amazing floral notes that are appealing and inviting.

What makes this perfume to stand out is the blending.

It is made from sparkling tangerine, fresh lychee, and magnolia.

It gives you a stunning feel due to the fragrance manifesting a feminine nature.

Wonderstruck Perfume

This was Taylor Swift’s first perfume.

As a result, there is so much about this fragrance that is charming and still makes it one of the best in her line.

It was introduced in 2011 during the launch of her company. 

The perfume most crucial aspect was carrying a pleasant feeling of youth and a character of personality.

It was meant to symbolize a modern woman from its sweet-smelling fruits that are irresistible.

The Wonderstruck perfume comes with tea, raspberry, blackberry, apple blossom, and Freesia as the opening notes that offer a fantastic aroma.

Since it contains a heart made of vanilla, honeysuckle, and hibiscus, it creates an excellent feel.

The notes from this perform are built to last for a long time around you.

Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume

It was the second fragrance from Taylor Swift.

It came as a better version and improved in many ways.

Wonderstruck enchanted perfume is made with very pleasant and sweet fruit.

What makes this fragrance unique is that its notes come from the best flowers and rich, fragrant fruits that make it irresistible.

Pink poppy, passion fruit, and wild berries are among the top notes from the perfume.

It also contains blond woods and vanilla as the base while Champaca flower, peony, and Freesia are the heart notes.

It is a fragrance that has been admired by millions of people. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for something that represents Taylor Swift, something that she wears and you are sure it will make you feel more of her, then you can go for one of the perfumes above.

When you talk about what perfume Taylor Swift wears, then the above perfumes are the right answer.

The aforementioned perfumes are a manifestation of what she likes and what will make you smell more of her. 

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