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What Perfume Does Michelle Obama Wear?

Michelle Obama is a popular American woman and a role model for millions of people both men and women.

The former First Lady of the United States, Michelle is a powerful figure associated with so many amazing works.

She is also a staunch international advocate for adolescent girl’s education, service members, healthy families, and higher education.

Notably, Michelle is also a woman of style who has a unique taste for things.

She takes her time when selecting various products to use and when it comes to perfumes, she has a distinctive flavor and a few much-loved colognes.

Take a look at our review of some of Michelle Obama’s favorite perfumes and see if her fragrance picks match yours.

Michelle Obama’s Top Perfumes

1. Creed Love in White

Creed Love in White is one of Michelle’s favorite fragrances and many people attribute this choice to her stand for freedom and justice.

It is a high-quality fragrance with a sophisticated blend of ingredients and a floral scent that brings about a fresh feeling and a beautiful atmosphere.

Love in White received special attention when it was launched at the Empire State Building. It is a highly popular scent, particularly in the US.

Designed to embody peace and unity, this Creed perfume’s unique scent is a blend of many natural and hand-selected ingredients across the globe.

When you smell its fragrance, what you will instantly notice is the floral scent that comes from tonkin rice, florentine iris, and French daffodils.

Creed Love in White is a cologne that is perfect if you are looking for something that you can wear for a long time. Its longevity is up to 5 hours and its performance peaks during spring and summer. 

It is a perfume you can wear the whole day without feeling uncomfortable which makes it a great scent to wear to the office.

2. Coty Vanilla Musk

Coty Vanilla Musk is another perfume you will find in Michelle’s list.

Michelle is often noted as a beautiful and attractive woman, and Coty Vanilla Musk is a fragrance that brings more meaning to that beauty. 

Designed to bring out the best out of something, this perfume reflects Michelle Obama is as a woman, including her younger years.

The best part about using the Coty Vanilla Musk is the unmistakable fantastic feel when it touches your skin. It is like a warm blanket that leaves you comfortable for hours.

Coty Vanilla Musk is made up of unique natural ingredients that make it popular among many people, especially celebrities.

It contains vanilla, musk, sandalwood, and cedar, an excellent combination irresistible to men.

Aside from being a cologne with a very distinct scent, Coty Vanilla Musk is also designed to fit different uses for different times of the day.

As a result, you will find it easy to comfortably wear the cologne at night or during the day.

It is also a refreshing fragrance for any season, whether warm or cold, and it has moderate longevity.

If you are looking for a scent to attract and give a good impression for people around you, then Coty Vanilla Musk is the best option. It will work magic in offices, clubs, parties, and pubs. 

3. Creed Acqua Fiorentina

Creed Acqua Fiorentina is the perfume for royalty, and since Michelle is a royal in the public sphere, it is no surprise that she has this perfume on her list.

When it first came out, it was actually delivered not just to Michelle, but also to Queen Rania of Jordan, and President Cristina Fernandez d Kirchner of Argentina.

Creed Acqua Fiorentina is made from carefully sourced ingredients that make it stand out. 

This Creed perfume comes in a transparent bottle with silver flower drawings on both sides and a metallic cap, both elements that exude femininity and power.

It features a mixture of several amazing notes, which include Virginia cedar, white carnations, Renaissance roses, Indian sandalwood, and greengage plums. 

Creed Acqua Fiorentina also contains an amazing fruity scent which brings back the youthful years when used. Its opening notes are fresh, sweet, fruity, and citrusy.

The perfume is famous for its longevity which averages hours, and can also be used in warmer weather and in spring. It is also perfect for use in the office or when going out on dates. 

Acqua Fiorentina inspires great feelings of strength, independence, and youthfulness. It is a scent that Michelle Obama treasures. 

The Bottom Line

The best smelling perfumes discussed above are the leading fragrances on the market and form a good part of Michelle Obama’s life.

All of them are also popular among many celebrities and royalty because of their impeccable quality and distinct scent.

If you look up to Michelle as your role model, these perfumes are a good way to feel like her. Using one of the fragrances above will inspire you and bring you closer to who she is.

It is also a way of getting a hint of how it feels like to be one of the most powerful and iconic individuals today. Many powerful women use these perfumes after all, so why can’t you?

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