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5 Most Expensive Colognes for Men in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Despite the fact that ‘luxury’ is not a term commonly associated with many colognes out there, there are still a number of fragrances that we can still confidently refer to as the best luxury perfumes for men.

This is why in this article, we’ll be reviewing a few of the best luxurious perfumes out there because we understand that men usually love to feel powerful—and this is generally made known with the types of fragrance they wear every time. 

Our list will help you greatly in deciding the best luxury fragrance you can get without having to go through the stress of smelling every fragrance over the counter.

They are the perfect gift for any man! Just keep on reading!

Yes, we know pretty well that smelling good doesn’t necessarily have to do with luxury fragrances.

However, it is still very much important to sometimes spend that extra few bucks on a bottle of certain fragrances just to ensure you get yourself that additional touch of style and prominent masculinity that you’ll always need at all times.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Most Expensive Colognes for Men

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the expensive colognes for men that most people buy).

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Eau De Parfum
  • Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense
  • Aventus for Men by Creed

Top 5 Most Expensive Colognes for Men – Our Reviews:

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty is the most expensive fragrance in the world, featuring a crystal bottle with an 18-carat gold collar and diamond.

Since you and I have to practically be royalty to afford one bottle of that Clive Christian perfume (it costs $215,000 a bottle!), let’s just look at the expensive options we can still possibly afford.

1. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Eau De Parfum

The name may be quite difficult to pronounce but this one is definitely an expensive perfume whose price you won’t mind once you get a whiff of it.

This limited edition perfume is based on the scents of ancient Arab fragrances.

It incorporates in its collection of ingredients the expensive oud, Laotian agarwood.

Launched in 2018, this unisex fragrance champions the signature marks associated with manliness with its sharp aroma of oud and accompanying notes of patchouli, cedar, spicy saffron, and other ingredients to make a man enticing and irresistible. 

Once you open the bottle, you are greeted by top notes of elemi resin and saffron, and middle notes of ambrette, vanilla and atlas cedar.

It lovingly settles with base notes of patchouli leaf oud Indonesia and Laotian oud.

It will definitely thrill the people around you when you wear it.

 A bottle of this opulent fragrance costs serious money, so before you purchase, see first if the scent will agree with you.

The aromatic fragrance according to some is not for oud purists; it is for those who want to add a bit of Asian elegance to their overall outlook.

Getting a bottle of this can be a challenge too.

Aside from the high price point, this perfume is often produced in limited quantities.

2. Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense produces a conflicting range of intense scents.

This great fragrance was introduced in 2010 in conjunction with Christine Nagel, a great perfumer. It is also an Orient-inspired fragrance originating from the middle-east.

The fragrance delivers strong top notes of bergamot and oud with hints of citrus, orange blossom, and cedar to complete it.

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne is truly one luxurious perfume for the gentlemen.

It emanates warm and animalistic scents, a scent known to be generally associated with classy men who are on top of their game.

For women, a bottle of this is sure to make a fantastic gift to a special man in your life.

If you don’t mind the price, scoring a bottle is also relatively easier since it is available in a number of online and retail stores worldwide.

3. Aventus for Men by Creed

Aventus is a luxury, but one that is still highly sought-after for men.

This high-end cologne is a celebration of success, vision, and strength.

Aventus is an inspiration from the historic life of Emperor Napoleon.

A life characterized by the drama of war, peace, and love.

On the bottle of this perfume is an emblem of a horse and a rider to signify this.

Aventus delivers a great scent, you can be assured of that.

A creation of Erwin Creed and Oliver Creed Sixth Generation, introduced in 2010.

It is made from a brilliant combination of top notes from hand-picked ingredients like apple, pineapple, black currant, and bergamot.

At the heart of this Creed fragrance is a note of patchouli that men generally love, combined with jasmine, dry birch, and rose. 

4. Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc

If you are familiar with the name “Tom Ford”, then you must be quite familiar that it is a brand that is largely synonymous with the true interpretation of elegance and luxury.

In everything, Tom Ford Private Blend Soliel Blanc is a luxury, starting from its white bottle to its surprisingly sultry and aromatically floral scent.

You’ll definitely want to have a bottle of this.

It opens with an unapologetic aroma of spicy top notes, mixed with middle notes of bergamot, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang, pink pepper, cardamom jasmine, and pistachio.

The fragrance of this expensive eau de parfum was created by Nathalie Racia Cetto and introduced in 2016 and it is one of Tom Ford’s latest production.

5. Hermès Cuir D’Ange

Last on our list of most expensive perfumes is the Hermès Cuir D’Ange eau de parfum, which is usually described as one of the best high-end men fragrances to be ever made.

Jean-Claude Ellena, the perfumer behind Hermes Cuir D’Ange, created this fragrance as a way of capturing the combination of the dense, grimy, and oily notes of the well-known Hermes leather.

The result is a bottle of creamy and musky cologne that never fails to capture attention.

Hermès Cuir D’Ange produces a combination of the fragrances of hawthorn, heliotrope, narcissus, violet, leather, and musk.

The aroma is soft and quite long-lasting.

The idea behind Hermes Cuir D’ange is to create a fragrance that reinvents nature in its original sense—it has been able to achieve this with its captivating fragrance.  


If you are looking to add an orient appeal to your style and fashion, then the two Arab inspired fragrances in our list, Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot and the Kurkdjian Oud Eau De Parfum, will be the right choice for you.

They may have strange names but they are definitely going to give the balance you’ll need to complete your style.

Those familiar with Hermes or Aventuswill know that luxury is literally an understatement.

In the real sense, they are both an apt representation of true manliness.

Even Aventus is a tribute to a great legend, Emperor Napoleon for his relentless struggles for America in the olden days.

We recommend Tom Ford for people looking for a luxury fragrance that is quite encompassing but not overly expensive.

Our list is a combination of the most luxurious and expensive perfumes for men.

They do come with hefty price tags, but each bottle of this high-end perfumes is sure to be worth it.

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